How to Leave Your Job and Become a Successful Entrepreneur


What if leaving your job and becoming a successful entrepreneur is something that you can do too? Yes, you can absolutely leave your job and do what you love for a living. All you need is bravery, faith and dedication. There are plenty of people who live their passions and make profit off of what they enjoy doing. It is not that there is some hidden secret or special privilege to this assigned just for a specific group of people, nor is a whole lot of money often needed to start your own enterprise. What you do need is to have a concise plan of what it is you want your business to be about, what that looks like and the results you want to achieve from it. When you have your answer to these questions, you have already figured out a big important part of realizing the first steps towards your entrepreneurial adventure.

It is a dream for many people to become financially independent and leave their job, yet the truth is that a large part of individuals are scared to leave behind their comfort zone and start all over from scratch. Many people beside themselves also have families they need to take care of, and so they feel responsible to be able to handle their finances so that they can take care of others. On top of the fact that we as people also have our own family to take care of and put food on the table for, we also have our monthly expenses; our mortgage, electricity bills, car fuel etc. All of these expenses add up and the financial probability of that total sum amount awakens a certain fear within many people. While all of this is completely understandable, the goal here is absolutely not to stop and leave behind everything you have been doing for the past months or years in an instant moment. The goal is to gradually move into a new life where you are more in control of your work routine, your life and even your destiny.



One of the many great benefits of  being your own boss and running your own business is that you get to wake up every single day and love what you do. That is one of the most beautiful things one can do. It encourages you to live life with a mission, a greater purpose and a lust for life and greater experiences.  You are no longer insignificant, playing a side role in someone else’s life. You are the main character, starring in your own movie. How wonderful is that? A great advantage is that you get to choose the answers to all the big “W” questions. What, where, when, why, who and even how. To a lot of people it sounds scary to build something from the ground up, but that is actually the beauty of starting your own business. You are building something that is yours and your own original idea, you are not building on someone else’s idea. When you are an employee, you are helping to fulfill someone else’s dream. But have you ever thought about fulfilling your own dream? The difference between an employer and an employee, is not necessarily or only their skill set, it is their intent and the way they view life as well as themselves.

You are either a servant, or you are the king or queen being served. You can never be both at the same time. I am not saying that being a servant is a bad thing, not everyone is built with the same personality and characteristics and we all have our own individual purpose to fulfill. But if you are not satisfied with where you are, then you must change your direction. Do not remain stuck because of fear that you will fail, because if that is what you fear, then you are guaranteed to fail before you have even tried. You have failed because you have not tried in essence. Start opening your mind to possibilities, to gain insight and idea’s to help you get towards your venture. When you know what you want to do, take small steps every single day. The reason why a lot of people procrastinate or have not taken the leap yet to become self-employed, is that they set out way too many rules and expectations on themselves and the results derived from their actions. In a way it is ironic because they have not even started yet. However this is very common and it is the result of doubt and a lack of believe in oneself. The way to get over this is to simply just start. You just have to take a big jump and go for it, as corny as that sounds. You will always question and probably feel guilt if you never just took the leap and see what could have been if you just believed in yourself a little bit more.



If you have made the decision that this is what you want, then stick to that decision and work towards that goal. Just start and follow you inner guiding system. Your intuition will give you all the answers you need. Do not attempt to do everything all at once. Start small and take small steps every day. It is much smarter long-term wise to work whenever you have the energy, whereas working when you are tired or exhausted. When you really do not feel in the mood to work on your project or schedule, do not force yourself and leave your task for another time. A lack of motivation will most likely create a lack of creative inspiration, which inevitably will result into a waste of time. There is a time for everything, so listen to yourself and work whenever the time presents itself.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires talent in many different departments and it is not something that is meant for everyone. However it also does not mean that it is something that relates or should relate to only a small percentage or specific group of people, as I have described earlier. Anyone can develop these talents and thus become more successful dealing with their business and entrepreneurship over time. As a business person who is successful in their sphere you would want to invest in the following things;

  • Studying your field
  • Reading books (on entrepreneurship, business management, self-development etc)
  • Taking seminars/courses
  • Effective speaking
  • Learning about financial management (for entrepreneurs)
  • Taking inspiration from other highly successful people

Similarly as I have just mentioned above, entrepreneurship is not for everyone and for some people this article will not be much helpful. But it is for you if you recognize yourself in the following things;

  • You are a natural leader
  • You are a creative person
  • You tend to have a lot of idea’s or inspiration
  • You are responsible
  • You are a perfectionist
  • You are a hard worker
  • You have high standards
  • You have great managerial skills
  • You have always wanted to be self-employed


Hopefully this article has helped you if you are interested in becoming self-employed and running your own business. I have another article on my website which explains how you can find out what skill set you can use to perform your own practice, the particular avenues to become financially independent, as well as providing tips and strategies for financial freedom and success.