Famous Doppelgängers From The Past 


It has become more of a conceivable topic in the west the past few decades while a worldwide ancient belief is slowly becoming widely commonly accepted, as four-in-ten adults under the age of 50 believe in reincarnation or transmigration. This is the case compared to 27% of those ages 50 and under according to Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank based in Washington, DC. There is no actual scientific proof that reincarnation is real (although quantum theory proofs consciousness is contained in the universe after death), but there is plenty of evidence if you consider some of the most famous past life regression hypnotherapists in history (f.e dr. Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon etc) have reported their clients sharing astonishing stories about their past lives and the reason we choose to reincarnate after we die. It does make you think twice wondering if reincarnation could actually be a real occurence, and whether or not the life we are living currently is just one amongst many other ones we have lived before and those we will experience after we leave this body.

When you look at the next following pictures both compared next to one another, you can not help but notice how much they look alike and share staggering similarities. Both individuals have very akin looking features, almost as if they are time travellers from the past or have reincarnated back again as the same person. The only difference is that now they carry a different name, slightly different look, sometimes  are born a different gender and appear to be reborn on a different timeline. It is important to note that in the case of reincarnation, people tend to come back looking very identical to their former or past self. I know this because of studies I have done regarding reincarnation and my own past life memories, where I still vaguely recall my own facial appearance. For this reason, I went on Google and mainly specifically searched for doppelgängers of celebrities and aimed to find the most significant ones. I came to find some very astounding and mind-blowing pictures and photographs, that almost seem scary and make it hard to believe that both the people on the left and right side are in fact two different people. I eventually created a list of 25 different individuals, of which most of them celebrities, who undeniably have a historical doppelgänger (or have reincarnated) and could basically be twins from alternate timelines.

I will furthermore let you decide for yourself if there is a slight possibility that the people on this list are not actually doppelgängers, but that the list might show physical indication of real reincarnation.


1. 1920’s Bride VS Benedict Cumberbatch

I think it is fair to say that the similarities speak for themselves. The bride from the early 1900’s is pretty much an exact female copy of Cumberbatch, the famous actor.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt vs Andre Gide 

Not much indistinguishability between the two, again. The similarities are once again very uncanny. The eyes, nose, lips and eyebrows  are very much alike in both pictures.

3. Alec Baldwin vs Millard Fillmore

It definitely looks like Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the United States, is a deceased ancestor of Alec. Just look at the facial expression  on both faces and their facial features.

4. Nicolas Cage vs Civil War soldier

I am thinking one of my favorite actors Nicolas Cage might have reincarnated after being a soldier in the Civil War-era in one of his past lives. How similar do they even look?

5. Jack Black vs Paul Revere

To be honest, I did not know who Paul Revere was  until I saw the comparison in physical appearance between both and looked him up on Wikipedia. He was  apparently a well-known American silversmith and a hero of the American Revolutionary War, who lived and died over 200 years ago. One thing is for sure though, the identicalness is most definitely present.

6. Jennifer Lawrence vs Zubaida Tharwat

Zubaida Tharwat, a beautiful and famous Egyptian actrice from the 60's, might have reincarnated as Jennifer Lawrence, who we all know from "The Hunger Games" and the movie "Don't Look Up". At least it would not be so strange to think that it would nót be that way, considering they almost share the same face.

7. Tammi Terrell vs Taraji P. Henson

Apart from the fact that they are lookalikes, a rather interesting fact if they are indeed the same person or soul, is that the time gap between the passing of Tammi and the birth of Taraji Henson is only 6 months. The reason I say this, is because according to many spiritual teachers, professionals and also former NASA scientist Thomas Campbell from "My Big Toe", advanced souls tend to reincarnate more rapidly, sometimes in even less than one year like in this case.

8. Orlando Bloom vs Nicolae Grigorescu

The comparison between Orlando Bloom and Nicolae Grigorescu (a famous Romanian painter and one of the founders of modern Romanian painting), is very identical. Especially when you look at other pictures of Orlando Bloom on the internet, you can see there is a lot of resemblance, which could make you think that reincarnation could be relevant here.

9. Matthew Perry vs John C. Breckinridge

Matthew Perry is one of my favorite actors in the series "Friends" and I find him extremely talented, but what if he actually has other (unknown/undiscovered) talents, such as exhibiting exclusive qualities to be a US vice president?

