How To Truly Love Yourself


To love ourselves is without a doubt one of the most important things in life we all have to master. It is not an easy thing to do for a lot of people. The truth is that each one of us were broken before and we all carry a bag on our shoulders with all of the things we have been through. It is easy to hate or despise ourselves for the things we went through or did that we prefer to have happened otherwise. But it will not do any help to focus on what could have been. The crazy thing is also that we tend to find it easier to focus on the negative side of things rather than the positive. We easily tend to become mad or disappointed with ourselves, but many of us also do not give ourselves the credit we deserve for the great things we do. It is important to be gentle with yourself, because if you do not love yourself who will?

You got to learn to be gentle with yourself and not criticise yourself for everything you could have been or done differently. We all could have done so many things differently and those decisions would surely have produced different outcomes, but you have to trust the timing of your life. You have to trust that what you are going through is happening for a reason, even when things seem to can not get any worse. This plays a vital role in the process of loving yourself, because loving yourself is not an overnight thing. It is a life-long process you continuously work and advance at. The good news is that if you truly work at it, you also progress and become better at it. You will not easily fall back into old self-sabotaging behaviour because you have transformed to viewing yourself in a whole new way over longer periods of time, creating a healthy sustainable identity and relationship with yourself.

What you focus on becomes your life. You can not actually focus with full brain capacity on two things at the same time, therefore it is essential to take advantage of focusing solely on what is working or the things you want to manifest. The more you focus on what you do not want, the more you will inevitably experience things you do not want. The only true way to change this and turn things around for the better is to switch your focus. If you have a hard time loving yourself then it means that you are focusing on the wrong things. It is certainly normal to go through hard times where loving yourself is a difficult or even seemingly impossible situation, but the fact is that what seems impossible is only impossible in your own mind. People often view something to be impossible because something in their past shows them proof that what they desire is unttainable or hard to accomplish. Because they lacked what they desire in the past, their subconscious mind has accepted a self-sabotaging program making them believe that the future will be the same or not much different.

You have to understand that you are essentially a walking computer program and that means that you can change the program, since you are the creator of your life. You teach the program new ways of being through repetition. You need to tell yourself that you are all the things you desire to be as a person. You must tell yourself that you are now that person. Convince yourself that you are this person, no matter what anyone said or says or what thoughts come up in your mind. You must make this a habit, to claim yourself to be all the things you want to be. Do not accept anything less than what you truly wish for yourself.  As you accept being that person, you let go of the old you and you embody the identity of the person that you truly are within. The reason you feel unworthy or have a hard time accepting yourself is because you treat yourself with emotions of disappointment and failure. These are only part of constructs of the stories you made up yourself in your mind. The key is awareness and recognizing that you are not your mind, you are the observer witnessing your mind.

You will love yourself more as you become the person you are meant to be. When you are living life being in your purpose, you will naturally feel more love towards yourself. If you do not know what your purpose is, you just want to do activities that make you happy every day. You will find out what your purpose is as you go along and gain more experience through life. Make sure to try new things if you feel drawn towards something. You might just find your calling or a true passion by trying something out you have never done before.  Prioritize yourself and finding out what makes you happy. The more you focus on yourself the more you will feel a sense of purpose, even if you do not know what exactly your purpose is. Invest in self-care and in things that can enhance the quality of your life. Anything that will make yourself feel more proud, confident and attractive will be of excellent choice and will definitely do its work to have more compassion towards yourself.