The Goal is to Give Yourself Your Every Desire


There is one main purpose in life that we all have, aside from the fact that we are here to evolve our consciousness, and that is that we are meant to live the life that we truly desire. We all are destined to leave our individual mark on the world by doing the things we love to do the most. It is in doing so that we are able to help and grow others in the best ways possible, by showing them through our own efforts for the love of what we want, what’s possible for them. When you follow your heart’s desire, you not only become the physical manifestation of your true nature, you also become a guiding light for others who wish to become a greater extension of themselves. Through these actions, we become victorious in helping ourselves and those who are still lost questioning their purpose or role in life.

Do what you love and be yourself

The only way we are able to help anyone other than ourselves, is when we first take a look at the parts of us that are not yet fully representative of who we really are and improve those, so that we can live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. It is essential for each person to convey their true selves, not only towards other people but also themselves, because it is our own unique vibration that will propel us towards what is actually meant for us and what will steer us away from what does not belong to us. As long as an individual stays loyal to their true personality, anything and anyone who is meant to be on their path will show up and become part of their destiny. This is done by giving yourself the permission to be your authentic self at all times and simply doing what you love. For many people this may sound unrealistic or hard to accomplish but in reality, it takes a lot more energy and effort to be someone who you are not! It has long become a standard within our society to follow amongst the crowd and do what everyone else is doing, but at what cost? The answer is that it is always at the cost of your own mental health and interference with your true life's purpose.

You've been sold a false premise

We all know how energy draining it feels when you do something that your heart is not in alignment with. As a matter of fact, this is how depression unfolds in almost every single case. Sadly, there are millions of people who wake up every single day hating their life because they feel obligated to do something in order to survive. Most people are living in survival mode day-by-day due to society’s imposed rules and regulations (f.e: low pay checks vs high tax pay), but also false beliefs that are destructive and detrimental to the mass population on an emotional and physical level (f.e: money is the root of all evil, luxury is not for everyone etc). We have furthermore been made believe since we were young that we need to go to college or university, study hard for at least 3 years, in order to contribute to society and earn a living; however this could not be further from the truth. In actuality, it is mostly those who did not earn a higher degree who actually have become the most wildly successful business owners or have made a significant name for themselves in today's world, because they didn't confine themselves to certain imposed boundaries; think of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Amancio Ortega, Richard Branson, John D. Rockefeller, Anna Wintour, Ellen Degeneres etc. 

We have essentially been sold a false premise that a college degree is the end all be all or a necessary tool as a means to success but in reality, those who went to school for many years are often those who are the most narrow-minded individuals. The reason for this is that these people get accustomed to “group thinking” and as such, develop a certain way of looking at the world that lacks independence or freethinking. This is what’s dangerous about students who go to school to earn a degree, thinking that they will become successful; not to say that they won’t become successful as a result, but the caveat is that the perception about their environment or subconscious map of reality that they are exposed to on a continuous basis, is what enhances the probability of experiencing true reality in far more limited regards. When you estrange yourself from higher knowledge that's derived from the realm of the superconscious and thus ignore intuition and base facts solely on text books or literature, you have closed the connection between the conscious and subconscious, while both should work together in harmony simultaneously. Such people then tend to get stuck in the "matrix mentality", where in essence, one becomes a product of the matrix scene. 

Feminine energy is the key to attraction

The only way you can truly be happy and live life on your own terms (yes, it is possible!), is if you allow yourself to be you. That means withdrawing from what others may think is in your best interest, not paying attention to what the majority of people are saying or doing, but actually doing what you feel is right for you. Can you imagine how much more happy most people would be, how different the world would look like, if they all followed this advice? The reason that they are not following this advice is once again, due to false conditioning. Most people think that they need to hassle and struggle in order to achieve something but this is not the most convenient way to do something. When you go about things this way, you actually are wasting a lot of vital energy because you are forcing a certain outcome to happen, instead of just going with the flow and allowing things to happen naturally according to their own accord. When you are using force, either physically or mentally, you are essentially sabotaging the natural flow of energy and thus getting nowhere. The universe can not bring you what you want because you are literally standing in your own way. What you need to do instead is remaining in your receptive (feminine) energy. This is one of the ultimate secrets to the Law of Attraction; the law states that like energy attracts like energy, therefore we must allow things to come towards us and not chase after something. This is where the uncomfortability and anxiousness steps in for many people, because they are not used to being in their feminine energy. However, when you do get used to simply laying back and let the universe work things out for you, let everything come to you, whatever you want automatically happens because you can only truly give yourself something when you allow yourself to have it.