The Best is Yet to Come


Many individuals find themselves being lost so many times. They feel disconnected from themselves and the world and they feel like things are "just hard" for them. This article is to remind you that the best is yet to come. Life can be hard and life is not easy, we all know that.

The thing is that life is not supposed to be easy. It's supposed to teach you new ways of living and perceiving things. When you recognize that and truly understand this, a lot of weight will lift off of your shoulders. The perception of the hardships of life will not be perceived to be as hard as before.

Many people who are depressed or often feel down don't always recognize the fact that life is actually teaching them certain things. If we look at life in general and our own life, we can see that nothing is actually in vain. In the end, there's always an emotional, spiritual and often also a physical pay off from any experience.

To become better, to be a better person from all of your life experiences and handle things in a much more evolved and mature way in the future. When we understand that bad things are happening because we are meant to learn from them, things start to change. We now understand that we are not a victim, things are in actuality happening for our greater good. 

We wouldn't appreciate the good times if we wouldn't have nearly as many bad times. That's just the truth of human nature. We often take things for granted and later on we find ourselves being surprised why these things are taken from us. I want to remind you again that the best is yet to come. Just don't forget to be grateful every single day you wake up and don't ever take things for granted.

We must remind ourselves that life comes in cycles. Not every day is the same, it can't be. Every day, every week, every month and every year is different. One year you're lucky, you find the love of your life, you go on many vacations, you win the lottery etc. A few years later you find yourself being broke, in debt, losing all of your friends and on top of that you have developed a chronic disease.

These things happen, but it's a reminder that these things happened for a reason. We should take a look at ourselves when these things happen and ask ourselves where we didn't appreciate enough what we had or what caused these things to happen in the first place. Perhaps it's due to a negative/lack mindset etc.

The best is yet to come because you deserve it. You are here on this beautiful planet Earth for a reason, so you definitely deserve to live life to its fullest extend and learn the most from it. We have the power to co-create with the universe and choose were life takes us by choosing where we focus our energy. When we focus our energy on something, we are saying to the universe that we want that in our lives.

That's the beauty of being here and being alive. You can choose how you feel and you can choose what you want to experience with the power of your mind only. The best is yet to come, because your story isn't over if you know this information and have not fulfilled your truest desires yet. Patience is a skill worth learning, because it will grant you all you have ever wished for if you believe and surrender.