What are Angel Numbers and What Do They Mean


Angel numbers are numbers that are paired together and hold a significant message of importance. These numbers are by many believed to be send to us by our angels or spirit guides. Another theory is that they are simply hints of guidance in the form of number sequences generated and projected by highly advanced technology (simulation theory). Interestingly we only see these numbers when we are not intentionally looking for them.  You will notice that when a specific number sequence randomly shows up in your life, that the meaning of these numbers resonate exactly with what is happening in your life at that exact moment. The vibration of these numbers will be in perfect alignment with where you are currently and that is because we can only experience in life whatever we are a vibrational match to.  

A lot of people when they are at the very  first stage of their spiritual awakening start seeing  the numbers 1111 or 11:11. This number sequence symbolically speaking represents a gate. Think of this gate as a portal to new dimensions of higher consciousness. Angel numbers can come in pairs of two, three or even four or five numbers. When you see 2222 instead of 222 for example it means the energies of the number "two" have quadrupled. You will know when you are seeing an angel number when it really captures your attention and when you have been seeing the same pair of numbers over and over again. Once you become more familiar with angel numbers they truly become a source of help and inspiration to lead you towards making the right decisions and following your highest path in life. These numbers can provide answers or solutions to important personal questions, so be aware if you see the same numbers repeating frequently as they could help you with solving certain issues. It is also important to note that angel numbers can either show up as a reminder of the meaning in correlation to which numbers are being shown or as a confirmation. For example seeing  333 might mean that you are taking a well-balanced approach in life but it can also mean that you need to become more balanced. The meaning of particular numbers might also differentiate for you depending on your outlook or personal experience. *Fun note: right at the very moment I started writing this article I saw 1:44 on the clock. I have been seeing this particular angel number for a long time every day on multiple occasions.

The more conscious you live your life the more you will notice angel numbers in your life. If you have not noticed any signs of angel numbers capturing your attention, then it does not mean that you do not receive these hints of guidance. Everyone receives them or has angel numbers showing up in their lives. It is just that a person whose consciousness is not developed to a certain state of awareness is not able to pick up on a timeline where they are capable of truly noticing these repeating number patterns. If you work on living a healthy lifestyle while remaining mindful in your daily practices that is surely a way to increase the notice and help of angel numbers in your life. Whenever you do notice an angel number capturing your attention and you are not sure about what it means, just Google it. I will now give a brief list of a few common angel numbers and their meaning.

000: infinite possibilities, new beginning

111: keep your thoughts positive

222: your manifestation is coming, be patient and keep going

333: stay balanced

444: firm established foundation/angels are with you

555: changes are happening

666: focusing too much on either the material or spiritual, mostly material 

777: good fortune and protection, spiritual evolvement

888: abundance and prosperity, money manifestation

999: ending of an old cycle and beginning of a new