The Universe Is "Testing" You - Pass The Test


The Universe is constantly sending us signals and most people aren't even aware that it's happening. Each physical result is a manifestation of past thoughts and emotions. Every time when you are dissatisfied with certain circumstances you have a choice, to either stay where you are or step into the new with a new goal and perspective. When this happens, you are being "tested".

*The word "testing" in this article has quotation marks simply for the fact that the word "testing" here means that the meaning of the word is meant to be viewed at subjectively. 

You hold the key to your destiny and you decide where you are taking your destiny. You just have to make sure that you decide to make the right choices to get there. The power lies in your hands and at every crossroads you are being asked to make a decision. Remember that you are not being asked to make the "right" decision, that choice is up to yourself. You are only being pushed to make a decision.

When we make a wrong choice, we experience the consequences of it later on most of the time. If you keep making the wrong choices, you will keep experiencing hard lessons regarding the choices that you've made. Therefore the sooner we realize that we must be aware to make the right choices, the better our life will be. The longer it takes us to learn from the same mistakes, the more similar circumstances will show up in our lives. This is why people who have a higher state of awareness are a few steps ahead in life when it comes to these principles.



How you know that the Universe Is "testing" you can be known through as explained in the paragraphs before, experiencing the same hardships over and over again. Yet, there are more indicators. Angel numbers, as most referred to, are great omens and indicators that "miraculously" show up when you are supposed to be made aware or reminded of something. They are repeated number sequences such as; 1111, 222, 333, 1212, 1414 etc. 

When seeing these number sequences, you should take a further look at what they signify. Google is your best friend in this case. No one ever views these number patterns by chance, especially not when seeing the same number sequence multiple times in a row. Before there where letters only numbers existed. Numbers are the mathematical language of the Universe that everyone understands.

Everything in the universe holds energy, this also counts for numbers. When you start to look into numerology and you look up the signifigance of each repeated number sequence that you stumble across, you will notice and understand that they are clues to guide you towards the right path in life. You don't have to look for these numbers, they always show up at the right time when it's needed. 



It's important when you notice these signs to pay attention and accept the advice or information that has been given to you. They will always help you to move on with grace and determination. The Universe might also test you through dreams. For example: you dream about something ending on a bad note at an event. This could be an indicator to not go to the event or to take a different approach towards it.

 It's wise to always furthermore listen to your intuition for more guidance on what approach or action is best suited for you. Your intuition will always tell you what is right for you. Therefore, it's important to develop a deeper connection with your intuition (higher self) through either meditation, the tarot or other practices while learning to trust yourself.

The Universe "tests" us in a way that if we make good choices, we experience the benefits of these choices. If we make bad choices, we experience hardships and struggles. If we do something with a negative intent, we receive bad karma. It's part of the human experience that we chose to live on Earth. By listening to our inner guiding system, we can more easily make the right decisions for ourselves and therefore pass the tests of the Universe to evolve on our spiritual path.