How To Turn Embarrassment Into Your Superpower (and Become Unforgettable)


Who'd be better to talk about embarrassing situations, than someone who learned how to use them to your advantage by making a comeback that makes you even more awesome and unforgettable? I went through countless of these situations in my own life and I cared about them way more than I should have, but luckily not really anymore. I am in fact thankful for these experiences because they made me stronger and I have now become able to actually turn them into a superpower. I personally used to struggle with panic attacks and due to that I went through some real awkward situations at the high school that I went to, to set an example. I also can not tell you how often I have made a fool out of myself during that time while I had the biggest crush on a guy for the longest time. The irony was that because he knew I liked him, I tried to behave cool around him. But as we all know now due to the Law of Attraction that when you try something, you actually get the exact opposite result of what you want. Sadly for me that all turned out not so well on a few occasions. If you ever watched the series "Awkward" on MTV, you'll remember Jenna; she's the one I think of when I remember some of my own past memories. But in the end, I did learn about manifestation and how the Law of Attraction operates, so in the end I can say that things eventually turned out not so bad after all for me.

What subconsciously drove me towards creating this article, is a video on Youtube that I just saw a few minutes prior to writing. It was a short video about Rihanna talking about how embarrassed she is about her relationship with Chris Brown. She explains that she feels that way because she does not like for the world to see her as "that kind of woman", a woman who is violently abused by her partner. Some of you may or may not know about this, but Rihanna was abused by her ex-partner Chris Brown many years ago. We all think of Rihanna as a powerful woman who has it all and I believe that the reason why she feels like this about her relationship with Chris, is because she has this image of herself of being a strong, successful and independent business woman. She does not want to be portrayed as someone who is naive or weak-minded, because that sort of appearance contradicts her image and who she probably really is on the inside. In the video you can really see the hurt in her eyes and from my own unique standpoint, I definitely understand her emotions as to how she feels about what happened. I suspect that this video was made years ago and I am sure that Rihanna has also turned this horrible experience into one of her own strengths and superpowers, as of now many years later. I came up with this specific topic to write about by listening to my intuition, as it suddenly came to me. Then I realized that Rihanna was actually talking about her feelings of embarrassment as a result of her past relationship, so that inspired me even more to write about it.

I truly believe that so many people whether it be women or men, feel embarrassed about at least one or more things that have happened to them at one point in their lives, and every time they think about that situation, they feel icky or stupid and just desperately wish it never happened. If that is you, just know that it is okay. Whatever it was, it does not define your character or who you are as an individual. We would not be human if we would not once in a while experience awkward or embarrassing situations in life, it happens to the best of us. But what is important, is that you realize that you can just see things for what they are, because in reality, all just is. Nothing is actually wrong or right or good or bad, everything is only a perception. Believe me when I say that I understand very well that some things are just not fun or nice to go through, but it is helpful to learn and attempt to view things from a different perspective. When you actually feel embarrassed over something that happened, you are saying in other words that that person or event holds power over you. You would not purposely want to give your power away to someone or something else, do you?  When you can just see things for what they are, which is something that just is, without labelling it, now you are free.

Remember that there is nothing that you need to feel bad or embarrassed about. You may initially think so, but the truth is that each one of us is here to make mistakes and learn from them, and then make some more mistakes and learn from them once again, and so on. Life is a continuous cycle of ups and downs and it will always be that way for all of us. Again, we are here to make mistakes! When you recognize that, you can actually look at these moments where you wish you had acted differently or done things another way and think or say to yourself: “well, who cares? That was in the past and this is now”. You got to be able to forgive yourself for your past hurdles or mistakes. You probably did not know any better and you are doing the best you can. Remember those last few words, they are important. And also, do not care one bit about what people think of you. Do not ever waste your time and energy pondering upon or stressing about what others may think, that is not your problem, it is theirs. Do not be so hard on yourself and expect to never do anything wrong or make a fool out of yourself, since it is practically impossible to nót do that. Instead, take yourself less seriously and have compassion for yourself and the old you that went through those moments. Do not abandon yourself in the present for things that happened to you in the past. You need yourself more  than anyone and you need to show compassion for yourself and love yourself. Once you do that, you will never feel embarrassed anymore as you used to and you will move on with your head up, instead with your head down. You will be able to look back afterwards and smile or just simply don't really care. Take your power back and turn those embarrassing moments into powerful unforgettable (slay-)moments! Because it really is when you own these not-so fun and "weak" moments, that you will find true confidence within yourself to the point that others will barely remember your past flaws. When you do not let things get to you that easily, that is when you make your greatest comeback and truly become someone who is.. unforgettable.