10. Mesut Özil vs Enzo Ferrari 

Another example of two famous public figures who have very similar facial characteristics of which one died and the other one was born in the same year, just like with Tammi Terrell and Taraji P. Henson.

11. Greta Thunberg vs unknown girl from 1898

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist looks almost exactly like a girl who lived in the 19th Century. What is also perhaps interesting, is that Greta is often also seen with braided hair. But of course, that is not enough evidence to say that both girls really are the same person.

12. Michael Koropisz vs man in 115 year-old photograph

Michael Koropisz is a portrait painter, author and television presenter and he is convinced that the man in the photograph is him, but in a past life. Michael claims that he is obsessed with the 19th Century and he has even dedicated a wardrobe with clothes from that era. Various media outlets have depicted him as a "modern-day Victorian".

13. Victorian era English coal miner vs Justin Timberlake 

This English coal miner from the past sure does look a lot like Justin Timberlake. They both even share a similar facial hair style (jokes aside).

14. Mahir Çayan vs Jimmy Fallon

These two could líterally be the same person if you did not know any better. It is almost as if Jimmy Fallon decided to dress up more seriously on purpose and stuck a moustache on his face for some comic purpose, when you look at the picture on the left.

15. Maggie Gyllenhaal vs Rose Wilder Lane

When we look at Maggies' picture, we can see her nose looking somewhat more defined and her jaw being smaller compared to what Rose looked like. It is also speculated that she had blepharoplasty done (a type of surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids), as you can see Rose has more skin on her upper eyelid than Maggie does. Other than that, they simply look like doppelgängers or even the same person reincarnated. 

16. Man from 1930's vs Jay-Z

If this article would present an award for best lookalike, I think it would go to this unknown man from Harlem, New York and Jay-Z. I do no believe there is further explanation needed as per why. 

17. Philippe IV vs Mark Zuckerberg

Based on this portrait and photo, I would say they are possibly the same person, just different century. It is the vibe and eye look for me. 

18. Eddie Murphy vs classy unknown man

Eddie Murphy for sure has a lost "twin" from a while ago, or is it himself? Their faces are 90% the same, which raises the question: Is Eddie Murphy also the man on the right? 

19. Lee J. Cobb vs Jason Segel

Lee J. Cobb was a famous Hollywood actor, so is Jason Segel in current times. I do not believe it is unthinkable that both actors in fact are the same individual. Their appearances and aura are pretty matching when you look at interviews of each one of them.

20. Matthew McConaughey vs Dr. Andrew Parker

Redditor EmberRainbow, whose real name according to ABC News is Sanders Parker, shared this photo on the right online after finding out the uncanny resemblance between his deceased great-great-grandfather and one of Hollywood's most famous actor, Matthew McConaughey. It is for sure quite a resemblance.. It looks like Mr. McConaughey has been preserving his looks for much longer than we thought, initially. 

21. David Schwimmer vs unknown man from 1800's

Ross Geller, is that you? I am meaning to say this to the man on the right photograph. If you ask me, he looks exactly how Ross from Friends or David Schwimmer would look like 200 years back in time.  It is photos like these that make you question whether things such as time travel and reincarnation are true marvels taking place on our planet or universe.

22. Marshall H. Twitchell vs Conan O'Brien

Marshall H. Twithchell was a teacher, officer in the Union Army and businessman. Could it be that he desired to have a different career this lifetime and chose to reincarnate as a television host, comedian, writer and producer? No one knows, but it does look like it.

23. Someone's uncle vs Dave Franco

What I am seeing is two gorgeous men, but only one  of them many of us know of. He is the brother of James Franco, who starred in movies such as Spider-Man and Eat Pray Love. Both Dave and the other young man have a beautiful model-looking face with all features looking prominently similar, speaking of good genes! But could it be that they are not just doppelgängers, but actually the same human being?

24. Joaquin Phoenix vs Francis Parkman

The eyes, nose and eyebrows are quite impressive in this comparison. They share a similar look as well as expression, which makes this duo an interesting example to include in this article. Could they be considered the same individual reincarnated?

25. Robert Pattinson vs unknown man

Robert Pattinson must have lived before as the man on the right photo, I mean, could it not be? Those faces are pretty much the same. Impressive to say the least!