There Is Power In A Name (and Why I Changed Mine)


Your name has power, so much so that it defines a great part of your fortune and ultimate destiny. The name that belongs to you carries certain vibrations and these vibrations hold the power to manifest certain things in your life. In order to truly understand these vibrations and how they manifest, we use the occult science of numerology, also called arithmancy. Each persons name corresponds to a certain number when used a specific calculation, and these numbers tell more about who you are, your talents and your potential. There is in essence power in numbers, as you may or may not know already. The ancient Egyptians, Indians, American Indians, Tibetans, Chinese, Phoenicians, Arabs, Hungarians and Mayans all studied numerology. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, also known as the father of numerology, believed that the secrets of the universe lay hidden in the science of numbers. He spent fifty-four years studying in ancient Egypt, Persia and other significant areas of knowledge and was taught by the highest priests and teachers. Later he returned to Greece and founded a secret society that became a prototype for philosophical schools. Their training consisted of committing to mathematics and natural sciences and numbers as the foundation of all things. They discovered that numbers show a complete picture of our entire universe: its beginning and its final form. The elements in numbers are the same elements that we encounter in our lives, as they all have their own unique characteristics, frequency and meaning related to their form and vibration. There is much more that I can say about numbers and its science, but I just want to disclose the most important information so that you understand how numbers impact us as individuals.

Pythagoras' theory stated there are six core numbers of important significance in your life. Three of these numbers are computed from your name and three of them from your birth day. Studying these six numbers can help you discover many interesting facets about your personality and your life. When we consider the numerology chart of a person, we look at someone’s life path number, birth day number, first impression number, inner soul or heart’s desire number, expression or destiny number and personality number. The life path number literally explains the spiritual path someone will walk during their life. It tells about their strengths and difficulties and the lessons they may encounter. The birth day number reveals specific talents and potentials one is born with. The first impression number shows the impression we leave behind whenever we meet someone at first hand and it also shows how we perceive ourselves. It displays our outer behavior when interacting with the outside world. The inner soul or heart’s desire number simply explains what a person truly desires out of life and what they will strive after. The expression or destiny number tells about someone’s destiny and ultimate potential, it shows the natural talents and also shortcomings of the individual and the personality number reveals what people perceive about us when communicating and the impression they have based on what they hear and see from us. The way to calculate these numbers is fairly easy, but different calculations or methods are used for each one. The easiest way to find out what numbers for each of these correspond to you is to download the app “numerology”. This app is very user friendly and you can very easily calculate your own numerology chart. You will find when you download this app and look at your own numerology chart, that there is a lot of accuracy in the description of these numbers correlating to your name and birth day. Most things will probably sound very familiar to you, but perhaps some things not so much. I find with myself and some others whose numerology charts I studied, that most things that are described are extremely accurate. I have noticed a few things that maybe are less relatable, but I think that might have to do with the fact that we as human beings change as we evolve and get older. Our personality continuously alters and changes, we are not the same person during the entire course of our lifetime. That may be a reason why some things in your chart might not add up 100% with who you know yourself to be. However, I do think that checking out your numerology chart is very helpful and a great tool to get to know yourself better on a deeper level. It has definitely helped me to achieve greater insight in regards to my life direction and my overall life purpose.


The reason I changed my name

The power your name has is truly remarkable if you think about it! I think it is truly magical how your whole life can be changed, just by giving yourself a different name. My story is that I never really liked my last name and I always thought it never suited me. I still officially carry the last name of my father, but we never really had a close bond, neither did I ever really have a close bond with my relatives of my father's side. I actually always felt like the black sheep of my family ever since I was very little, and I also felt like there was never much effort made from them to have me as part of the family. A few years ago, I finally made a conscious decision to go my own way and separate from my family, because I just felt a heavy emotional weight on my shoulders whenever I would interact with them. Most of the time I felt very unappreciated, unheard and unloved which eventually caused me to focus my energy toward myself and other people in my life. Probably about 1,5 years ago, I decided to go by the name “Caroline Brown Rayaz”. I wanted to officially change my name into this name and later changed my name on all of my social media accounts. This last name that I chose was not something new; “Brown” was part of my previous stage name as a singer and “Rayaz” I derived from my mothers’ last name. I actually already started naming myself “Caroline Rayaz” on Instagram a few years back, just because I thought it sounded nicer. So “Caroline Rayaz” now became “Caroline Brown Rayaz”. Then a few months after going by the name “Caroline Brown Rayaz” (unofficially by law), I discovered the Numerology app. I decided to put in my original name at birth and also the new name I chose for myself and was stunned to see that in my original name I had no master numbers, but my new name had three master numbers (2x “11” and 1x “22”). Now just a few months ago, I decided to change my stage name into something else because I thought “Carrie Brown” was just not relevant anymore. I instead chose a name that is actually the name of a star constellation in vedic astrology and happens to be the constellation where Rahu (destiny point) is in my astrological chart. I then discovered that that name also holds the power of the number “22”! 

