How To Have Big Success and Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet – 10 Tips


If 2023 didn’t happen all the way according to plan or if you simply want to increase your success this year, then read on! I’m going to share 10 juicy tips in this article on how you can and will succeed this year in 2024! We are humans and thus constantly evolving in our being; that is our thinking patterns, habits and overall consciousness. It’s important to remember that and therefore also to remind yourself that you are always on a path toward a never-ending destination; there is only truly spiritual evolution and we all are divine creators manifesting our life experiences for eternity (death is an illusion). So don’t think that all hope is gone or that you are running out of time. Believe me when I say that if things didn’t turn out well the first time around, the opportunities meant for you will come back again the second time or even after that. When you are ready, the universe will be ready too. It’s merely the universal law of cause and effect and the good news is that you wíll be ready once you deliberately change your state of consciousness and become determined to succeed!

Here are your 10 tips for ultimate life success in 2024!


1) Know your worth (confidence, baby!)

If you want to be successful, you better work on your confidence, honey! Confidence is attractive, sexy, exuberant and just naturally gives a person that X-factor. I’ve never seen or met a person who‘s confident who’s not all those things I just mentioned  (apart from socio-or psychopaths and narcissists = fake confidence) and I’m not even talking about physical appearance. Physical attractiveness itself has a lot to do with confidence, as a matter of fact. Knowing your worth and confidence are closely related; when you know your worth, you’re confident about who you are and that’s the first step to success. You have to know your worth before others can see it in you because you’re simply always projecting your self-concept out into the world. If you don’t feel confident already, don’t worry, that’s okay. A simple solution to fix this problem is to simply fake it till’ you make it! We’ve all heard about this concept so many times but it really works like a charm! Your subconscious is very irrational and accepts everything as being literal, so just play pretend more often and live in your imagination until you start believing you truly are worthy and confident!

2) Have a plan (get clear on your goals)

You need a plan in order to achieve your goals successfully. If you don’t, you’ll most likely end up trying to steer a ship in the right direction without really getting anywhere while wasting a lot of time and energy. First, make sure to really think about what exactly it is you want and ask yourself “why”. Doing this is essential because you don’t want to manifest something you actually don’t want within your heart but is rather a desire that's ego-driven. Also, if your wish is to manifest financial gains, such as $100000, in this case again you want to ask yourself “why”; most likely the answer will not be about money itself but something else that the money will provide. A tip for when you want to manifest or attract financial abundance, is to lay your focus on the specific thing you want or the lifestyle that the money will secure, not money itself (you always must imagine the end goal in order to guarantuee your manifestation). A good idea is to write all your plans down so that you have nice and clear overview of what you're setting out to achieve. Preferably use a nice notebook to do this, just to tell your subconscious that you’re serious about getting the results you want.

3) Have laser-focused vision (see your goals clearly and constantly work toward them)

Having a strong vision that is directed into one single or few limited areas only at the same time, will guarantee more success than when your attention is focused on too many things. That is why you need a clear goal plan for what you ultimately desire to accomplish. In the previous step you got clear on what it really is you want, now you’re starting to put your plan into practice by putting in the mental and physical work to achieve those goals. Try to remain in a state of flow as much as possible by taking inspired action when feeling guided. This means that you shouldn’t take action or do anything when you really lack inspiration but only act and invest yourself full heartedly when you do feel inspired and motivated. You can also create a vision board or hang pictures on your wall of your desires to help keep yourself motivated and focused.

4) Do the work (show up for yourself)

Again, you got to put in the work! Nobody will do the work for you, only you can do it. If you want a specific result, you first have to put in equal the amount of energy or effort. Sadly, some things won’t just fall on our lap without doing anything. Make sure you do your part (and the universe theirs) by showing up for yourself whenever you can and feel inspired. Discipline is everything when you want to become a successful person, no matter what field you’re in or what kind of aspirations you have. It’s important to develop a sense of discipline in your daily routine as this builds strong character and virtue. When you know you can do something better with your time than whatever it is you’re currently doing, don’t act lazy. Just push yourself a little more sometimes but only act when feeling inspired. You’ll be glad you did it.

