You are Not Ugly or Poor - Your Mindset IS


The real you, your soul or higher self, exists not as ugly or poor. In the eye of the divine mind, there is no such thing and you are a part of that. Everything in existence is completely neutral; we are meant to give life meaning. If you perceive yourself to be that way, it only means that you have false perception and that through conditioning of your environment, you've accepted the belief that that's what you are. However because you are God or pure consciousness experiencing itself, you also have the free will to choose whatever physical experience you want to experience. You may thus then (unconsciously) attract a parallel reality where you encounter the effects of what you don't prefer, due to certain imposed limiting beliefs. Realize however that none of that is the truth of who you really are. You get to decide who you are and you can change yourself at any given moment, because you are simply "all that is".