How to Successfully Stay in Your Wish Fulfilled (Neville Goddard)


Your wish fulfilled is your desire, it’s the end goal of what you want to achieve with the ice topping on top of it. That is why they say to successfully stay in your wish fulfilled, you need to be in the “end state”.  The end state implies that you have already moved to your wish fulfilled, that it is done. You are not in a state of wanting, needing or desiring anything, you have mentally and psychologically moved there already. I personally find this to be one of the most powerful manifestation techniques since the technique itself does not require much effort mentally and physically, but a clear intention on what you desire and simply making a firm decision that no matter what happens your wish is granted and is going to be manifested.

The first step to this process is the realisation that your manifestation is already a present fact and is playing out in one quantum reality out of an infinite quantum reality possibilities. This simply means that you are never creating something or a reality that does not already exist somewhere in the quantum field; it is literally already here although you can not really perceive of it because you are still physically living your old or a different reality whilst possibly being in the process of transitioning and moving to your desired reality. How comforting is that, to know that whatever you want already exists and that you just have to energetically “tune” yourself to it? It makes everything so much easier and it really simplifies the act of conscious manifestation and the reason why is that you do not need to be one hundred percent specific about your wish or desire, all you need to do is ask yourself how it would feel if you were alreády now that person that has everything they want. Now I know that that may seem a difficult question, especially if you don’t really know yet whát you want but you can let your imagination do its work and let it run completely wild and untamed while asking your higher self this question because Í know it works -  and it works like a charm.

Life for a great part is a divine orchestrated set of events and not everything is within your control. Therefore do not expect yourself to know exactly what you want out of life, it’s not necessary and you shouldn’t know everything that is meant for you and is going to fall on your lap. When it’s not up to you, it’s important to leave things up to the higher power that is divine intelligence, God or the universe to help guide where you belong. Your only mission is to follow and listen to your higher self or intuition and to let it lead you right where is right for you. Your intuition is ever-present and can be called upon at any time (read my article: How to Develop and Use Intuition to Make Right Decisions) and will always give you the answer you need. A person may feel pulled toward something, a place or thing seemingly for no particular reason, yet there is always a spiritual reason behind this. One must then follow that inner calling and trust that whatever has been shown or felt within them is the higher power speaking directly to them, urging them to take the right action toward realizing and bringing into fruition their manifestation. “You are always being led toward something, whether you’re aware of it or not, whether you believe it or not, you always are.”

Highly intuitive people win at the game of manifestation just because they have a strong inner knowing what actions to take in order to stay on the right path. Think about it, if you always know the right thing to do, you would never be worried about doing certain processes wrong (f.e: techniques, thinking “bad” thoughts etc), not getting what you want or missing out on something. Therefore you must strengthen your intuition by doing meditation practices on a regular basis or by getting involved in other spiritual work that will enhance your third eye and crown chakra. One very important aspect of this is what Neville Goddard refers to as “the feeling”, just like I have already described in the second paragraph. The other essential part is intuition; combine both and you become a superhuman that is unstoppable, unshakeable and most of all, an incredible manifestor. Once again, you do need an established vision (success, fame, riches, health etc) and the more detailed that vision is combined with a strong intention, the more refined and precise your manifestation is going to materialize into physical form. However if your vision is blurry or for whatever reason you can’t see a clear vision in your mind of what it is you want, then you can either ask infinite intelligence to present you with a clear vision, to give you signs or nudges and/or you just go with the flow and listen to your inner gut speaking to you. If you can’t hear your gut speaking to you, just remain still and quite for a while and let the answers come to you. Don’t force or search for anything and in time when you’re  not thinking about it, the answers you seek will appear.

I know that a large part of this article includes intuition and how to work with it but that’s only because it’s one of the main things that will ensure you won’t fail and that you stay in your end no matter what. In some cases, it can be easy to fall back into old patterns: old behaviour and thinking patterns that were part of your old reality and identity but that will all dissipate once you learn to master your intuition. Your intuition will tell you how or why to refrain from bad or toxic habits, people and things that inhabit you from reaching your goal. It’s going to help you clear up the way to see the end without all the dust and dirt that’s blocking your pathway. That said, I’ve talked about intuition so much now that I want to reveal another technique that is not only very fun but simple and will always lead you to your wish fulfilled, if you persist in your end vision. It’s called “being delusional” or “ignoring 3D reality”. What it entails is basically what it says: you have to be absolutely, over the top, no excuses, no boundaries, buts or what ifs - delusional about your life and who you are. The exciting thing about it is that there are zero rules and you can create absolutely anything you want completely from scratch; the more difficult part however is that most people don’t know whát they want! I mentioned previously that that is perfectly fine, as long as you can go general and can generate the feeling of hów it would feel like to live that dream life or have the thing you want. I recently read the book “The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn”; she was a spiritual teacher and metaphysical writer and she mentioned something very profound in her book. She said that man should not force a mental image upon his imagination, as doing that may actually create opposite results due to impressing the subconscious wrongly. What he should do instead is let his intuition guide him and be in universal flow; that way the right thoughts, images and feelings automatically surface and eventually become impressed. Here again we see the importance of using and strengthening your intuition!

Staying in your end or wish fulfilled is first and foremost a mental act. You are in that state of consciousness mentally before you take any physical action to crystallize your wish. Whatever you experience on a mental, emotional or physical level, it’s very important that you stay focused on your end by continually returning to that state in your mind. The famous quote in our modern manifestation community “circumstances don’t matter”, should be firmly conditioned within the mind by repeating the affirmation regularly and by reinforcing the affirmation through voicing it as a strong and accepted inner conviction. You may never be swayed or feel stuck by conditions, because they are only manifestations of your past reality and identity and previous inner talking. You must instead become grounded by staying in the present moment and only create from that present moment. When you create from the past like most people do, by remembering old memories, you will only recreate the same old past in the present. When you create out of fear by making things up in your mind about the future, you will create a reality where your fearful illusions become a factual reality. Become so enveloped in the present moment that your mind stays there and does not return back or move forward in “time”, showing you evidence of what you do not want. Whenever you are remembering something or showing your mind proof of anything, your mind thinks it’s real and that it’s happening now. An unconscious mind will easily believe that that thought or piece of evidence is either part of their identity or that it’s not and never can or will be. This is also exactly why becoming aware of your unconscious patterns is another must in order to successfully stay in your wish fulfilled and manifest your ideals.