Luck Doesn't Happen By Accident


Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to be lucky and others don't? Don't you wonder why some seem to be made for good fortune while doing little work, while others often have to work hard and even then receive little in return? Do you think these people are just lucky? They are not just lucky, they have created their luck.

People that are lucky have different thinking patterns than people who are often not so lucky. Lucky people generally have positive thinking patterns, which causes them to feel good the majority of the time, which then results into positive manifestations or what we call "good luck".

It's all about the vibration you're admitting to. That means being lucky actually isn't as hard as you might have originally thought and you have more control than you think. It's not that you are "doomed" to be unlucky. Much of your luck and happiness is greatly dependent on you.



Once you start learning to master your thoughts and beliefs, more luck will start to flow into your life. It is also not the case that thinking one negative thought will automatically result into something bad happening or exactly that what you were thinking about or the other way around. There is always a time delay in the 3D world

However when you think something repetitively over and over and you add emotions that contribute to what it is that you're thinking, it has a chance of manifesting into reality. That's why keeping your thoughts nothing by positive is extremely important.

The subconscious mind doesn't know what's real and what's not real when you imagine something. Your subconscious mind will start to believe what you affirm to be true and so it hás to manifest exactly as you believe. When we imagine something within our mind (visualisation) over and over, as if we are there experiencing it currently, it has to manifest the exact same way as we imagined, when done correctly. This is because our sunconscious mind is like a screen projector that projects into our world whatever we imagine in our mind. The greater you feel it and the better you can visualize, the greater the chances are for it to manifest into your life.



In the documentary "The Secret" there is a story told about a man who talks about his experience of being part of a plane crash. He ended up in the hospital where doctors told him that he would never be able to walk again. He knew that the only thing he could use at that point was his mind, since he could not move. He started visualizing himself walking out of the hospital with every power that he had. Something astonishing happened after several months. Eight months later, after doctors told him he would never walk again, he managed to walk out of the hospital unassistedly and go back home.

This is only one of many examples which shows that your imagination creates your world. Everything in life first happens in the subconscious before it's pushed out into our world. Whether that's consciously done or not. When you start repeating your visual act in your mind to the point it becomes natural for your subconscious mind to believe it to be true, then it shows up in the material world.



Complaining will give you the opposite of what you want. That is one habit to let go of quickly as you can. Repeating things that happened in the past or seeing the negative in everything will also start to reflect on the outside.

Pay attention to your thoughts. If you are experiencing negative thoughts, what you can do is seeing that thought to become smaller and smaller, to the point it is so small you can barely see it. Then send it as far away as you can into the galaxy until it is completely gone.

You can also always replace the negative thought with a positive opposite. While this might work, incorporating a habit of talking highly and positive about your wants and needs is more beneficial. When you do experience negative thinking, don't pay attention to it. Meaning, you don't give it an emotional response.



The best thing you can possibly do as stated above, is not giving any emotional response to the negative thoughts. That way they don't hold any power over you and sooner enough, you won't have to deal with them as much as they will more often disappear. There are many other tactics that you can find and use to remove or have less negative thoughts.