Trying To Attract VS Being To Attract 


Pursuing something in order to achieve or being what you desire to attract, are two different vibrations producing two different results. Manifestation is a game of energy attraction. We always attract whatever is alike to our own energy, since we in essence are spiritual energy beings surrounded by magnetic energy fields. 

Whenever we are trying to make something happen, we are out of vibrational alignment with manifesting our wishes. When we are just being that whatever we wish to experience, we will always attract our desires. The energy dynamics between these two situations are two different realities. We can't experience a completely different and more diserable reality as long as our energy remains equal to our current reality.

In every single moment that exists you are creating your reality. In order to create and manifest successfully, the inner reality must exactly reflect the outer desired reality. The more one tries to achieve something without belief that it's already present in their life, the more lack the individual will continue to experience and the more "trying" will occur. It's only when the individual stops trying and believes that he will soon experience the wish fulfilled, that the manifestation will and can happen.

The idea "trying to attract" in order to attract is misleading and inaffective. Manifestation occurs when one particular field of energy comes into harmony and aligns with another energy field. Therefore the energy of "trying" can never match any experience of the wish being fulfilled. Being or having desirable results inevitably attracts more desirable results, whereas trying or hoping attracts more of these energies. Completely Forget "trying to manifest something", throw it in the bin and focus on "being" and "having" all your wishes fulfilled instead, as this is much more result producing.

What's important here is to always come from a subconscious belief of having what you want already, even if it hasn't manifested yet. The point is to make something that hasn't manifested into physical reality to make manifest. When you are having thoughts wich are implementing the opposite, you should practice self-awareness. Then you ignore any negative thoughts by not giving them your energy and you choose desirable thoughts to do benefit you. You decide to ultimately only focus on what you want to see unfolding in your reality.

Remember that every time you do try to manifest something, to immediately stop and return to your natural state of abundance where you already have all that you desire. Make it a habit to feel that natural state of abundance at all times, because that is your true authentic Self. Manifestation will happen surprisingly fast more and more once you are naturally grateful and live in the end state. What you want now continues to happen also a lot more effortless, because you are connected to your true Self.

Manifestation is never a trying process. Miracles happen frequently when you live in a mental state of abundance and are given to those who follow their hearts, and to those who are living their purpose and spread love.