Change Your Past and Future With Revision


Revision is a manifestation technique that gained a lot of popularity and recognition particularly ever since famous mystic and law of attraction teacher Neville Goddard claimed its ability to bend reality. Neville states that this particular technique holds tremendous power in altering the future by changing the past. The way the technique works is by use of imagination a person revisits their past and changes all conditions of that which he wishes to see differently and restructures everything to how he would want things to be. Many people are of the belief that the future holds no or little relation to the past but in reality they are both connected to each other. The future is directly related to the present and each moment in the past and your perception of it reshapes the so-called “future” accordingly.

What makes it possible that the future can be altered by revising the past is the fact that the past, present and future essentially are all happening in the same moment. In true reality both the past and future are non-existent except for the present which is always happening now since time is a made-up concept. Time in actuality is fluid and is based on perception therefore it can also be manipulated along with certain events that occur in particular given moments. The present is simply ever-present and the future merely depends on what meaning you give to each and every moment that is happening now (and now, and now). When doing the revision technique properly you may want to close your eyes, however it’s not necessary and then quite the mind from all distractions and shut down all the senses. In your mind you are now selecting a past event that you wish happened differently and in doing so replacing each detail of the end of that event with all the things you wish to see happened instead. Let your mind speak for itself and watch where it wants to go, then slowly make things more vivid by creating a constructive picture by now adding all senses, making its experience as real as possible. As a final step you are going to repeatedly loop this scene until it achieves the natural tone of reality and then you are going to freely release it out into the universe. By result of each of these steps you will from that moment on be moved to different parallel realities where you will automatically live that reality the way you now imagined things to be.

Through a bridge of incidents you will often unknowingly be led toward your desired end. The reason why you only are going to revise the end is because changing the end of any circumstance automatically wills the means to transforming the totality of that particular event. Remember how I mentioned that each moment in time is directly correlated and connected to the next moment and all moments before that? This is why focusing on “the end” is the only requirement to change both your past and future. When you revisit or remember a past event you want to make sure that you only ever remember things the way you would want things to be, since that changes all time. This is very important otherwise attempting to revise any situation simply won’t work. The reason I say this is because sometimes people get caught up in resentment by remembering old memories and therefore struggle to successfully use this technique. You can not still feel ill toward someone else or resent another person while truly expecting a different positive outcome. This is why forgiveness in some situations is necessary and very important because as long as you take on a victim mentality, you are condemned to transfer to alternate realities where you will be confronted with conditions where you are still a victim. It is important to note that one must be mentally ready to let go of any attachments that keep them stuck in order to use revision and achieve successful results.