Why You THINK You LACK Energy + How to Fix it PERMANENTLY


We are told that it takes energy in order to physically create or produce something. We have been told that if we run out of energy, whether that is physically or mentally (yet they both are connected), we need to recharge and stop doing what we were doing and simply sit or lay down and rest. I find that there is definitely a great degree of truth to be found in both of these statements, however there actually is quite an easy fix to reverse the effects of the illusion that you lack energy. I am not saying that you may not be or feel as though you lack energy (although you do not lack it in the way you think you do), what I am saying is that it is simply all in your head and that you can change that in a second. You are only experiencing the lack of what you feel is not present,  simply becáuse you are imagining it! Do read on before you assume it is all “woo-woo” stuff because you are going to want to know about this if you desire anything, whatever it may be, to change in your life.

Doesn’t that sound crazy though, if you really think about it? I urge you to read that second last sentence again. I am telling you this because this is the exact reason why most people tend to procrastinate and delay their projects or whatever they want to accomplish with their life. We must remember that it points to the mere basis of manifestation and that is that you literally become what you think about most often. Let me remind you in case you did not know or have forgotten, that the universe is mental (principle of mentalism). Your world is nothing more than your imagination pushed out or your continued inner conversations manifested out on to the screen of the three-dimensional world. Your reality is in essence much less solid than it seems.  All of that is true because the science of quantum physics has already proven and stated facts that reality is in fact, a hologram. I quote: “Leonard Susskind said, “The three-dimensional world of ordinary experience––the universe filled with galaxies, stars, planets, houses, boulders, and people––is a hologram, an image of reality coded on a distant two-dimensional surface”. That is one major theme in itself, the second thing I want you to know or be reminded of, is that éverything in our universe is energy. YOU are energy, you are pure energy even though it is impossible to see for us humans because of how our brains interprets light and photons. There is nothing but energy as a matter of fact or to be precisely accurate – the universe is 99,99% empty space, what still rests is what we call “matter”, meaning it is all energy because the empty space refers to the atoms that are found at the core of everything that includes the universe as we know it.

The reason I am saying all of this and why this is so important to know, is that when you become aware that all is energy, how can you possibly ever lack energy? Well here is another interesting fact to know about: you exist in infinite amount of states at the exact same time. States of what? States of consciousness. As I wrote in the first paragraph, it is not so that you may not lack the energy or feel as though you are, because you actually do if that is where your attention is placed. This is because now your attention is focused on the lacking of it, therefore you are not experiencing a reality where you have it. Since everything including you is energy, you are never really lacking it, neither are you unable to experience being or feeling energized. However it is your perception about current conditions that you label as being unfavourable that will take you to one of an infinite amount of parallel realities, where you are a version of yourself who is feeling emotionally, physically or both, drained, tired, exhausted and many other unwanted expressions of emotions. Each and every reality that exists is already playing out in this very moment, you are just not physically experiencing it. The moral of the story is that there is an infinite supply of energy out there and you can not lack what you already are. The problem is that you have tuned yourself to a place mentally where you are nót that which you already are. You have conditioned yourself to be limited and therefore to accept a false belief that in all reality is merely an illusion, but does and must in turn become your own physical life experience. 

And I can promise that this is true just by setting myself up as an example. I will give you a short anecdote of what happened to me up until today for the past seven weeks. For nearly two months straight I felt depleted of energy and motivation especially regarding work, essentially because I was either conscious or subconsciously affirming continuously that I feel bad or lack motivation and energy. I really felt as if I had no energy whatsoever to start, let be finish something when it comes to writing my articles. Almost every day I intented to write, but it just felt hard and difficult to do and so I never even began. I felt very much discouraged and a little disappointed with myself that I could not make myself push or do it anyway or at least that was my mindset. I did know that I would get back to it when I would feel better, but as days went by, the disappointment slowly became stronger. Then all of the sudden something significantly changed, I changed. (22:22pm as I am writing this – the number “22” has the nature of Pluto and stands for extreme or transformational changes). One very good thing that happened to me during that seven-week period, is that I was extremely invested in learning about everything regarding manifestation and how the conscious and subconscious mind both operate and dictate all of our life experiences. If you carefully read my homepage you know that I already invest a lot of time and effort into learning about these topics, but I do feel that these two months have served me very well in that regard and definitely gave me an extra creative and intuitive hunch, as well as a lot more confidence when it comes to manifesting. I now want to touch upon what exactly changed and how you too can make permanent changes in your life from now on and never feel incapable to do what you desire again.