5) Don’t have pity parties (limit excuses, comparing yourself etc)

Restrain yourself from having pity parties if your desire is to become successful this year (and every year)! Having pity for yourself doesn’t equal success, it actually does the quite opposite. You can make all the excuses in the world for why you’re not where you want to be yet, however in the end it’s still on you to make the difference. You should never trap yourself into thinking or wondering why someone else does something better than you or have a “poor me” mind-set, as this does nothing for you but keep you stuck in a victim mentality. That other person is on their own unique path in life, just like you are. Each person is on a different (soul) path according to their own needs and desires. You may think you know why you’re going through what you’re going through but most of the time, we don’t figure those things out until later in life. Why certain things happen to us we don’t always know now but they most definitely always get revealed at one point. Therefore, remain spiritually strong and just move along your path always climbing upward, no matter the obstacles. You will get there, just be patient with yourself and trust your path.


6) Be social (make and keep important connections)

The connections we make with other people are important and thus it’s essential to value and nurture them. Sometimes we may meet someone who doesn’t seem to be all that significant as to what their purpose in our lives mean but turn out to give us exactly what we need. This goes back to what I wrote in my previous tip: we can’t always see at this present moment in time what our future holds and the same goes for relationships. That’s why we must attempt to socialise and make connections with people who seem significant, as these people can help us get where we want to be and vice versa; this may happen directly or indirectly. Perhaps this person has knowledge you could use to start your business or they know other people who can help you in your endeavours. You really never know until you know, as the saying goes; hence your attitude toward others matter a lot, not only for business or financial purposes of course but they can definitely propel you toward meeting the right people who will help you prosper along the way.

7) Invest, invest, invest (money, self-development, spirituality, travel etc)

Start investing your time, energy and resources in developing yourself spiritually, physically, financially etc. You can’t ever regret investing in yourself. You are the most important investment you can invest in! Once you’ve created a plan you want to execude to fulfill your desires, start thinking about what things you can invest in that will help you manifest those desires. These could be books, seminars, meditations, travel experiences etc. Now focus on these things and start investing into your future. Make it a habit to remind yourself daily that you are your greatest investment. Go read that book, go on that road trip, pay for that coaching session, whatever you feel you need to do in order to become the best version of yourself, invest in it. In doing so, you show yourself that you are a priority and that you value yourself highly.

8) Celebrate your wins (encourage self-empowerment, reinforce motivation)

Since we are humans and not workhorses, we aren’t destined to only ever work; we must also take time off to relax and enjoy ourselves. Allow yourself to rest a little after finishing tasks that consume a lot of energy before returning back to them. It will not only help you stay fit but it will also create better results in the long-term work-wise. Treating yourself after a period of hard work is necessary and important because it keeps you motivated and prevents burn-out in the long run. When treating yourself, opt for something that still benefits you more than it is harmful; f.e: don’t eat gallons of ice cream just because you had a long day at work. Still do use your logic, analytical mind and don’t make choices you might regret later on. Instead, have something that tastes nice but is still relatively healthy or not too unhealthy and bad for you, as mentioned in this example.

9) Repeat and stick to the plan (loyalty is key!)

If there’s one thing that all successful people have in common, it’s that they never give up! You must keep going and stick to the plan if you’re ever going to be a success. Remember, your success depends on you. Repetition is key when it comes to creating abundance in your life. You must incorporate the habits that successful people have into your routine (read my article: “Wealth Habits – The Successful Habits of Wealthy People”. You must think and act like such a person; for this I recommend reading "Think and Become Rich" by Napoleon Hill. It’s my personal opinion and those of many others, that this book truly gives away one of the greatest secrets of all time on how to achieve and have abundance in life, which is that abundance starts within the mind. The funny thing about this book however, is that it never even once mentions “money” itself. This goes to show that it’s not about money, money is merely a byproduct of success. Become success in other words and you’ll have a lot of money but here again, you must first condition to see yourself that way and act like it before you can have it. That’s the art of repetition.

10) Try to stay high vibe (be a warrior king/queen)

Being high vibe is simply about being a positive person. It’s not required to be or feel positive all the time, as this is almost humanly impossible but it does help to attract more wonderful opportunities. If you condition yourself to be high vibe as much as you can naturally, you will notice manifestations coming in much more rapidly and effortlessly. This is because your dominant frequency is so high that it attracts good things to flow to you more than bad or unwanted things. It’s highly beneficial to train yourself to be a positive thinker since doing this will lessen resistance, especially overtime and will help you become a great manifester. If you truly commit yourself to be a high vibe individual, you show yourself and the world that you really are a warrior king/queen and that you have what it takes to become a great success! Staying committed to yourself is a high accomplishment as well as responsibility, so definitely pat yourself on the back if you are such a person! It takes a lot of perseverance, motivation, energy and a strong mind to do it but warrior king and queens all know that it’s all worth it in the end!