My Spiritual Awakening and Awakening of Psychic Abilities


I want to share the story of my own spiritual awakening, because I believe it might be useful to some to gain a deeper understanding of what exactly a spiritual awakening is and to learn more about it. My very first spiritual awakening, as I have experienced a few more throughout the years since then, began when I was going through a very hard time in my life. I was in a very toxic relationship and I was on the verge of giving up this connection and going my own way. I was not really that much into spirituality back then, but something started happening that lead me to look up what I was experiencing. First of all I want to say that I was very religious as a child, but I lost my faith due to certain hardships I experienced during my childhood. But even though I lost my faith in God or a higher power that I believed would look after me, I never stopped believing that there was something greater than myself that is in control of certain aspects of our lives. I felt extremely exhausted by the heavy weight this relationship had put on me, but after many months of exhaustion and feelings of burn out, I just had this feeling and belief that by the end of the school semester I would be released of this heavy burden and that we would be broken up. I even believed that I would quickly find someone else who would be very loving to me and show me what real love is. Everything I believed back then came true. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend at the end of my school semester and I felt so happy and relieved and met someone new about one week after the end of that relationship. That new relationship became to be exactly what I expected to happen when I was at the end stage of my previous relationship. My new boyfriend at the time treated me with so much love and care, it was the complete opposite of my previous relationship. The point is that before all of this happened in the weeks before I was going to break up from my ex-boyfriend, I was being shown signs that would lead up to that event and the events that would come into my life after that. I started seeing “1111” everywhere: on the clock, on the radio, on the computer, on the TV, literally everywhere. I started seeing it so much that eventually I went to look up the meaning of it. I was stunned when I found out what it meant. The meaning of this specific number sequence symbolically represents a gate. In numerology it signifies a doorway to higher consciousness, completely new beginnings, a new chapter in your life. All of this really made sense to me, as that was exactly what I felt the things I was experiencing were. I felt a sense of euphoria weeks before the end of that toxic relationship because I had a feeling of what was coming. I intuitively felt that my life was about to change for the better, and it did. I met someone new very fast and we lived in together very quickly as well, and on top of that I also had a new job with a good position and pay rate. Seeing this number felt really divine and whenever I saw it I felt as if it was trying to get my attention to see or understand something. My life had taken a complete turn and I was experiencing a totally different reality. It really felt like I went through an invisible gate where I was living a whole new life, a completely new chapter. 

Since then I started to see other number sequences as well and I started to notice that whenever I saw a specific number sequence, that the meaning of these numbers would match up and resonate exactly with what I was going through. Fast forward four years later, I still see all kind of number sequences on a daily basis and I use the meaning of these numbers to help me through all sort of situations in life. I slowly started to develop my intuition and my connection with the Universe since frequently seeing ”1111” and entering this new life and relationship, and I started to develop an interest in occult things such as the tarot. I had a new life, but I was still struggling emotionally and psychologically from trauma from my past. It was not until I broke up with my new boyfriend at the time that I had really changed. The exact period I was drastically changed was actually about six months after that break-up. Immediately after this break-up happened I started hanging out very frequently with a guy friend from high school. We would meet up almost every single day and just hang out and go to all sort of places. We even went on a road trip through Europe together that summer, but the problem was that I got too attached to our connection. Whenever he could not come over for some reason or did not return my calls or text messages, I would get very disappointed and upset. Eventually that created a cliff between us until one day I broke off the friendship and decided that we could not be friends anymore. It was a toxic push and pull situation that I myself had created and it was not the first time I put myself in this situation. It was a symptom of previous childhood trauma, I felt abandoned just like I was abandoned as a child. In reality I was not really abandoned, but that was how it felt like and it reminded me of those times. When I finally broke off that friendship with my friend I felt lonelier than I had ever felt before. I got into a depression that very first day and that lasted for a whole week. I was crying every day and I just felt really bad and upset and I was telling myself over and over that I had no one in my life, not even one single friend. As I was telling myself this, I came to experience that my statements were true. I usually always have people reaching out to me, but at that time for a whole entire week not one single person reached out to me. I did not fully realize that no one was reaching out because I was constantly thinking and telling myself in my mind that I had no friends. After that week I started to feel better and just as I started feeling better, people started to reach out to me again. I instantly noticed how my thoughts and emotions were the direct cause of all the pain I was experiencing. 

I understood that I myself was the cause of everything I went through. I really understood that there was no one else to blame but me; I did this to myself. It was around that time that I started to see how everything was connected, how the thoughts I was thinking and the emotions I was feeling were connected to every single circumstance in my life. I also noticed how they were impacting my relationships with other people. I started to review my life and I just noticed patterns, domino effects of how my thoughts and feelings were directly correlated to different life events. I came to understand that nothing I went through throughout my whole life was a coincidence. Every single thing I ever experienced was connected to me and everything else that exists through some sort of source or web of information. It was then that I had a sudden realization of how I was living my life completely wrong all these years. I understood then that I had power and that I was not powerless, as many and I myself believed the most part of my life. I could also see through the veil of illusion, how life and everyone has been set up to fail through the system that is governing our society. I could see how everything is one big scheme. How life individually for each person is just their perception of it and that the collective reality we all experience is based upon the perception of the majority of the people. I realized that life is basically a game and that all we knew and had been told about the truth of reality and the purpose of it has purposely been manipulated. From that point on I started to gain a natural interest in spiritual subjects and I started learning more about topics such as manifestation, reincarnation, astrology etc. I am continuously learning and expanding my knowledge through my interests about the occult and the science of quantum physics. I never stopped learning ever since experiencing that spiritual awakening and I have had a few more awakenings ever since, as I have mentioned earlier.  This is the first part of my spiritual awakening story. The next part will be part two and will be more about my second profound spiritual awakening that has completely transformed my life and where I have developed psychic abilities.