Activate Your Fortune and Help Resolve Karma Through Astrology


The study and science of astrology makes it possible for us to learn a wide variety not only about celestial bodies such as planets and stars, but also a whole lot about ourselves too. It can even show us how to activate more luck as well as how we are able to resolve certain karma playing its part in our lives. In order to do this we need to hold two specific techniques in account. I will first disclose a great technique on how to activate more fortune in every area of life. You will first of all need your birth chart in front of you and you will need to use the vedic or sidereal astrology system for more precise results. What you need is your D1 chart, which is your main or regular birth chart, and you will need to use the whole sign system. The whole sign system is predominantly used to analyze manifestations happening on the external regarding your life conditions, whereas the placidus system shows more so your internal life conditions. Visit this link to accurately calculate and analyze your chart You can use this chart and technique for any astrological house you want to enrich in your life. However, in order to know which sign and house the Moon is placed in you do need your time of birth, since the Moon changes zodiac signs every 2,5 hours. Without your timing of birth the results might differ and show inaccuracy. You don't have to change what's selected under "ayanamsa", since you will use the lahiri system. You only change from "placidus" to "whole sign" system.



For the application of this technique, you will look at the 9th house from the house you want to unlock your fortune. The 9th house in astrology represents the house of your fortune. Let's say for the purpose of this technique that your desire is to materialize your dreams. In that case you will look at the 11th house in your birth chart, since the 11th house is the significator of your dreams and wishes, as well is it the significator of large network circles or community and humanitarianism. Now you will count nine places away from that house - that house becomes the 7th house. You now need to look at what planet(s) is sitting in the 7th house of your birth chart and what sign that planet is in. You also need to look at which zodiac sign is the dispositor or lord of the 7th house, since that zodiac sign and its ruling planet tell you more about the underlying energies of your 7th house. When you have all of this figured out (writing this down on paper might help), you will have your clue on how you can activate more luck in this area of your life. In this particular case, it means that you will have to devote yourself to your personal relationships and business partnerships, since that is what the 7th house rules. It means that you will have to invest a significant amount of time and work into these particular areas in order to fulfil your dreams and desires. It might also mean that you have to invest more energy into the relationship you have with your husband or wife, since the 7th house also rules over that. The 7th house in astrology is ruled by the zodiac sign of Libra which is referred to as the scale and is all about relationships, balance, harmony and diplomacy, hence these will be the qualities you need to embody to bring forth the luck of your 11th house. The 7th house activation bringing forth manifestation of the 11th house perfectly makes sense since you need the help of others, which is your personal and business relationships, to build a large network circle and materialize dreams and wishes. Let’s say that the planet that’s sitting in your 7th house is Venus and planet Venus is sitting in the sign of Taurus in your birth chart. Now Venus is sitting in a sign and a house that it rules (Venus rules over Libra and Taurus), so that’s an excellent position for the planet of beauty, luxury and relationships to be in (without considering aspects of other planets). In this example when Venus is sitting in the 7th house in the sign of Taurus, being the ninth house away from the 11th house, it means that you need to value your relationships more. It also means that you need to be more grounded and stable within your personal and/or business relationships with people and be more dedicated towards them. It can also show that you need to have more strength, diligence and be more practical, reliable and perhaps show your sensual, artistic and loving side a bit more towards the people in your life. Perhaps it could even mean to once in a while shower your spouse, friend or even business partner with something of material value, since Taurus also represents things that hold material value. When you practice and master this placement of Venus in the sign of Taurus towards the people you either connect with on a personal or business level, you will definitely notice more luck and overall better opportunities coming your way. One last aspect to look at is the sign which holds lordship over your 7th house. The zodiac signs ruling over particular astrological houses depend on your ascendant sign. For people with Taurus as their ascendant sign for example, the sign of Scorpio rules over their 7th house and Scorpio is ruled by planet Mars. What this signifies is that you should also implement great passion, ambition and drive, as well as determination, going to greater depths, being deeply emotionally invested and instead of steering away, bringing in and welcoming transformation towards your personal and business relationships with other people



Let’s now discuss how you can resolve karma through astrology. In order to do this you will need to start by following the same instructions up above, given that you also need your sidereal D1 chart or main vedic birth chart, as well as the whole sign system. Select the same and correct details regarding your sidereal birth chart like it is explained in the first paragraph. Do read the paragraph above to better understand how to interpret and apply both techniques. You will again need your timing of birth, for the same reason explained in the first section of this article. In astrology planet Saturn is the significator of karma and the 6th house in astrology tells about karmic difficulties; such as hidden enemies and diseases. What you simply do is you look at the house where Saturn is placed in your birth chart. This will tell you where you have significant karma to work on in this life. Let’s say that Saturn is placed in your 10th house of career and public image in your birth chart. In this particular case, the 6th house from the 10th house becomes the 3th house. The 3th house is the significator of your immediate environment, mind and intellect, early childhood, siblings and short distance travel.  Again you want to look at which planet(s) is sitting in the 3th house and what zodiac sign this planet is in, as well as which zodiac sign and planet rules over the 3th house, depending on your ascendant sign. Take all of these aspects into consideration. Let’s say now that you have Mercury sitting in your 3th house in the sign of Pisces. In this example we will use Aries as the ascendant, which means that the lord or dispositor of the 3rd house becomes Gemini. Mercury now becomes the planet ruling the 3th house for this individual with Aries ascendant, since Mercury rules both over Virgo and Gemini. Here it means that you can resolve karma dealing with your career or reputation, by vocalizing spiritual matter towards the people in your community with the purpose of helping and healing them in some way. (Mercury being the significator of speech and intellect, Gemini signifying exchanging ideas and communication and Pisces being the significator of spirituality and healing) What it can also show is that you may find benefits and be able to resolve karma from Saturn being in the 10th house, by taking short distance travels (visiting places or people around your neighbourhood) while going into deep meditation and contemplation and think about the greater depths and meaning of (your) life and perhaps focus more on the spiritual, rather than the material side of things.