When Your Life Purpose Is a Question Mark


Finding out your life purpose is a big question mark to many, if not most people. If it was all that easy, most individuals wouldn't settle and find themselves in jobs they dislike for long periods of time. Most people would simply feel happier overall. Yet, we ourselves are the cause of the dissatisfactions we experience of the things we indulge in. It's not like these jobs or things purposely do things to us, so we become annoyed with our lives circumstances.

The thing is though: we don't have to do things that we don't like to do and neither should we. Yes, we are the cause of the dissatisfaction of the things that make us feel bad, because we choose to participate in them.



You Always Have A Choice

Yes, you do. Even though some might want to argue about that, there's always choice A and B in life, sometimes even more. But you will only see multiple choices if you choose to expand your horizon, your viewpoint. Just like taking an SAT test to get accepted into a university, there are multiple choices in life and answers presented to choose from. When questions aren't formed by you, you aren't able to decide how many answers are correct. However, when you yourself make up the question and you ask yourself "how much or what can I do?", the infinite potential of answers is up to you. All is relative and every answer to questions like these are subjective. 

Meaning, you are in control of how broad your potential is, how broad you will let it be. When you ask yourself: "what is my life purpose?" or "what is right for me?", there isn't one right or wrong answer technically speaking. What is right is simply what feels right to you. This could be one thing or many things. There are only as many gateaways as you allow yourself to perceive.


Infinite Potential: Limitlessness

Once you have opened yourself up to infinite possibilities and stopped limiting yourself to a mindset that isn't fulfilling nor rewarding, ask the "simple" and most important question: "what activity makes me the most happy while being the most authentic and effortless version of myself?". Answer this question in all honesty to yourself and take your time to clearly think about this. What is it that's most meaningful and important to you and aligns perfectly with your personality? In other words, what comes to you naturally without much effort and brings you joy?

We are talking about creative and natural talents you are most likely born with or  have developed or became stronger at during adolescence or adulthood. What is it that brings you true joy and fulfillment doing, so much that you would have never regret choosing this (career) path over anything else? Look for what lights up that spark in you that brings out the most passionate person in you.



Blank Spaces Are Okay

Whether this means in your mind or physical reality, it's okay to have blank spaces and not know where you are supposed to be heading towards. As a matter of fact, it's a good thing to sometimes be unsure of where you need to be. If you think about it, a person who is so sure and convinced of every detail of their life their entire existence, will sooner or later find themselves being dissappointed to see their life plan crashing into pieces.This is because it's impossible to know from a young age everything regarding how your life is supposed to go. If we knew our whole life plan from the start, would life be as exciting as if it were when we would be clueless about some parts? Probably not. It's the journey of the unknown that makes life exciting.

People tend to worry way too much about the past and future, but what about now? What about what tomorrow might bring? If you think about tomorrow from a mindset of "ugh, another same day", then tomorrow will be another same day. But what if you were to be excited of what the unknown of tomorrow brings, what about that? Have you ever truly thought about it like that? Be excited for the beauty in what today brings, the beauty of remarkable memories of the past and the beauty of the unknown of tomorrow. And who knows after that? All starts with a mindset of abundance and seeing the beauty of the present moment. 



Always remember this: no one is responsable for your happiness but you! As much as you would want to point your finger towards someone else for any mistakes or failures or write hate letters to your enemy, you are the one who loses in the end. Focus on the good things in life, focus on what can make you grow. Life has given you many options to choose from, for you to choose and decide what you want to give your energy to and make out of. Simply look at all the things that make you happy and resourceful and invest your energy into those things. What is it that you can take from life and mold into something much greater?

Just like a painter does. Paint a portret so beautifully and add the perfect mix of colors and details to make it as perfect as you want. That's what you do with your life. You find the beauty and talents in your natural capacities and you make them as beautiful and perfect as you wish. And if you really want to be succesful, go all the way and add as much beauty and preciseness in your creative abilities as you want. You are the artist of your life, the creator and director.


Life Has Given You Lemons, Make Some Juicy Lemonade


Start Your Creative Endeavor Now

The mistake that 90% of people make is that they wait for the right moment. You might need to hear this if you're reading this and it's so important: there is no right moment. Generally speaking there never is a right moment. We tend to think that we are never ready, but that is again a limiting belief. Even if you think and believe that you aren't able to start your practice because you are in lack of money, start where you can. Start at where you are able to invest now.

If you're a college student for the fashion industry and you're currently lacking the money to pay for your school support, you might want to continue with your research and creative input in regards to your study, while saving or waiting for a scholarship. Remember the analogy that we must water our desires, so they can blossom like beautiful flowers. If you truly want to look back later and feel proud of every step you made towards your dream, don't wait for another year. Begin with all there is available now, then start building it up to create exactly what your dreams are made of.