My Spiritual Awakening and Awakening of Psychic Abilities (part three)


I had an awakening that was mind-blowing. My life would never be the same again, it was that profound and intense. Right after all of this happened, I walked downstairs to watch my at the time favorite tv show “Ghost Adventures”. I sat down in my couch as I was watching tv, when after only five to ten minutes an overwhelming energy, a sort of vast amount of cold air came up right in front of my face. The distance between this extreme force of energy and my face did not seem to be more than one inch. This particular force had an enormous intense but dark vibe and while it was there right in front of my face, I felt like I was being choked. This energy or rather invisible force was ripping away my ability to breath properly and I was in a state of mild shock. I could not believe what suddenly just happened, I was being controlled by some invisible dark energy that wanted to what seemed like hurt or attack me. I was unable to breath for a few seconds, as it felt like this being was squeezing my throat and I was desperately trying to grasp for air. When I finally got released of this sudden personal attack, only a few seconds later a super loud banging suddenly occurred out of nowhere on the backdoor of my house. It was just one bang, but the right way to describe it is that it was particularly uncanny and completely out of the ordinary. My backdoor is a glass sliding door which usually always remains untouched at night time. We never have unannounced visitors coming over that late and especially not at 3am, as this was how late it was. It was extremely disturbing all that had happened in this very short time span and I really became terrified. I was afraid that I had awakened something really dark or evil because of what I was watching on the tv and because I just had this very extraordinary awakening. My thought was that perhaps something that was present in my house knew about what I had just went through and thus knew that I was susceptible to the awareness of other beings around me. I suspected that because I was also watching this particular tv show, having to do with the paranormal, it probably wanted to let me know I was not alone and had malicious intent towards me. My thought on the banging was that this was either caused by the same force or being, or that perhaps this being was not evil but did these things to protect and warn me against the being that attacked me or other beings of malevolent nature. When I heard that banging I got so terrified that I just ran upstairs to my room and closed the door while the tv was still on. I did not bother to look who was there because I knew that no one was there. This banging had such a powerful and unusual strong sound that it could not have been caused by an individual or something that is even of human essence. Its sound exceeded all possibilities of being caused by humankind. I knew one hundred percent that the two incidents of my throat being squeezed and the loud banging were correlated to one another and that they both happened to make me become aware that I was indeed not alone. This second awakening made it clear as day for me that we humans are not as alone as we think we are. We are never really alone, this I have come to know for sure. It has become a part of my life to constantly feel presence around me, but I am not afraid because I am aware that my energy attracts energy that is alike to it. Meaning that if I am afraid I am more susceptible to attract demonic energies or entities. You might not be able to see these other dimensional beings, because we as human beings can only perceive less than one percent of the electromagnetic light spectrum. That means that we in essence are practically blind in the Universe. However it does not imply that because we can not see certain things with our two physical eyes, that they are not there or simply do not exist. I was made realize by my experience that we are not alone, despite of what some people may think or say. I know that there is solidified evidence about the existence of extraterrestial beings, as well as ghosts and spirits. But I also know that a lot of information purposely gets kept hidden from plain sight by authority figures. I believe I am sure to know why that is just as many people all over the world are also aware, but all I can say is that extraterrestials and spirits are among us and that we are not the only ones in the Universe and on our planet.

