What Blocks the Flow of Money


Money is an essential tool that we all need in order to do and have many things, we simply can not live without it. We need money in order to sustain ourselves in the broadest perspective; to eat, to be healthy, to have education, for transport, to travel etc. Money is important and therefore the flow of money and the way that happens is crucial. A good flow of money means substantial income and generally, a qualitative lifestyle. Even though this all sounds wonderful, to have an adequate flow of cash, the reversal effect can easily come into fruition as well. I know, because I am speaking from personal experience and it has to do with a few rather important topics that I will be discussing.

The ability for a person to generate income or manifest money, is tied to more than one thing specifically. Let us first talk about what money is and what meaning we give it. Money in our society is simply a tool that serves as an exchange of value. Money is also energy and therefore is consciousness. The type of consciousness or rather information it possesses differs from us as people, a rock, a chair or a computer, but it still is consciousness. Because of this, we can manipulate the flow of money into our lives and either attract it to us or repel it from us. This bit of information is essential to understand, because it can really change your life. We need to understand that our personality and the way we approach our daily life significantly impacts our ability to earn money and controls how much we make. How much we earn is highly based on how we view ourselves, our self-worth, our beliefs about money and our daily habits. Each one of these control your earning potential, but they all refer back to one thing and that is our personality. How you view yourself will decide your flow of making money, whether it comes easily, with a lot of struggles, whether you make $1000/month, $10000/month or $100000/month. The good news is that you can increase and enhance your self-worth and self-image. The bad news is that this does not always come easily and sometimes you need to put in the hard work to make it happen.

Increasing your self-worth

A common issue that is actually a worldwide problem as per why people are facing struggles to make ends meet, is their sense of self-worth. I can guarantee that if you are dealing with financial problems, that most likely the reason that you are struggling, is because you struggle to love yourself or feel worthy, in whatever way that may be. You might subconsciously believe that you do not deserve to have more money because you are not putting in enough time and effort toward your goals, or perhaps you believe that you lack talent, beauty or that you are not intelligent enough etc. All of these subconscious blocks are the cause of your failure, as harsh as that may sound, because the truth is that a lot of people are not even aware that they háve these subconscious blocks. That obviously causes a lot of problems and issues, since you will inevitably attract all sorts of disastrous situations and you will not even know or be aware that you are dealing with them, becáuse of your own subconscious programming that is running on repeat. It sounds awful and it is, but that is how a lot of people are living their lives on a day-to-day basis, and even myself previously. I personally lived my life like this unknowingly for years, completely unaware that I was sabotaging myself to that extreme extend. I was quite shocked when I finally found out the effects of years of talking crap about myself and instantly noticed how everything, every word I kept saying to myself continuously, eventually manifested and became my reality. Your word is your wand is what I am meaning to say and increasing your self-worth is an absolute must for that matter. You can not expect to miraculously one day live your dream life, without checking in with yourself and starting to love and accept yourself. I can not stress enough how important this is, for various reasons, but also if you desire to amplify the money that is in your bank account. The money that is in there or the money that you earn, is directly correlated to how much or how little you value yourself. You may think that you see yourself as worthy or deserving of being wealthy, but you may actually not. The money you own will most likely reveal whether that is the case. You must know that you are always worthy and that you deserve everything you want and need, and so much more. You must tell yourself this every day, especially if you have subconscious beliefs that indicate that you do not deserve all of that. Keep repeating this to yourself and rewire your brain to accept that this is possible and that you are willing to step into a new life, a new version of yourself that is financially secure and has more than enough.

Also important is that you forgive yourself for anything that you believe you could have done differently. This is also something that may block the flow of money and abundance, if you feel guilt or despair about a particular situation. Realize that there is not much that can be done about the past, since it has already happened, nor should you emotionally keep revisiting what has already been done and dusted. By doing this, you will only remain stuck in a reconstructed imaginative reality or hell, that you are creating by memories from the past. In that sense, you are actually insane or delusional and not thinking straight or clearly and you are operating from a mind that is cloudy and senseless. Focus on what is in front of you at this moment, since the only moment that can be used to create is right now. You might desire for something to have never happened or for it to have happened in a different way, but as awful as it may have been or may have looked, it still made you the person you are today with all of the wisdom gained from those experiences. Now you should use that wisdom to  make wise decisions and become the best that you can be. Know that anything that does not contribute to growing your self-worth should be disregarded and marked as irrelevant. Do not pay attention to it and only look up and move forward. Only put your attention on things that will evolve you as a person and make you become better and greater, that is how you will most definitely increase your chances of making more money and letting money flow to you naturally. Remember that money is a tool that serves as an exchange of value, so when you start valuing yourself more, money starts valuing you more and that is how you will attract it.

