Mannerisms For Attracting Money When Going Out (Dinner, Shopping etc.)


Often times  whenever we go out on a date or we go out shopping, we act in a specific way that is equal to our current state of reality. We view our lives through a certain lens that is our physical matter reality as we perceive it with our senses and by doing so, we keep creating a reality that for many of us we dislike. Think of whenever you are going out to eat at a restaurant and you are feeling nervous about the bill when you are finished. First of all, there is nothing wrong with living and enjoying life in the present moment, as this is in fact very important, but at the same time it is important that you also focus your attention on “how you would feel if you were now in your desired reality”. In essence, you should always be mentally present in any situation or circumstance but also creating your ideal reality by placing your awareness on what you want. Let’s put it this way, you observe the current state of affairs, but your attention and focus is on what you want. Doing this successfully takes practice of course, but it is not hard or difficult. Learning to master being in the present is definitely very helpful and beneficial. For this, you might want to read another article on my website: Down below are ten mannerisms I listed that you can incorporate in your daily life, that will change your life if you use them. 


1. Pick up the receipt and pay straight away

You might notice in your own life or with others, that a lot of times people wait to pick up the receipt and look at it straight away when the waiter comes and puts it down on the table. Perhaps because you do not know who is going to pay for it or if you will split the bill in two and pay separately. There is this awkwardness around the situation and this creates a negative and lack energy. Remind yourself next time to just immediately take the receipt and also pay for the whole bill. If you already paid two or more times in a row with the same person, just ask what the arrangement is between the two of you but do not feel nervous or anxious about the payment. Even if you do find that you paid more than the other person, in the end The Law of Cause and Effect always works itself out.

2. Go shopping more often but view your purchases as an investment rather than an expense

Seeing your purchases as an investment rather than an expense makes all the difference. It is this particular last mindset along with a feeling of guilt, because you view your purchase as being something that takes money away from you instead of it being useful in matters of generating more abundance, that makes you lose more money in the end. By doing this, you actually block money from manifesting into your life. So from now on, look at each purchase as an investment that will generate more income.

3. Make a real effort to look clean and polished whenever you leave the house

If you make a real effort to look nice and clean each time you go out and leave your house, you are sending a signal to the Universe that you value and love yourself and that therefore, you also are worth or receiving more abundance. Making this an every day routine will also make you feel a lot better about yourself and create more positive and magnetic energy around you. In general, people who have money tend to take good care of themselves and look nice. You want to adopt the same attitude and take good care of yourself in matters of personal hygiene and your looks if you want to attract more money into your life.

4. Imagine you are the wealthiest and most successful person whichever place you go out

Imagining you are the richest and most successful among everyone around you is a fun game to play. You will notice the energy shift within and around you almost instantly. You will naturally act a little differently and people will in return also respond to your energy often treating you with more respect. After a while if you make this a habit each time you go somewhere, you will start to manifest a whole new reality where you will actually have a lot more money and success coming to you. This might not happen overnight, but you might notice subtle changes until one day you look back and everything is pretty much different. 

5. Order the best and more expensive dishes/drinks from the menu

If you go visit a bar or a restaurant, go ahead and order the more expensive things from the menu. (obviously do not order something you know you do not like) Be willing to try new things even if they cost more. This is a great way to trick your subconscious mind to show you that you live an abundant lifestyle and that you have a lot of money to spend to treat yourself. If you want to manifest a lot of money into your life, it is better to spend money on a few rather expensive drinks than a lot of beers for example, if that is what you like. Just because we as people do generally associate beer being a cheap drink and not so much of a high class drink, such as whiskey or cocktails are. 

6. Actively visit high end stores and do not shy away from them

When you go out shopping, visit some high end stores or stores that are a little bit more on the higher price range. You do not necessarily need to buy something from these stores, but just go there to get a taste of what it is like to be there and to perhaps consider buying something if you see something that really stands out to you. When you do this, also adopt the mindset that it is better and more profitable in the long run to buy one or two pieces of clothing that may cost a little more, rather than buying a bunch of clothing that are cheap and low quality. 

7. Visit luxury parties/events with upper class people instead of going to parties/events with people with poor wealth mindset

The people you surround yourself with tend to tell a lot about who you are or identify yourself as as a person. Therefore you want to pay attention to the places you visit and choose to pick more luxury events or parties above places that include people who have a poor wealth mindset or attitude. The people who go to such sophisticated events are generally people with money and they can actually help you become just as wealthy as they are, just by incorporating you into their conversations. This way you can also learn from what they have to say about their journey and ways of making or manifesting money. Surrounding yourself with such people definitely has a strong impact on the way you view yourself and this can be very lucrative for manifesting money. 

8. Avoid engaging in any activities that are of criminal nature (drugs, shoplifting etc.) when going out

I hope you do not do these things by nature already, but if you do, bear in mind that abundance and doing drugs or stealing do not really go well together. These energies are very contradicting and if you really want to change your life and become wealthy, do not hang around with people who are engaged in any of these activities. Most people who do these things are either in poor financial circumstances or are simply miserable because they feel something in their life is missing, and so they do these things as a form of escape. Avoid ruining your life and your ability to attract abundance by doing these things. 

9. For entrepreneurs, carry a business card with you whenever you go out and hand out one every time you meet someone of significance (see below) and present yourself with charm and confidence

If you are an entrepreneur and you do not already have your business cards with you when leaving your home, I highly suggest you do. You never know when you might meet someone of significance; an investor or business partner who can help you with your business or someone who can turn out to be a potential (regular) customer. This is also a great habit to incorporate to put you into that mindset of a successful business person. It shows a subconscious signal to your brain that you highly value what you do and that you are looking for peope and opportunities to help you gain more money and become more successful. 

10. Pleasantly accept and show gratitude when people want to treat you

Kindly accept when someone wants to buy or treat you something, f.e a drink or dinner. It is actually more classy and welcomed when you accept something rather than when you decline an offer. When people want to pay something for you, let them do that. By doing so, you say to the Universe that you like receiving things, that you like abundance and when you feel good about receiving something, you get more of it.