50 Extremely Powerful Affirmations to Create Your Dream Reality (For Wealth, Love, Health...)

Repeat these powerful affirmations daily as much as you want and watch them change your life.



1. I am living my dream reality

2. The Universe always works in my favor

3. I always manifest everything I want

4. Everything always goes the way I intend to

5. I am a magnet to attract everything I want

6. Everything I desire comes to me easily

7. I am always living in abundance

8. I am a powerful co-creator of my own reality

9. I am successful in all forms of life

10. I am chosen to live a prosperous life

11. I am a wizard

12. I am a powerful person

13. I was made to be big in life

14. The Universe always gives me what I want ♡ 

15. I have amazing superpower abilities

16. The Universe is my support system

17. I can do anything

18. I am always receiving abundance

19. I am a magnet for positivity

20. I am grateful to have and continue to receive everything I have ever wanted

21. Every day I become a better version of myself

22. Amazing opportunities are always coming to me

23. I am loved by my community and the people I love

24. I love the vibration of money

25. Love is everywhere I go

26. I love that my body is healthy and beautiful

27. People see me as an inspiration

28. I am always protected

29. I always let love guide me

30. I am special and unique in many ways

31. I am right where I need to be in life

32. I am always treated with respect and loyalty ♡ 

32. I always surrender without doubt or fear

33. Everything always happens for my highest good

34. I am unstoppable

35. People love to be around me ♡

36. My life is magical

37. I am in control of my life

38. I can overcome anything

39. Life happens for me

40. Money is my friend

41. I am a lucky person

42. People always love me for who I am

42. Everyone wants to be my friend

43. I always attract the right people to me

44. I am in a happy and healthy relationship

45. I am destined to meet the love of my life

46. Luck follows me everywhere I go

47. I am beautiful inside and out

48. I am destined for greatness

49. I am worthy of everything I desire

50. The power is within me