Manifesting Just Because You Are "IT"


How does that sound to you to manifest everything you want, just because you know that you are "it". Not in a narcissistic egotistical way, but more in a natural confident way like "of course I can have this, it's mine already". What this is about is "confidence". When you become so incredibly confident in your abilities to manifest whatever you wish, manifestation becomes a piece of cake. This does not have to be hard at all, it's just a matter of finding that hidden confidence within you and how to bring it out to the light.

You have to recognize that you are great. You are so great that you actually can manifest anything you want. We all have that power within us. It's a scientific fact that our own individual subconscious mind creates our personal reality. Our personality is what creates our personal reality. The thing is that our personality is not fixed, it's changeable at any moment in time. This gives us the opportunity to change our personal reality at any given moment in time. In order to change what's happening on the outside, we must always look within. If we are not getting what we want out of life, then there must be a limiting belief that we hold, for example: feeling of unworthiness, lack of self-confidence etc.



The good news is that we can change the way we feel about ourselves and therefore change our outside environment. How we are easily able to get what we want is through viewing ourselves as the "shit", that gets everything they want. Said in easy terms, it actually also is quite easy, with some repetition perhaps. Through reprogramming the subconscious mind, we can become anyone we desire to be. This can be done through several techniques, one of them being affirmations; either consciously through saying affirmations to yourself out loud or within the mind or even unconsciously through playing a tape recording or video with affirmations on during sleep.

The key here is to step into major confidence. It might not necessarily be required to repeat affirmations for a certain amount of time until you feel confident enough. This is all depending on each individual's personal life and experience. What's important is that you allow yourself to be and feel the most confident and amazing version of yourself and that you fully accept this version of you. The version that has all of the capacities to manifest their wildest and most exciting desires. 

When you find yourself in a situation that you at first view as complex, dare to look at is as something you can do without too much effort or hardships. Build up that confidence as you climb up that ladder, until you one day say it's easy. Remember that we as human beings are the observer of our reality. Meaning, whatever we observe within ourselves or on the outside in physical reality is what we will experience more of, on both sides (since the inner reality is a mere reflection of the outside reality).

You have to decide what kind of person or experience you wish to seek or be and become that energy in its most natural form. Meaning, there's no trying or wanting, there's only being or existing. If you at first experience struggles with this, look for someone you know that has or is whatever you desire to have. Study their personality and behavior, the way they act and speak, depending on the situation even the way they dress. What is it that you can find in this person that you can add to your personality? By doing these types of personality studies, you will notice and find that it might become a little easier to adjust certain personality traits and perhaps create new ones that are beneficial to your new identity.



We have to become one with the universe by showing that we truly want what we ask for. The best way to do that is to fully embody high confident energy, which creates an aura that expands and radiates very strongly. When an aura becomes this strong, one becomes extremely magnetic to attract desires and opportunities. When we become like this, we say yes to what we want and yes to the universe. High-confident energy is the answer to all manifestation practices.

If you are highly confident about your manifestation, then your manifestation will come to pass. If you are not, then it will most likely not happen as fast. To summerize all of this, stepping into full confident energy is what's needed to manifest easily and effortlessly. Our energy is the same and thus equal to our emotional state, hence the focus must be on the emotional state; feeling optimistic and excited, not trying or pushing to feel excited, but confident in being who you are: a powerful creator.

By not allowing to give yourself what you desire you are in actuality disrespecting yourself. It's a harsh truth which stems from unworthiness. Realize that you are God, the infinite mind which creates the world through your own eyes. What you want to see happening before your eyes you must envision through your eyes. Therefore viewing yourself as a high-confident personality is extremely essential. What you keep perceiving and acknowledging within the mind will eventually become physical reality.