Thoughts Become Things


Our thoughts are not really us, but they are extremely powerful and important when it comes to the creation process. They are part of the subsconscious mind and part of our subconscious programming. What we think is what we become and that influences our perception and reality. When you observe something within the mind, it’s in the process of being created into physical form. However, we don’t create anything that’s new and doesn’t exist already in the physical plane. Whenever our mind goes somewhere within our imagination, it’s tuning into a parallel reality that already exists. It’s only a matter of observing something and then bringing it into the physical with our awareness and observation. As a verse in the Bible and the once famous and great American author and mystic Neville Goddard states: “creation is finished”.

When we think of something in particular, we are automatically holding in our minds an image of what we’re thinking about. In the process of doing this, we are either consciously or subconsciously activating certain energy particles in our body to create exactly that which we’re observing. These particles have an awareness of themselves of being observed and start to behave according to our own state of consciousness. This theory is called “the observer effect” and is proven by quantum theory or quantum mechanics. What this means, is that our thoughts affect reality and it even more so becomes our experience. Before, we’ve thought that thoughts are just thoughts and that they don’t affect our lives as much as they in actuality do, but that isn’t the case. Quantum physics has shown that one simple thought can affect the observer to feel a certain emotion and therefore affect the cells in his body and physically affect the quantum field. Repetitive thoughts also creates mind programming and subconscious beliefs that also in turn impacts the field and the individuals' world.



If we understand that thoughts become physical things, we’ll see the importance of feeding our mind only with desirable thoughts and images. The more we do this, the more that we are programming our mind in a new way that’s going to reflect back that new reality. When we start to change the cells in our body through observing an imaginative state that is equal to our desired outcome, then our reality will mirror our internal state. Our mind, body and soul are all connected to our outside environment. They all form one and when you change one, you affect the others as well and you start to change all of them. Our thoughts are part of creation and they must be used wisely, since how one thinks and shows up affects other people as well. When many people are thinking the same negative thought patterns, it creates a reality manifesting more of that same energy. Based on a large scale globally speaking, each individuals' thoughts has a massive impact on the conditioning of the world. Therefore, you want to become mindful to practice things such as mindfulness and meditation, to slow down and ultimately remove negative blocks and thought patterns.

What you can see in your mind, is what you can and will hold in your hand. You must decide what you want, imagine it and take action on it. Thoughts become things when you live there in your imagination. Make use of your thoughts to become your best friend by becoming aware and by choosing thoughts that make your life better.