How To Use The Law Of Assumption To Manifest Dreams Into Reality


The Law Of Assumption is one of the twelve universal laws within our universal system. It’s found to be easier to consciously apply than The Law Of Attraction by many people, because it’s believed to take less "effort". Whether it takes less effort or not, it’s nothing more than a state of mind. If one believes that The Law Of Assumption works more effortlessly, then that will be the case for them personally.

The Law Of Assumption states that whatever we assume, is what will be manifested. This simply means that whatever we assume about a person, place or situation, is what we will get and what we will experience. The reason why The Law Of Attraction is found to be more difficult to work with, is because many people struggle to reverse their beliefs and focus a lot on trying to think and feel the right things. Given that we attract what we are and not what we vibrationally desire, we will in this case fail at consciously attracting, using The Law Of Attraction.

If we would assume something to be true, we are actually giving something or someone the benefit of the doubt. It’s not necessarily the case that we are 100% sure or convinced that what we want is true, but we assume that whatever we want, is a fact. The point that we are able to perceive something as true, due to solely giving it the benefit of the doubt, makes it easier for most people to attract what they want.

When we assume something as a fact, we are at the right vibrational frequency to attract a desire. We then don’t, in most cases, have to necessarily repeatedly affirm something to ourselves to change a belief. If you’d like to attract something and your belief system around that person or circumstance isn’t beneficial to your desired outcome, then what you must do is remaining faithful to a different state of mind and use affirmations that benefit you.

We can easily use The Law Of Assumption by using affirmations such as; “Of course I will receive that” or “I’m always given what I want” etc. Use affirmations that match your desired result and live in that reality while feeling as though it's already true.