How to Deal With People Who Hate on You


The people who are the most successful, are envied and hated on the most by others. It is sad, but this is how humanity is programmed to be, unfortunately. People are programmed to be competitive, envious and jealous of others, when they seem to do greater than themselves, instead of being happy for someone else’s happiness. It is a very unfortunate thing, but more so for the person who hates on the other person. For you, the person who is being hated on, it is not really that bad of a situation. I will furthermore break down why exactly that is and how to successfully deal with bullies or naysayers, and not let them affect your life and psyche.

First, let me explain why having a hater in your life is not really something to worry about much. The reason why is because whatever energy is being sent out into the Universe always, always, comes back around again. Everyone has heard of “karma” before and in a way that is what it is, but “karma” is just a term given to something that is a universal law. I wrote an article before where I discuss this law and how it works. It is “The Law of Cause and Effect”, also referred to “causality”. For more information on this law, check out my article “Why Your Life Is The Way It Is” under the section “Mindfulness”. When someone hates on you, they are in fact producing and releasing negative energy from their spiritual body, that is being sent directly to you. If you are enough developed spiritually, as well as mentally strong, their negative energy is not really  going to affect you. However when you are not, you need to be more careful, as “the evil eye” is definitely a real thing and others can most definitely affect you spiritually, emotionally and physically by sending you negative thoughts. Even if they are unaware that they are doing it. But what inevitably happens when someone gives you “the evil eye”, is that that person ultimately will pay for their hatred or resentment toward you, and that is what most people fail to recognize. This is because the energy that they project unto you, must first be created within them, and the law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Meaning, whatever you think or wish for someone else, you are actually wishing for yourself.

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This goes deep and I am sure if more people knew this, they would be more watchful with their perception of others, as well as the things they wish and want for other people. But now you know that karma does exist and does “bite one in the ass”, for those who have evil intentions toward others. Now let’s go more into what you can do about people who hate on you. Let’s start with what you do not want to do and avoid at all costs: do not bring yourself down to their level. Whatever that means, stay calm and collected and keep living your life. Do not lash out, do not go out of your way to prove them why you deserve what you do or have, simply do not embarrass yourself like that. Do not give them your attention, that is your best “revenge”. You want to handle things maturely, and that is to as much as possible, ignore any negative comments. But whatever you do, do not act revengeful, because that would exactly mean lowering yourself to their level, which is what you must avoid. The more happy you are and the more fun you have living your best life, the more you probably annoy your haters, and that is really the best thing you can do in this situation. Remember that when you have someone in your life who cannot stand seeing you win and live your best life, it just means that they are not where they wish to be themselves, and for some people that can be a hard pill to swallow. Some people really are just incredibly unhappy with where they are in life, that it emotionally pains them to see other people having what they want. Therefore, it is important to see the bigger picture and to have sincere compassion for these people. Do not say out loud that you feel sorry for them, but just recognize within yourself that their reason for acting like that, is because they are unhappy with their life. So when they make it known to you that they are jealous or envy of you, do not purposely rub your blessings in their face, but just act as you would usually and ignore the bad comments. Remember that you also do not want to cause yourself ill-fate, because someone else is hating on you and cannot step back from letting it known. Instead, always keep yourself above other people’s bad behavior and intentions, and watch the Universe keep pouring your life with blessings while they receive their karma.

Having haters is actually a compliment as you can see, weirdly enough. In fact, they secretly are one of your biggest fans (haters make you famous). It means you are doing something great, so keep on going. People do not hate for no reason and people only hate on people they admire, or have something that they want. If you have a lot of people who wish you ill, you might actually be doing better than you think. So next time you notice someone acting unfriendly and giving you “evil eye vibes”, just laugh it off internally and see it as a compliment. It means you are on the right track.