The Universe Is Always Responding


The universe is at all times constanty responding to whatever or whoever we are being. Whatever we are holding in our minds, will be replicated into the physical world. The physical evidence of who we are, is our external world.

What is stated above talks about The Law of Correspondence. Whether, it's thoughts, images, beliefs or assumptions, they all have some kind of an effect, since they all exhibit different vibrations and the entire universe is affected and created through energy vibrations. The Law of Correspondence states that every action, whether internally or externally, will be reflected back to us.

We can't fool the universe or imitate or act other than being our true self to achieve a certain desired result, if we are not in vibrational alignment with what we are desiring to achieve. Pretending to be something or someone you are not, in true nature, therefore will be inaffective. Whatever we desire we must first become.



What we must do and accomplish is achieving the state of awareness in where we are using our outside world as a tool, to define where we are in life to create better desired results. We must critically look at our world and become aware of the unwanted conscious and unconscious patterns, which aren't in alignment with who we wish to be or the life that we want to live. Once we become aware, we can change the thought patterns, which will in turn affect the field of infinite possibilities and will manifest different outcomes.

Even though some thoughts and things we imagined have been present and weren't supposed to be there, we can choose to start becoming a master of our awareness and start minimizing these thoughts as much as possible and even more so, excluding the possibility of these thoughts holding any power over us. We do this by witnessing our thoughts and thinking, while staying emotionally non-reactive. This will result into great decrease and focus of unwanted thoughts over time.

If we are taking the analogy and looking at it from a viewpoint as our minds basically functioning as a boomerang. Constantly sending out into the universe our internal state of being and replicating that energy into physical form, then some might be able to have a better grip on understanding how reality works. Realizing that the only moment which exists is now, signifies the importance of creating what you want in the present moment. Whatever we wish to create now, must be created in the present moment internally.



Decide what you wish to experience or who you wish to be and align every thought and action with that reality. Once the quantum field becomes affected using the energy particles of that unseen reality, which already exists in the spiritual realm, then it becomes a manifestation into the physical plane. Remember that physical matter in essence doesn't really exist. Everything is and must first be created within the mind before it can exist in physical form.

Be mindful to talk to yourself in the highest way possible. Never speak to yourself in a way that's negative or harmful. Since the mind doesn't recognize and understand the difference of what's real and what's not real. However, whatever we repeat becomes a program within the subconscious mind and our subconscious mind is programmed to recognize which words are negative or positive. The only things you must be affirming to yourself, are the things you seek to experience.



If there's anything you wish to see differently, define what that is. What is it that you need to change about yourself to become who you want to be? Since our physical reality is a manifestation of our true core essence, we must become the change we seek to experience and review our self-concept. Without the change of self, change is inevitable. All change and possibilities are possible, as long as we make the effort to become aware and change internally.