The Law Of Attraction: Opposites Attract?


Within The Law Of Attraction Community, it has been said to believe by some that the law isn’t real or that it doesn’t work to how it’s teached many times. Human beings are energy, surrounded by a magnetic energy field. Through this field, we are constantly attracting people, things and situations, oscillating at a similar frequency as to our emotional state (emotion = energy in emotion). However, they say that opposites attract, just like magnets. We know that magnets are known to repel each other. If opposites attract, then how is it possible that we attract things that we don’t want, if we focus on what we do want?

Opposites do attract, it’s scientifically proven. The case is that often we also do attract the opposite of what we want, as stated above. This happens because we are attracting something that we ‘want’, instead of something that we at a vibrational level are. The Law Of Attraction states that we attract what we focus on and thus extend our energy towards. The issue for many people when it comes to conscious manifesting, is that they focus on their manifestation in a manner of the object, person or situation being something it is they want, instead of currently having it or being it. This is the problem, because we never attract what we want, we always attract what we are. We attract whatever is a vibrational match to our energetic state.

What we must do in order to manifest successfully is change our state. We must shift into a state of ‘wanting’ or ‘needing’ into a state of ‘having’.  There are endless tactics that people use in order to achieve the desired state to successfully manifest, yet the problem with this sometimes again is that the more you will try, the more difficult it often will be for your manifestation to come to pass. Because again, unconsciously you are in a state of ‘wanting’ or ‘needing’.

The more you try, the more you will keep trying and the further away your manifestation will be. When you already have something, you are not trying to get it or have it. These are two completely different energetic states and two completely different realities. The more you can let go and surrender, while knowing that everything is working out perfectly in your favor, the more effortless and faster your manifestation will happen.

We need to think from the desired state, which implies already having what you want. Anytime we are wanting something, we are in actuality telling ourselves that we don’t have it and therefore we won’t have it. If we can truly embody the state that would imply the desire already being fulfilled, with all of the senses as if it would be currently true (always thinking from the present moment), then the manifestation will materialize and come into fruition.