What is a Twinflame Connection and What is Its Purpose 


(* this article is highly esoteric based and it's scientifcally speaking unknown whether twinflames truly exist. Yet, there are thousands of testimonies around the world of people who have said to believe that their partner is their divine counterpart or twinflame and that they share the same soul.)


Twinflames are said to have a rare and unique connection. Twinflames are each others divine counterpart. Within the twinflame connection, there is the divine feminine and the divine masculine or the yin and the yang. One soul split in two separate reincarnations, two physical bodies, that together are one soul.

Both counterparts were once one source energy and came to this planet split into the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Together they have a unique purpose to raise the universal vibration of the planet.

The Difference Between Twinflames And Soulmates

Twinflames and soulmates are not the same. Whereas soulmates also have a soul connection, twinflames are each others divine mirror. Because they come from the same source energy and they are the same soul split in two, they are each others reflection. We can have many soulmates, but we only have one twinflame it is generally believed.

Your soulmate can be your partner, but also a friend or a teacher. Your twinflame however, is generally always a romantic partner. You don't have to be with your twinflame to have found the one for you. In this lifetime you might be meant to be with a soulmate, whereas in a next lifetime, you are meant to meet and be with your twinflame. Soulmates have a different soul's purpose as well, compared to twinflames.


Divine Mission

Twinflames are people that have a divine mission on the planet to not only help themselves, but also the planet evolve vibrationally, so their connection is very mission focused and they have a mission they work on together. Soulmate connections (whole soul beings) in the romantic sense on the other hand, are romantic relationships that exist to enjoy more of the romantic and exciting passion of life.

The difference is that twinflames share a specific mission they work on together to better the planet. Twinflame connections are more selfless focused in their purpose. Both connections are very beautiful and have their own purpose, so it's not to say that one connection is better than the other. Depending on your soul's purpose in this lifetime, is revealed if you are meant to be with your twinflame or with a soulmate.

Your Twinflame Is Your Divine Mirror

Your twinflame is your divine mirror so, it is a very spiritual and beautiful connection. They are you, but in another physical body. They are very alike you, but not the same. You will have many similarities, but you will also differ in some things where you two are the quite opposite. You will have many of the same interests and characteristics and the same sort of life purpose, but your twinflame will be the total opposite of you in some things.

Most of the time, the opposition is in the things that are very outspoken for your personality. F.e: if you are more of a talkative person, your twinflame might be more on the quiet side. Or whereas you are very open and outgoing, your twinflame might be more reserved.


Not Everyone Meets Their Twinflame (In This Lifetime)

There are many different thoughts on whether or not everyone has a twinflame. Some believe not everyone has a twinflame, at least not in their current lifetime. It's not meant for them to. If you have ascended high enough and raised your vibration and consciousness to a certain point where you are whole within yourself, that's when the probability of meeting your twinflame is more likely to happen.


Together, the two of you are the perfect yin and yang. A twinflame connection is often not very easy, especially if you don't love yourself. This type of connection can be very triggering, because they will point out the flaws in you. Yet ultimately, the connection will better you, because your twinflame will help you to evolve to become your best version. If you don't completely love yourself, your twinflame will have the same feelings towards themselves and will reflect your own insecurities back upon you.

The two of you are always a mirror to each other, so if there's something you don't like about them, it's likely the same thing you don't like within yourself. When you come to love yourself more, your twinflame will also have more self-love. Until you have worked out your own insecurities, a twinflame connection will not be the easiest to deal with. However, it's worth the effort and patience, because you will evolve so much through your connection. More than you will with any other person.

More Common Now

Twinflame connections are starting to become more common, since the vibration of the planet is elevating. We are collectively shifting from 4D into 5D consciousness currently speaking. More people are waking up to the essence of reality and therefore, more people are raising their consciousness and more people are in vibrational alignment to be in union with their twinflame.