How to Get Over a Heartbreak


I firstly want to add a little bit of background on this issue as to how times have changed, regarding romantic relationships over the past decades. This will shed a bit of light on the reason on why many relationships fail so quickly nowadays. I will also give you advice on how you can move on with a positive outlook after experiencing heartbreak.

Relationships now fail faster than ever before within our modern society. The reality is that times have changed drastically compared to half a century ago. For example: women are expected to not just be a housewife, but also to be involved in cases of financial matters. Now that both men and women got jobs and thus tend to both be outdoors and busy a lot, they both have the opportunity to meet a lot more people. With the continuous rise of our modern technology, it makes it that easier for everyone to meet new individuals and form connections. The internet presents us with the opportunity to meet people not just from across the street like back in the days, but also to meet people who live 50 miles or even far further away from us. While this can be a great advantage, for some people this civil change takes part in the cause of a break-up, or even a divorce.

How To Move On

If you are reading this article, chances are you are either still in love with your past lover and/or you are unable to get them out of your head for some reason or maybe they even passed away. This article covers advice for each of these situations.

This article is for those in particular who have not experienced abuse from their past relationship. If this is the case, please read the following: If your past partner was in any way emotionally or physically abusive towards you, then know that breaking up was the ultimate best choice for the both of you. Do not seek for reasons as to why it could still work and how you can still “save” this relationship. An abusive relationship does not need to be saved and is in no way a healthy relationship. A relationship that is abusive must not be validated for whatever reason. You must safe yourself from such an individual. Abuse comes in many forms; emotional or psychological, physical, sexual, financial or material, cultural, modern slavery etc. Please seek a therapist or psychologist if you are dealing with such a situation. Do not ever be scared or ashamed to talk about your personal situation and consult a professional for help. (I am not a relationship therapist nor am I a psychologist and thus I am not qualified to offer help or support these type of relationship issues)

They broke up with you

You must look at your situation from a rational point of view first of all. Observing rather than solely emotionally reacting is extremely powerful and beneficial in any situation and definitely when it comes to dealing with people in relationships. Just calmly observe and analyse the relationship with your ex-partner. The break-up happened for some reason. Carefully go over what that reason was and observe the circumstances that took place between the two of you as a result of that reason. Why I recommend doing this, is because you need to remind yourself of why things did not work out. Many people tend to forget the actual reason or at least they try to forget why things did not work out, because the pain is simply too much too handle and sometimes because they still want this person back. It is important to not sweep under the rug the reason why things happened the way they did, you must face the truth in order to let go. When you can remind yourself of the facts of why things did not work between the two of you, it is easier to let go. Keep in mind the facts of what happened, not what you would have liked to happen. You have to see the reality of the situation by looking at it rationally. Keep yourself busy with plenty of things to do throughout the day. Fill up your schedule with fun activities or invest into learning a new skill. This will keep you motivated to move on with your life and feel better about yourself. Meeting up with friends is always a good thing to do during the first weeks or months after a break-up. Spend time with a friend who understands your situation and is willing to help you get through this.


You broke up with them

In this case, you can still experience heartbreak.  It does not mean because you break up with someone that you can not feel bad about the situation. If you do not truly love or simply want to be with your partner anymore then it is a valid thing to leave, as no one deserves to be led on and you deserve to be happy too. You will both come out of it better in the end.  Do not feel guilty for breaking up if you feel it is the right thing to do. You ultimately did what is best for the both of you. What is worse is to waste years of your life with the wrong person, while being aware of the fact that staying together is a bad idea. This separation can now create space for the both of you to meet someone new who potentially could be an ideal match. Go out and keep enjoying your life. If your past partner truly did care about you then he would want you to move on as well and be happy. Remember that if it did not last, it was not meant to be and that is not your fault.


They passed away

This is a situation no one would wish upon their worst enemy, sadly it does happen. I must be honest and say that I personally have not lost a past lover. I do want to mention a few things here that might be comforting to know if you are in the process of healing from a past lover who passed away. I personally can tell you that our loved ones do pass on and go to what we call “heaven”. As I can see and sense energy and am clairvoyant, I do know solely from my own experience that there is life after death. I also know from several psychic mediums that there is only a heaven, there is no hell. Hell was something made up by The Church. You can rest assure that your past lover is safe and probably enjoying heaven quite well, as I have heard it is a place beyond beautiful. I also want to include that your passed loved ones, meaning as well as the person you are here for, are with you quite often and whenever you need them. Also, if you were soulmates in this life, then you will meet and be with each other again as a couple in heaven. What is really crucial is that you keep doing what you have always loved to do, whether that is painting, running, skating or cooking. Do not keep your life on hold (for too long) for someone that has passed on. They would never want you to do that. Besides, you can still communicate with them, they will always listen and hear you. Our time on Earth is temporary and if they passed on, then it means that it was their time to go. We do not really control the time of our passing, so know and realize that it was meant to happen this way and that they are never really gone.