The day after both these incidents happened, I stayed up late at night until the morning and around 6am I suddenly noticed something very peculiar. I saw an orb, a white lightbulb, with my naked eye floating right in front of my eyes. It was slightly dancing and moving around for about five minutes, until suddenly two more orbs appeared. They all three were floating next to one another for about ten more minutes as I was sitting on my bed. It was amazing to look at as I had never seen such thing before. I had previously seen orbs on tv, filmed with special equipped cameras to capture paranormal occasions, but never with my own eyes. I still remember very vividly how surprised I was to see these things floating right in front of me, until I wondered what would happen if I touched them. I wanted to know if I could pass through them or if they would even go away. I decided to give it a try and I touched one of the orbs with my hand. A little to my surprise I discovered that when I touched it, my fingers did not pass through it but actually pushed it away. I pushed this orb away with my hand essentially, but it just came back and remained dancing in front of my eyes. It was a supernatural experience to say the least. I have seen orbs since then, but I have not seen them this clear and steady ever since. Seeing these three orbs occurred just one day after my second awakening and one day after those two scary incidents. I do also experience other things on an everyday basis that can be counted as paranormal, supernatural or metaphysical. As I have mentioned before in part two of this article, this awakening caused an awakening in itself of higher sensory perceptions within me. Because of this, I now can physically feel and sense when other beings or spirits are near or around me. I also can see their energy often times, depending on the lighting of where I am etc. In complete darkness I always see full white apparitions. Furthermore, I believe to possibly have felt the presence of angels or higher celestial beings on multiple occasions. Sometimes, even more so during difficult times, I will feel a very warm and loving energy coming on to me. It is said that warm air represents the energy of either a deceised loved one or an angelic being on the other side, versus cold air represents the energy of a ghost or spirit. Extreme cold energy would be the energy of what is referred to as demonic entities. I certainly believe this to be the case, since I have felt the differences in energy and its effects in many of my personal life circumstances. There is most definitely a very noticeable difference in these type of energies. My intuitive abilities are quite strong now as well. I many times have quite an accurate understanding or knowing  about people and events that have already happened or are yet to happen, coming from my higher mind due to third eye and crown chakra activation. What I find fascinating is that I can vagely recall memories of some of my past lives and sometimes feel and see into other people’s past lives. For example, I remember me living in what looked as to be a farm where I was practicing occult knowledge in one life, and I believe this would have been in North Amerika. I also recall living in another more of a smaller, typical family house with my own family and I believe that this too was somewhere in the same region. In one life I was probably not so well off, because I remember being in poor living conditions where one of my previous bosses in this life was also my boss back then. She had almost the exact same face and attitude as off today, but she was actually the poor version of her current self. Interestingly I do not recall my own face in any of my previous lives. I only remember that I used to have long dark hair and that I was fairly skinny when I lived at the farm and I believe in many other lives as well. What I discovered is that most of the people I still remember from past lives are people I have shared more of a meaningful, spiritual or karmic connection with. Meaning that these relationships were not always that great, even in this life. I have a hard time remembering the emotional and physical connection between me and many of my family members, even with my parents. I believe that is because we switch roles so many times with people such as our parents, more compared to other people, that it therefore makes it harder to remember past life events with them. I have seen quite a few images in my mind of particular people in my life I have shared past lives with. I still remember some of their faces and what they looked like. Most of the time they actually have a lot of the same facial features now compared to how they looked in their past lives. They sometimes look almost identical to their current self, just like my boss I just wrote about. With others I can just feel into and will have an idea about who they were and what they did in their past lives; their personality, living circumstances, job etc. I have this ability since having experienced my second awakening, and so I have felt strong emotional connections and seen images in my mind of certain people who came in and played a pivotal role in my life since that awakening. These are people who in this life I worked for, one individual used to be a client of mine, another person is someone I do business with, another person became one of my friends and even some people I watch on Youtube I remember knowing them from before. I can recall my previous personal connections with some of these people and be able to tell what role we played in each other’s lives. In some cases we shared the same role as in this life, in other cases the roles are reversed and in others completely different.  A small summary of all parts of this article is that these spiritual awakenings I went through (and will continue to go through) are one of the most life-changing events that have ever happened to me. They change you as a person on every level, but in a very positive way to say the least. I personally do not think that every person will experience a spiritual awakening this lifetime on Earth, and if one does it will differ from person to person what they experience and the impact it has on them. It all ultimately depends on your own state of consciousness and what your greater destiny is. Overall I can say that I went through a lot of crazy but mind-blowing interesting life experiences due to having higher sensory abilities. Unfortunately I do leave a lot out in this article because there is just too much for me to share.

One last thing that I will share, to raise awareness on one of the perhaps less known dangers of psychedelics, is what it has done to me and my experience with it ever since I activated metaphysical abilities. Yes, psychedelics (marihuana) has awakened psychic abilities within me, but there is also a downside to this story. I have physically been taken over by evil spirits multiple times when I was under the influence of marihuana. This might sound disturbing or even insane to some people, but it is very real and it happens to people.  If I can give away a small dose of what it was like, I can say that it felt like I could hardly feel my own body anymore but could totally feel a spirits’ “body” heavily being inside of me. As a matter of fact it felt so heavy I felt like I was more physically this other being or person than myself. The presence felt overwhelmingly strong, especially one time in particular in my experience. I felt completely consumed by this energy, as if it was totally in control of my body and I had no choice but to surrender and give up my free will to release myself from it. When I talked I could hear my own voice echoing very loudly, because “I” was essentially a spirit. To these people I hung out with nothing seemed off or wrong, but I felt myself being far from normal. If you really payed attention you could see in my eyes that I was not me anymore. That is one of the reasons I rarely ever smoke again. Whenever I now smoke even the smallest amount, it causes my senses to skyrocket and to see and hear things that are terrifying. I have experienced twice, smoking very small amounts of marihuana, hearing different spirits talking back and forth very clearly and seen spirits’ body outline. I will experience my whole reality in such an elevated level of awareness that it is extremely overwhelming and even scary, particularly scary because my senses then allow me to perceive of energy in such high frequencies that inevitably I will see, hear and feel things I otherwise would not. It is a horrendous experience I do not wish to anyone and it is extremely terrifying when you are actually going through it. Psychedelics do are a gateaway to the other world. They also expand your mind’s awareness of things, so be aware if you ever want to try out any form of psychedelics and definitely be aware with smoking too much marihuana, especially if you are highly sensitive, if you have psychic abilities and also if you have psychological issues. I am very aware that all of this information is still very taboo within our present society and I also realize how some people might look at me strange or differently for this, but I care more about presenting the truth to people rather than staying quiet about things that are important and need to be openly talked about and shared with. Since I am among few who have physically and emotionally experienced these things, I believe it is my duty to share and raise awareness on these topics. I sincerely hope that you as a reader got something out of this three-part personal story and I encourage you to always keep wanting to know more and do more to educate yourself, to use your individual mind and never take anything granted.