How To Fix It Permanently

You can go from seemingly having zero energy levels to one hundred in no time, I promise. But you must understand that it is all you, the universe is within you. Remember that being depleted of energy is impossible, you only feel as though you are deprived of it because your energy is focused on a reality where you are energetically depleted and thus thát is where your energy is at and what you attract! Your energy has not “magically” disappeared, it is still there and always will be, your energy is just focused towards what you do not want and that is why you feel the way you feel. Once you start telling yourself a different story and start acting like the character in that story on all possible levels (starting in your head –mentally, then emotionally), now you start rewiring your brain and the body will actually think and believe that it is experiencing that desired reality right now. Next thing you know you are going to take all the physical action required to fulfill that characters' purpose automatically. Just remind yourself to keep returning to that “end” in your imagination whenever you are thinking unwanted thoughts or things that are not in alignment with your end goal. It is important to note that there is absolutely nothing that can be altered or changed from the outside in, but rather from the inside out. All changes in your physical reality first must come through you, it can never be no other way. It is only when you start conditioning your mind to believe something different than the old story, that a new story can emerge and unfold itself. This can be very easy to do, but it does at least require a positive outlook and also discipline, focus and patience if you want to see consistent results.

Here is what I did personally to almost instantly shift to my DR (desired reality):

  • I let go and stopped telling the old story. Instead I started telling new ones, stories that fit my desired reality.
  • I became even more highly conscious of my thoughts and observed them more closely and never judged an unwanted thought as being true of me or my reality.
  • I started taking full acceptance and responsibility of everything that has already happened in my life previously and accepted it as being part of an old storyline or script.
  • I started becoming more present to the moment, viewing each moment as completely separate from one another instead of perceiving life as being lineair.
  • I detached even much greater from my desires, knowing that I already have them once I make the decision that I want it.
  • I let go of the desperation to want my desires, because I became even more aware that desperate or needy energy can never attract anything you desire, but repels it instead.
  • I put only myself on the pedestal and dropped anything else that I put on a high pedestal or gave too much importance.
  • I fully accepted my DR as being a true fact right now.
  • I stopped messing with the middle, meaning I quit constantly flipping my thoughts about perceived unwanted conditions and controlling my emotions and instead went straight to “the end”, the end goal of what my desired reality looks like.

Those are some of the things I did to shift my temporary unwanted reality to my permanent desired reality. I personally noticed instant changes in my energy, attitude, motivation and 3D circumstances once I truly believed that I can do this and cán shift immediately when I say so.  Shifting reality is truly easy and you must accept it and see it that way because then it will inevitably be so for you. You are shifting realities in each and every existing moment anyway. It is merely your conscious decision now whether or not you move towards or away from your desired reality. I highly encourage you to follow the same exact steps I mentioned in order to become a more conscious creator and manifest your dream life. Do know that sometimes things can take time to manifest, that is why patience is crucial if you want to master the law of attraction. Depending on what you are envisioning, things can take up to minutes, hours, a few days, weeks, a few months or even years. That is completely normal, it all depends on what you are asking for but also on your level of resistance. The bigger things naturally can take a longer time to manifest but once you intend for something to happen, know that things are already moving in the exact moment you make that decision.

I do advise to keep reinforcing and imagining your desired self-concept and reality because the more time and energy you give it, the more it becomes a true experience. This is all about shifting your entire identity and therefore it is not something you only invest in just once, simply because reprogramming the subsconscious does take time and you as a person also continue to grow and evolve throughout your whole lifetime here on Earth. But do attempt to make things easy, fun and free-flowing for yourself by imagining because it is fun and you know you are going to get what you want by doing so. Do not put too much pressure on yourself by placing heavy importance or intenting for a specific time for something to manifest, since this will create resistance and will delay manifestation from happening many times. The energy you seek is already within you, you just need to make the decision to access it.