Why You Should Always Persist and Never Give Up


As human beings, we tend to want a lot but get lazy easily. We postpone things we don't want to do or tell ourselves that it's too hard. The truth is that we could make things a lot easier, but we often sabotage ourselves by believing things that are hindering us from achieving our goals. These beliefs are the cause of the limitation that many experience in their lives. There are a few secrets some are aware of and many successful people know of these. One of them is that something worth having never comes easy. The best things in life more often than not, take a lot of effort and take time in order to attain. Giving up on something that you want, is purposely stopping yourself from giving yourself the greatest gift you so desire. 

We often look at our lives and become disappointed when we realize that we aren't yet where we want to be. It then becomes easy to indulge in negative thoughts and tell ourselves things; such as what we want is not meant for us to experience. Many people think that they're crazy for wanting something that seems so far out of reach. One secret many people don't know about, is that physical reality stems from the imagination. The richest and most succesful people have all imagined their succes before they became succesful or they have at least believed that it was possible to achieve greatness. If you don't believe, you achieve nothing. If you have faith, you allow the door to be open for abundance to come in. Giving up too soon is like selling your soul for a crappy temporary act, only to feel disappointment and look back later with regret and sorrow. The amount of energy that we put into something, is the same energy that we receive back. Being in dispair and complaining is an easy thing to do, but putting in effort can be too ánd rewarding. 



The future is nothing but a continuation of present moments. When you take care of the now, your future will automatically be secure and taken care of. The future starts now. Many people are too hung up in the unknown of the future and/or too stuck in the past. It's impossible to rewind time and undo what already has been done. The only thing we must do is focus on the present and fulfill our heart's desire. When you do this, you achieve the greatest abundance of all. It's when people are off track of the path that's meant for them, that they struggle and become unhappy. Knowing what you truly desire out of life is the first step to achieving your goals and living your dreams. When you don't know what you want, you're a steering wheel that doesn't know where it's heading towards. Then obviously focus and perseverance becomes difficult, because you don't know where to invest your time and energy in. Your focus and energy goes to everything and nothing at the same time. The right amount of energy and focus towards one or two specific goals is a must to manifest and live abundantly.

It's not about how quickly you can attain or achieve something, it's about the effort you put into your work. You want to be able to look back and see the path of all the struggles that came with the blessings. True fulfillment comes when you've experienced the good and the ugly and got where you wanted to be regardless. Everything you do that's in harmony with your desires, is one step closer to your dream life. People often tend to overlook the small achievements that are part of the end result. It's the little steps that we must appreciate and reward ourselves for. Sometimes the end goal isn't as far out of reach as we initially thought. Just because we can't see something physically happening in front of us, doesn't mean that there's no movement in our progress. The reward comes when we persist with endurance and faith and know that what we desire is already there. The bumpy and unknown road to our desires is the beauty of our future. We work hard to achieve the greatest rewards for our efforts. We do what we love because it fills our hearts with love and joy and we make ourselves proud in the process. That's the truth of the road to succes and why we do what we do. Figure out what makes you truly happy and live towards that goal every single day. Start showing up for your life and yourself.



Many celebrities and the most successful people out there, haven't been at the top of their career game until much later in life. In the legendary book "Think And Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill writes that the majority of successful people accomplish their greatest work between the ages of 40-60. People who are younger than that often assume that it's "too late" to fulfill their desire, when they've not reached their full potential yet. It's never too late to do anything, if you really want to do it. Most people could've started their career earlier, but they didn't. That's because life isn't meant to be perfect, it's meant to teach us what we truly want, in the mist of going through "life". The not-so fun truth may be, that it might take you many years to get where you want to be. Yet, that's also a part of the game of life. However, the more quickly and precise you can decifer what it is that you want, the more ambition you will have to fulfill that desire. The only thing you need is a concrete goal and then the energy and drive follow automatically.  A wise person is patient and uses his skills to create the life he seeks to live. A clear intention or goal plus drive and ambition equals success and abundance. Those are all the ingredients you need to live the life of your dreams.