Successfully and Exponentially Manifesting Through Setting Intentions


Manifesting through setting intentions is probably the easiest way to manifest and in my opinion also one of the most fun techniques. There really could be no easier way to manifest than just telling the universe what you want and then allowing to receive it. It really is that simple, but there still are a few things to keep in mind when you do this to make sure you are doing it correctly. But when you are doing it right and you understand how it works, you might just really become a witch or call yourself a master manifestor! Because setting intentions is so easy and yet so powerful, when you do it correctly you can easily manifest anything you want!

The first step in the manifestation process is to always figure out what it is you want. Make sure that you are as precise as possible about the details of your manifestation. You can also write down your goals more specifically to get a clearer picture. Now you want to take the time to visualize “the end” of your manifestation, meaning that you are seeing the end result of your manifestation in your mind’s eye from a first person's point of view. Make this short scene (ideally anywhere from around 10sec-1min) preferably as vivid as possible and add all the tones of reality, just like you would want to physically experience your manifestation. Then you simply set the intention that this specific goal is going to materialize or manifest into your 3D world. When you have set the intention, you just let it go and you do not doubt whether it will or will not happen. You only need to believe that it cán happen, not necessarily that it will happen. As time passes while you are waiting for your manifestation you will naturally and automatically think about your manifestation. A lot of people obsess over their desire while doubting the outcome of their manifestation materializing, and for that I happen to have a little trick. Whenever you obsess and doubt over your manifestation, do not try to make the obsession or doubt go away as this will only continue the resistance to persist. Remind yourself of this too whenever you find yourself in this situation: “whatever you resist, persists”. Instead allow and accept the obsessive thoughts to be there, as by doing so they will slowly start to dissipate and not further control your mind and behaviour.

Again, you do not want the monkey mind to keep going on and make you nuts. That is exactly why you have to not give it away your power. What you shoúld do is acknowledge whatever is going on in your mind while you are waiting on your manifestation, but that is about it. When you do that you are in control of your mind because you are actively taking on the role as the observer. You also áre in fact the observer and creator of your reality at the same time, and that is why it becomes important that you consciously remain a witness to whatever happens within you. Your job to whatever it is you are thinking is to just let it be. That is to not push it away, not ignore it and not trying to control it, because once again doing all of these will only allow for resistance to persist. Whatever happens, you always keep thinking from the person that already has their manifestation. The person who already has their manifestation is relaxed, confident and most of all, already has their manifestation in their pockets! Therefore there is no need to panick, worry or stress because you can not lack what you already have.

Now that you know how to deal with resistance, you can have fun with manifesting and setting intentions! Manifesting through intentions is really fun, because there literally is almost no limit as to what and how much you can manifest. You can literally set an infinite amount of intentions and turn this into a real lifestyle! But there are a few exceptions, for example with manifesting people - because people always have free will. That is to say that you can not manifest someone to be in love with you if the other person is completely closed off to that possibility. In other words, you can not always make someone do something they really do not want to do, especially when it comes to love and relationships. I say “not always”, as there are again a few exceptions to this rule. In that sense, when it comes to people manifestation can sometimes turn out to be a little bit more complicated. But nevertheless the people that are meant to be in our lives will be there anyway, anyhow. My point is to let you know that you can set as many intentions as you want and that there is nothing holding you back from manifesting whatever it is you want. Do not sabotage yourself by thinking too small, go as big or as fancy as you truly like, and then let the universe surprise you!