How Studying Will Transform Your Professional Life + 10 Practical Study Tips


Most of the successful people in this world have perfected certain skills and used specific knowledge to their advantage, which has lead them to where they are now. Their success has come from what they know, which often times is not solely based on their mindset to achieve, but also their skilled insights. These two concepts combined are important factors for achieving wealth and financial freedom.

*Note* What I am about to say does not involve any form of  higher academic education. Studying here simply means what the word itself describes. Whether this means reading books that are beneficial to help you raise up the ladder within your professional life or educating by audio scripts. Studying here is subjective to the individual.

This article is meant for all individuals who are generally interested in monetizing more wealth, those who are employed or unemployed and are interested in learning the advantages of incorporating a habit of daily study and for those who already have a higher degree and simply want to learn how they can improve their professional life and income, through incorporating a habit of studying more regularly and sufficiently.

Your New Mindset

You must adopt a new mindset if you truly want to leave a big(ger) impression and become someone of significant value within your field. This new mindset involves studying on regular basis and improving your focus and skillset. Every single day, your focus has to be on professional development and evolvement in matters of the mind.

What is meant by this, is that you must train your mind to increase your attention span. This involves training the mind to focus for a longer period of time on one particular subject at the same time. Doing this will increase your drive for the future of your career and creates new neural pathways that bring in desired manifestations that are correlated to your career.

What this also means, is that you must be aware of what you are consuming on a daily basis. What you consume, consumes you. Therefore, become mindful of your daily routine. Start focusing more on incorporating a fit lifestyle instead of watching too much tv, f.e. Watching a lot of tv can easily make you lazy and declines your motivation to make physical effort. You essentially want to make sure that your lifestyle is beneficial and in alignment with your career path.

Reasons To Study

There are great amount of reasons why daily study is encouraged. It is inevitable that reading books, watching documentaries or even listening and taking notes of your favorite YouTube mentor, increases memory power and IQ. Another amazing advantage is that it will improve your confidence in many ways. Increased memory power = ability to memorize better, become smarter and have better communication skills. All of these advantages will help you with your career and with the process of developing your skills and learning abilities.

Being more knowledgeable within your work field can also present you with exciting opportunities, such as gaining higher positions and possibly educating others and lecturing at seminars.  The more advanced you are in your expertise, the more doors and opportunities naturally will open up for you. You might even become able to travel abroad for your job, work from home  or do research independently.

What should I study?

What you should invest time and energy in in matters of studying, depends on your own professional field and personal interests. If you are settled within a certain work field, you might want to look for researchers and authors who are professionalized within your business area. If you haven't figured out yet which professional area speaks to you, you might want to search for lecture and material that includes subjects that mean something to you. From there, you will find what interests you the most and you will be able to invest more and narrow the path of what really is meant for you.

How often should I study?

If you want to reap the most rewards out of your investments, commit to studying daily and up to two hours a day. If you feel called to learn and desire to commit studying longer, that is of course great. This can be anything from reading, to watching informative tv-series or even listening to audio books. The point here is that whatever you choose to invest in, does need to be something that serves your career or professional life. Remember to not exhaust yourself, since this will produce negative outcomes.

10 Practical Study Tips

- Study somewhere quiet where you won't be bothered and where you feel relaxed.

- Remove all distractions, such as your phone or other electronic devices.

- Focus on one thing at a time to not disturb your focus and attention span. Don't start something new until you have finished your current task.

- Study out loud. This helps with better memorizing what you have learned.

- Don't study for too long at a time. Instead, give your brain some space to process what you have learned and take a break of 10 min. after studying for at least 50 min. 

- Write down key words and write down the most important things in a notebook.

- Use a marker to accentuate important information. Use different color markers for different subjects.

- Stay hydrated, drink enough water and don't forget to eat healthy and consume the vitamins you need. Take supplements if necessary. Vitamin B12 is very beneficial and recommended for healthy brain function.

- Get enough sleep. Make sure you get enough hours of sleep every night (how much is needed depends on each person individually). That way you will also memorize better all the information you have taken in.

- Read and repeat the information that you have learned the day before the next day, if you wrote anything down. This will improve memorizing information better also.