What Exactly is the Matrix


The Matrix is a broad discussed concept by many individuals all over the world. Yet, many people don't know what the Matrix is and are even unaware that it exists. The Matrix is the world that we physically live in. "Physically", because as the Mayans said, the Matrix is the illusionary world. 

What is meant here with illusionary is that our world only projects to us what we experience on the inside. We can never experience something in physical reality that which we don't experience on the inside. It's the law of consciousness. So what exactly is the Matrix? And if physical reality is the Matrix, then what is the real world?

The real word is the world that we experience on the inside, our inner world. Our inner world is constantly projecting out into physical reality what is going on within our subconscious mind. Therefore, the Mayans refer to reality as the illusionary world. Physical reality is but a dream in essence. It's solely what we create with our thoughts, expectations, beliefs and imagery in our mind. Our world is really our imagination pushed out into the 3D world.

The Matrix has been designed by a certain group of individuals who were aware of the manner in which reality operates. It has been designed to profit off certain advantages, which are both of spiritual and financial nature. It's specifically designed to cover the true meaning and essence of reality. The creation of the Matrix itself goes back thousands of years, think as of the start of human slavery. 

More than ever before in human history are people now "waking up" to their true power, which is the reality of who they really are. More people are starting to see beyond what seemed to be the truth and are now seeing through the deception. Therefore, the collective consciousness is rising. When reached a certain level of awareness, it's natural to understand more of creation and to start seeing through the veil, which can also be explained by experiencing a "spiritual awakening".

Most people on Earth have been living in lower consciousness, compared to the level of awareness more people experience as of today. Currently, there's a shift in consciousness happening all over the world, which is destined and could not have been prevented otherwise for any matter. The energy of planet Earth is rising, which causes a shift in human consciousness.

Aside of that, our planet has entered a new age, The Age of Aquarius. Every 2150 years, the Sun's location in front of the background stars – at the time of the March or equinox – moves in front of a new zodiacal constellation. The Age of Aquarius stands for progressive and forward-thinking. It's a "we" versus "I" mentality. It's also called the information age. Therefore all that has been hidden from humanity will progressively be reveiled and publicly come to the surface.

Humanity has extended their power to certain groups of individuals, also called the Elite and governments for millennia, due which they have inadeaquately been controlled and mislead. In this way, the essence and perception of reality has been exceedingly manipulated and altered. The truth of matter however remains that each person individually is largely in control of their own power, to change their perception of humanity's true nature, as well as reality. We can only imagine what results it would bring if many more people would be more consciously aware and thus greatly positively influence one another. The effects it would have on the world and people's internal and external conditions would be significantly greater, and the changes would have a massive impact for the greater good of all.

The more people that are aware of the essence of reality and their true power, the more reality shifts for the entire collective. It's most likely that in the future, in the next hundreds of years, when the equinox sun has moved further into the constellation of Aquarius, that humanity's perception of reality will be changed more drastically. That's when the energy of the new age will be obvious and it will be a new norm, a new common way of living within society.