Altering your money beliefs

If you are experiencing any difficulties in accumulating more money or wealth or simply want to manifest more money, then you need to change your beliefs around the topic of it. Any subconscious belief that you have is constantly being projected out into your physical reality and is being manifested. That is why it is highly suggested to become aware of what your beliefs are, so that you can change them into beliefs that benefit you. Whatever your money beliefs are will most likely be obvious - just look at your life. Are you struggling to pay the bills? Do you find it difficult to afford everything you desire? Is your life contrary or at odds with the way you want things to be, financially speaking? If the answer is “yes” to each of these questions, then you may want to revaluate your beliefs around money. As I have stated before, your life will reflect your subconscious beliefs. Thus, whatever financial situation you are in, the evidence of your core beliefs is your life, your reality. That means that in order to change your life, you always need to change your beliefs. That is one of the core principles of creating or manifesting anything we want. There are endless ways on how you can change beliefs that may have stuck with you ever since you were a little child. To name a few; hypnosis, subliminals, scripting, vision boards, affirmations etc. The rule is to simply try out different things and go with what works best for you personally. Also try to find out what your subconscious blocks are by asking yourself questions such as: “do I believe I can make $10000/month?” or “do I believe money comes to me easily?”. By asking these questions, you are able to find out if you have any beliefs holding you back, sabotaging the flow of money into your life. The number one key with altering beliefs, no matter what method you use, is constant repetition. How many times you repeat your affirmations or use subliminals or any technique, is up to you, as the input necessary greatly depends on how fixed your current beliefs are. You will know when to stop or slow down, because your intuition will tell you. If you feel resistant, then perhaps you should quit or lessen the amount of times you do your subconscious programming. In a case where you feel as such, maybe try to move on to focus on something else you would like to manifest. An exaggerated amount of focus to manifest something specific may actually do more harm than good. That is why it is good to listen to your mind, body and spirit, to tell you which right action to take.

Changing your daily habits

So you want to change your money flow, but what are your daily habits? Our daily habits, the little things that we do every single day, those small things we do all the time that make up our behaviour and personality, does influence how successful we are in life. I personally do not know of any person who is rich and successful and watches TV all day, every day. Those two components just do not match up and go well together. It is the things you do every day that ultimately dictate where you will go in life and will conjure up your successes. It is both the big and small things you do every single time, that will turn out to be the measurements of your end results. One time cheating or turning a blind eye from your responsibilities of course will not have that much of an impact, but over time these bad habits do count up. If you want to seriously have a better money flow, then it is an absolute must to take a closer look at your habits and change them. The thing with habits, is that they are very powerful when it comes to manifestation. For example, you may believe that money is difficult to manifest and currently speaking, your reality is proof of that. However, if you are incorporating daily habits that are  related to success, good fortune, abundance and prosperity, then it is only a matter of time before you will manifest more money and success. The reason for this, is that the subconscious is illogical, it just takes in information and does not question incoming data. You need to use that to your advantage and show the subconscious that whatever you want is possible, by providing evidence of your desires already being manifested. You can do this by taking physical action, but also by watching video content of people living a luxury life, you can hang pictures or posters on your wall that showcase your dreams of making more money, you can record yourself pretending living your dream life, or you can simply daydream and fantasize a lot about your goals and wishes etc. Whatever you do, if you do it with enough repetition, your subconscious will accept it and push it out. The only thing you need to do, is actively change your daily habits or routine and continue to not give up until it is manifested. Eventually you will experience more money flow, due to a whole new set of beliefs that are conducive to more opportunities and material success.