Just a few day ago, I was on the Numerology app again and I thought to myself, as I was thinking for a while, that something just did not feel right with my full name and my new stage name. I previously tried different combinations with other names, but again it just did not feel "right". As a result I now tried to just let go and then all of the sudden, it just came to me. I thought “why not just add my full name ánd my stage name together"? What I saw next was completely astounding, I now had the number “33” as a personality number. For the record, numbers 11, 22, 33 are master numbers in numerology. In numerology, for each specific calculation numbers always get reduced to one single digit number, except when the outcome is one of the master numbers. They are the rarest numbers to have in your numerology chart. They care twice the energy of the single digit of their number and therefore also possess more power. So in essence the number “11” also carries the energy of the number “2”, number “22” also carries the energy of the number “4” and “33” also carries the energy of the number "6". The “11” in one’s numerology chart signifies heightened intuition, sensitivity and awareness and is known to be the master healer. The “22” signifies cosmic wisdom and the one with the greatest potential to manifest anything and also large projects into material form. Lastly the number “33” represents pure love, honesty, compassion, inspiration, courage, blessings, creation and also Christ consciousness. Individuals with this number are the master teachers and are here to teach the divine wisdom to help humanity evolve to higher consciousness. The number “33” is a very significant number, as it was Jesus’ age when he was crucified and resurrected. The number is found many times in the Bible. The meaning of the number “33” is connected to certain promises made by God. The 33rd time Noah's name is used in Scripture is when God makes a special covenant or promise with him. The eternal promises to not destroy the entire world again with a flood and seals His pledge with the sign of the rainbow (Genesis 9:12 - 16). The thirty-third time Abraham's name is used in the Bible is when Isaac, the child of promise, is born to him when he is ninety-nine years old (Genesis 21:1 - 2).

(a metaphor for who I was in the past along with the name that belonged to my persona on the right, vs who I am now with my new name fitting who I have grown in to be on the left)


To summerize my name-change story, as you have just read, the new name I chose for myself sort of came to me. It is due to certain bridges of events that lead me to where I am now, that I discovered that the name I ultimately chose for myself is the name I was supposed to have, or at least at this time in my life and until the end of my days most likely. I find it very interesting that the new name I recently chose for myself as my stage name for the music I produce (the name of the star constellation where Rahu is in my astrological chart), means “the bright one” and about two years ago I found out that “Rayaz” means "the wise one" in arabic. I find it funny and interesting at the same time, because people often refer to me as being wise and I also like to stand out in a crowd. I like to let my energy shine, I think it is a natural thing to do and definitely not something to shy away from. All I can say is that this journey of finding out who I am supposed to be in this life, and part of that is discovering my real name - not the name I was given at birth, but the name that truly fits me as a person and my personality - has truly been magical and so uplifting. I want to share this because I realized for myself through my own experience how important your name really is! Your name truly shapes your life and determines your destiny. I do not believe in such thing as luck, I believe in divine timing and deliberate creation. Therefore I also know deep in my soul that I was meant to change my name at this specific time in my life. If you carefully read my story, you know that the name I chose for myself has been a composition of names I already had; whether it be my original stage name, the name of the star constellation where my Rahu is at or a name derived from my mothers’ name. I was never looking for something so that I would have all these master numbers in my name, I wanted to change my name because I wanted to feel happy with it and I wanted to have a name that truly says “this is me”, and now I have found it. There is no name in the world that would suit me better than the name I have now in its most purest sense, and it feels incredible. As I said, I can not explain in words how magical it has been to find out the real me. My new name has only truly been the ice topping on top of the cake. My spiritual awakening started long before that, but now I just feel like a big part of my identity and purpose has been revealed. I hope deciphering  your own numerology chart may bring you something to contribute to your own life as well, whether it is wisdom or if you decide to also change something about your name. But do not force anything to make something work. Whatever you do, what is meant to be always will be.