Updated: 25/05/2024


How To Become a High-Value Man or Woman


Someone who is high of value sees and represents themselves as highly respectable because of their characteristic traits, the way they interact with others and sometimes in the material sense, also because of their financial status. An individual who has these particular features tends to have high standards in the traditional sense, and is also generally seen as powerful because they have a certain level of influence over others. It's naturally in our human nature to pay attention and invest more into people who perceive themselves that way or act as such because on a subconscious level, we often desire to acquire these same exact qualities within ourselves and secretly admire them for it.

A common mistake among a lot of people is that they are afraid to raise their standards because of the fear of not being good enough or losing out on someone or something, while in actuality the opposite is mostly true. Many people set their bars way too low and as a consequence, have to deal with situations that are not most favorable to them and then wonder why all kinds of unfortunate things happen to them..

No one is able to treat you wrongly, unless you allow it. No one can also treat you the way you desire, if you don't view yourself as worthy or valuable first. An example: one might fall in love and find someone who attempts boosting their confidence, but if the individual would remain feeling insecure about themselves, their partner will also continue viewing them as less worthy; what you project is what you can or as a matter of fact, wíll expect.

Perceiving yourself as "not enough" or "unworthy" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in the end. Unwanted past memories don't have to hold you back from who you truly want to be and nor does fear of the unknown. There is nothing to fear about except for the failure of recognizing your true value, as there is nothing more important than that. Your ability to own your worth must come first before anything else; then all the things you want automatically start coming your way, but not before that. Who you say you are, who you think you are, who you feel you are in your heart becomes your entire life experience. Therefore if you deem yourself to be worthy, the world will show you that you indeed are; it's not a matter of whether you feel you are valuable or not that has a say in whether you deserve to be treated as such and are that way, it's a choice.

Demand respect and demand to be heard and seen and don't ever settle for less than you deserve because if you do, you are only devaluing yourself. Remember who you are; you are not plain or mediocre, you are the God of your reality. You have all the abilities within yourself to create the life of your dreams. Once you understand this, you will stop acting like a victim and quit self-sabotaging your way out of success. You decide how you will be perceived and treated by your outside environment and you determine what it is that you will get out of life, but you must claim it to have it.

Becoming your best and most valuable version doesn't have to be hard, it just takes some work and practice. When you decide that you truly want to be this new person and continue to stick to that new identity, you wíll become that person. You just have to make the decision and recognize that you are not any less than anything or anyone else and that you deserve the very best out of life. The respect you get is ultimately whatever you consent to, or in other words "accept", at a subconscious level. Live according to your true values and your life will become a reflection of it.

The next thing you want to do is act the part; talk, walk, dress, think and act like the person you desire to be every single day as often as you possibly can. The reason why some celebrities have become great influencers, is because they imagined the character they'd become over and over in their head before they physically became it. When you imagine a new version of yourself for long enough, you start viewing yourself as that person until you eventually become it.

Lastly, always take care and pamper yourself out of pure unconditional love. Engage in daily activities that make you feel better, fitter, wiser or more beautiful, such as fitness or reading a book. If you find that you lack self-love, start doing practices that will have a great impact by always being gentle with yourself and saying positive affirmations out loud (for more tips read my other article "How to Truly Love Yourself").

This is all about perception; life is a game of perception. If you have perfect perception, your life becomes perfection. Start seeing everything including yourself, the people around you and your environment exactly the way you want it to be and imagine people responding to you in exact accordance to the new way you now view yourself. The way you view you is how everyone else sees you. Master the game of self-concept and you will become that high-value man or woman everyone desires or looks up to.