Updated: 9/3/2024


How to Stop Caring What Other People Think


Spending your life worrying about what others think of you is exhausting and not particularly a good investment of your energy and well-being. We should never live life based off of the idea that "if I do things this way or act other wise, people will like or think of me better". It's not pleasant nor is it healthy to have that sort of mindset and it shows other people have control over your life and self-worth.

We all came to earth to fulfill a certain purpose. We know that this life of ours will not continue to go on forever and deep within in our hearts, we also know that we can only be truly happy and emotionally fulfilled if we do whatever it is we love to do. Therefore, live the life you want instead of what someone else wants for you and live your truest purpose.

We are all very unique in many different ways; that's what in a way separates us from one another. We are meant to be different, since we are all meant to do different things in life. Only you know why you do things the way you do or why you don't do certain things, why you like specific things, why you don't etc. Nevertheless, people often like to judge others based on what they see and think they know from them. But no matter what "they" think of you, what you think about yourself is the only thing that truly matters. Respect yourself enough to always remain true to yourself and be strong enough to stand up for what you believe in. Stand by yourself first and foremost and never let people get to you because of their perception of you or how life is "supposed" to be. 

This is your life, this is your reality. You choose how your reality goes and will continue to flow. It's you who deals with everything in your life, with the bad, the good and the consequences. That is, live your life, always take responsibility and out of your mistakes you shall learn and become better. Sometimes you have to fall a hundred times until you're there but that's okay, because it's the only way you can get there; by trusting and believing in yourself, by staying committed and by not letting others influence you in a way that doesn't serve you.

 You are not here to entertain people's lives or to live someone else's dream. You are here to live the life that you want, your truest purpose. If you don't listen to your heart, you will unfortunately always stop yourself from going after your dreams and living them.

When you care little about what other people think of you, it shows that you're confident, strong and willing enough to know and do what is best for you. Because  they don't know what is best for you, only you know what is best for you. Everyone is actually just in their own bubble of reality with their own perceptions, but no one can actually know you better than you do. So listen to people when they give you advice, but leave the choice within your own hands and most of all, listen to your heart. What do you want? In the end, you should always care more about what you think you want for yourself, not someone else's opinion.

If you would take someone else's advice or do something for someone else but feel miserable about it, you will ultimately regret not stepping up for yourself. You will feel sorry for not doing what you wanted to do and therefore miss opportunities. Do something because it makes you feel good, not someone else.

If for example you want to start something new like a business and people are telling you "don't do it", if you know within yourself that this is really what you want and that you will do anything in your power to get where you want to be, then don't listen to what others think about your goal. Follow your inner voice, because it knows your truest heart's desires.

You know other people are just other people, like you and me. It is exactly that limiting belief from the people that tell you not to do something, that you can create as a limiting belief for yourself, if you don't change the way you think and view things. What might not work for them, might work for you, or the other way around. Every one of us is completely different, even though at a much deeper level we are all connected. We all have different interests, characteristics, values, from which only you know yours best when it comes to you.

Know that people's opinion is based on who they are, their previous and personal experiences and what they would do. Some people also change like the wind and change their mind quite often - because they are also just human. What one might think and believe at one point is therefore often not exactly the same thing they believe at a later given moment.

It is only when you do what you love and when you do it for yourself and not to please other people, that you can feel and experience true happiness. Because you are in alignment with who you are.