5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Vibration High


When it comes to manifesting the altitude of your core frequency is extremely important. This is because your vibration will dictate whatever you will attract and experience in your life. A person with a consistent low vibration will experience a lot more suffering and misfortune compared to someone whose vibration is consistently much more high, this is just how the law works. The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of movement and since you are energy just like everything else made of atoms subdivided into subatomic particles, your energy is also constantly in motion resonating with certain vibrations moving through different parallel realities. It is essential to keep your energy as high as possible preferably since the higher the frequency that one can maintain, the more fortune is going to manifest and therefore the quality of life also improves.


Right below are 5 tips you need to follow in order to keep your vibe high!

1) Be an optimist

There is a significant amount of power in seeing the glass half full instead of half empty.  The reason why is because this practice makes your mind filter out all the negative and instead focus on the positive and as we know, we get what we focus on. If you ever observe optimistic people they usually have things going really well for them and that is actually due to their positive nature which in turn attracts positive life experiences. Their personality and outlook on life has not become that way because they have coincidentally attracted circumstances that are good or beneficial for them, they first became the experience within and therefore their energy manifested a reality where they live a life they love or desire. “As within, so without”, the old saying goes.

2) Practice gratitude

The practice of daily gratitude must not be underrated and the reason for this is that it allows for the magnetic field that surrounds your heart to greatly magnify, resulting into faster and more effortless manifestation. The hearts' electrical field is in fact said to be about 5000 times stronger than the electrical activity generated by the brain. Knowing this you might want to think twice next time before bickering and complaining about things not going in your favor! It is instead much more wise to observe instead of react when met with unwanted conditions while also realizing that what is happening now is not permanent but simply a manifestation from an already past internal observation. It is the future we must put our focus toward since it can always be altered through your attention in each and every present moment. A great reminder is that nothing is in essence final and the future is never set and stone, until you say so.

3) Set goals daily and follow through

It is very important to set goals for the things you want to achieve on a daily basis, whether that includes work, hobbies, fitness etc. You will find that it becomes so much easier to stick to a routine and keep a high vibe once you get into the habit of showing up for your goals every single day. Not only will it make you more productive, ambitious and successful overtime, it will also boost and enhance your self-esteem a lot. This tip goes hand in hand with the next one which is to only engage in positive habits because what you do every day naturally becomes a habit and eventually becomes who you are. Habits are very powerful when we are talking about manifestation because they have the power to bypass the subconscious mind where essentially the real magic happens. Simply start by thinking about what goals really matter to you and what you would like to see manifest in accordance to these specific things and then set daily intentions for how you will move closer and fulfil them.

4) Form and only stick to positive habits

The habit of sticking to good (and only good) habits will favor you very much in the long run because as I said before, your habits bypass the subconscious. This means that whatever negative thoughts you think will have less of an impact if you have incorporated habits that benefit you because now your habits override the negative stuff going on inside your mind. The great and famous motivational speaker Reverend Ike used to say “you become what you’re fascinated with”. That goes to say if you have a habit of constant negative thinking, you will only become more negative and in turn attract more negativity into your life because that is what you're fascinated with. If you are fascinated with being lazy, meaning that that is where most of your focus and attention is, then you will inevitably become that. You become whatever you think about and that is where your habits play an essential role. You must in a way force yourself to become a different person, who thinks differently, acts differently, moves differently. All of these things when repeated overtime form a habit and those habits create your personality = personal reality.

5) Practice self-love

The love you have for yourself is one of the most important things and skills a person can and must develop. Everything in your life stems from it, hence the importance. A person who hates himself is unable to love another person the right way since one can only give away that which he already has. The opposite is also true, only a person who has love for himself can truly love another. It must first be within you before it being able to be expressed outwardly and that goes with everything you want to create, attract or manifest. If you are lacking in self-worth or self-esteem I highly advise you to work on that, to heal those aspects of yourself where you feel unworthy because if you closely observe, all of the things in your life that you have manifested are a direct result of either the presence or lack of self-love. Learn to love yourself by investing into yourself through self-care, learning new things, having fun etc, whatever makes you happy and feel better. It is much worth the investment and possibly the most important investment you will ever make.