Why You Need To Decrease The Importance Of Your Manifestations


Decreasing the importance of your manifestations is something most people don't really think about, yet it is essential. When it comes to your manifestation, you don't want to put it high upon on a pedestal. You are then automatically energetically, separating yourself further from it.

When you give too much importance or value to something to the point where you feel as if that lack causes you to experience a less happy or fulfilled life, you are seperating yourself from your desire. If you want to attract something you must feel like you already have it. You can not attract what you believe is hard to receive. The power and magic is within the feeling, believing and knowing.



You got to have the right mindset. The right mindset is: setting intentions, trusting in your intentions and then letting go, while decreasing the importance. By decreasing the importance of your manifestation, automatically you are no more laser focused and obsessing over it or waiting for it to come.

A common mistake among most people is that they set their intentions, but then start obsessing. When they don't see their manifestation happening, they start looking for it everywhere. That is a big mistake. Your manifestation could even have been close, but when you start obsessing, asking yourself where it is and start looking, you are pushing your manifestation away.

Meanwhile, while letting go and not giving it so much meaning, you want to focus your energy onto things you feel good and passionate about (raise your vibration). When you raise your vibration, it becomes easier to attract what you want.

The only thing you need to do is to trust that it wíll happen. When you are certain of your end result, you don't have to question the process or yourself. Decrease the importance by not thinking about it in a way that you're desperate for it to come and put your energy into other beneficial things.



When you do think about your manifestation, choose thoughts and feelings that match your desire already being fulfilled. Don't think about it as if it is still "over there". That implies your manifestation energetically being separated from you. It is only when you truly let go and surrender that you can attract.