The Road to Success is a Psychological Journey


The road to success is first and foremost a psychological one, where one moves toward their desires mentally before taking the right necessary steps physically. Success starts within the mind and from there grows into physical action until enough momentum is created and action becomes automated. The successful man realises this and knows that in order to become successful, he must think righteously and hold an image in his mind of what he wants to achieve until he reaches his goals. Success is obviously relative as it relates to your point of view and context but nevertheless, the way a person approaches success tells you everything you need to know about their self-worth and outlook on life. Someone who knows they deserve success is more likely to strive for what they want in order to get what they want and become financially independent, compared to someone who's willing to settle for mediocrity; the manner in which a person handles their finances simply shows how they carry themselves. Success however doesn't have to account for money; it can be anything related to your personal goals but it doesn't take away that the degree to which you are positive in life is the degree to which you can become successful.

A big part of the problem in today's world is that a large percentage of people have become increasingly more confused about their personal goals for the future because of the widespread information of data. There is "too much" information available essentially, causing a lot of people to split their attention and focus between too many things at once. With so much knowledge at our fingertips, it’s easy to become distracted and not know what type of information to absorb and not take for granted. Many seek to find ways to become more financially independent, expanding the popularity of online business models such as e-commerce, blogging, dropshipping and AI generated passive income “get-rich-quick” schemes. It'd only be fair to say that becoming financially free and successful has now become easier more than ever because of the rise of social media platforms, AI’s rapid advancing evolution and the wide variety of opportunities to earn money from home.

Let's for example talk about those "get-rich-quick" schemes that you see all over the internet today to further illustrate this topic. Many say that there exists no such thing as to easily reach the top of the success pyramid but the truth is that it’s all about mind-set. What’s hard for you may not be hard for someone else and what’s easy for you, may not be so easy for someone else. The main determining factor in this is mind-set more so than previously acquired knowledge or skills. Yet, it’s not about how quickly you can become rich from doing something and setting up a time limit for yourself. Chances are more than likely that if you do that, you’ll fail because you either are trying to sell something that’s barely finished or stress yourself enough to the point that you become frustrated and lose precious time and energy that you could’ve used to perfect your product or service and invest into your business. The key is that it’s not about getting rich as fast as possible, it’s about providing the right services that will create the necessary value and in return will give you all the money.

Implementing the right (thinking) habits

Adopting the right mind-set means everything in order to succeed in whatever you do, in whichever niche or field you work in. That’s why the way to success is psychological before anything else because if mentally you’re habitually not in the right mind space, you’re inevitably setting yourself up for failure. In essence, it’d useless to even try to succeed when you’re investing into habits (negative thinking) that are harmful and don’t serve you in any way possible. Habits can be either physical or mental however both affect one another and physical habits always stem from repeated thoughts, whether those are positive or negative. Ask yourself honestly what thoughts are you thinking on a continuous basis. Your thoughts play a crucial role in every department of your life because religiously thinking the right thoughts will lead you toward success and everything you want in life, whereas negative thoughts long-term will do the opposite. That said, your habits are vitally important when it comes to determining whether you’ll be successful in life; we all inherently know that, except a lot of people still undermine the impact their thoughts have upon them and thus their ability to become successful. Positive thoughts simply turn into positive physical habits, negative thoughts turn into negative physical habits. Hence,  the most important thing to focus on are your thoughts

It’s important to notice and analyse where your mind is at whenever you're consciously aware because that will give an indication whether you are moving closer toward your wish fulfilment or where you want to be in life, or not. This is where practicing mindfulness or meditation comes in handy because essentially, you want to become aware of what you’re unconsciously thinking and ultimately make those unconscious thoughts, conscious. If after practicing you find out that your unconscious thought patterns are more negative than positive, then you’ll have the privilege to changing those thoughts to ones that are more beneficial. Now, you’ve created a new subconscious program that works in your favour and automatically leads you to do certain things that will make you become successful, without causing self-destruction and getting in your own way.

Thinking the “right” thoughts is literally 95% of the game of life; that is “success”. Success comes when you realise that it all starts with incorporating a healthy, optimistic mind-set. Physical action that turns into successful, tangible results can only become visible after proper mental preparation and the decision to practicing a positive mental attitude. This tell you that contrary to what many still believe is most important, which is “working hard”, is simply wrong. The only thing that promises guaranteed success combined with long-lasting results is the embodiment of a winner’s mentality, which is a mind-set that’s focused on positive instead of negative results. The idea that we “must” work hard to achieve anything of significance in life is often true but not always. Take the example of how there are plenty of people in the world who come from wealthy backgrounds who never had to hustle very hard for money or jobs because their families simply provided them with opportunities. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they never had to do anything to sustain or move up in their careers but because of where they came from, they were born with a huge advantage in that sense. On the other hand, if those people consistently would establish themselves in a negative manner and as such sabotage their own careers, then hope would be lost; no matter their rich backgrounds or what they were allowed to invest into their future. Simply put, a person whose mind is filled with negativity, rubbish, self-defeating thoughts or even jealousy is destined to fail because in the end, these habitual behaviours will not and can never by law lead to positive self-actualized realisations.

Your belief system dictates reality

The moral of this article is the explanation that positive results are followed by the cause of positive thinking. If you want to change something in your life, perhaps first take a look at what your thoughts are regarding the thing you wish to see change. What thoughts have you repeated so often that now they have become a belief and reality? Most people have been programmed since birth that in order to physically change something, you must grind and hustle and work your butt off but the truth is that anything in life can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. It’s all about your own belief system. Do you believe that performing physical hard work is the only way that will get you toward your final destination? Then that is what you will experience and what you will achieve. There isn’t one way to reach success, just as there isn’t one form in which success comes. Everything in the Universe is fundamentally neutral and has no built-in meaning apart from the meaning we give it. One thing however that acts a universal law is the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, which says that all is mind. Hence the road to success is a mental one, it’s a psychological journey.