How To Get People To Respect You


We all want to be respected from the outside world, but the irony is, is that many people don't respect themselves. Not in the way they should at least. To be respected is to have self-respect above all. Someone who has low confidence and/or no or little respect for themselves, will have a hard time finding people that respect them, since everyone is a reflection of yourself. To get someone to respect you, learn to honour and respect yourself first.



It's no secret that confidence can bring you far in life. You can be intelligent or rich, but when you lack confidence, you will not get where you want to be. It's the same when interacting with people. If you have the ability to show others conscious or unconsciously, that there's something within you that is lacking or that there's something to do with your appearance that lowers your confidence, people will reflect those insecurities back toward you. You will either attract people that feel the same way about themselves and/or they will feel the same way you feel about you.

That is why it is a must to continuously work on your confidence. Not for other people, but for yourself to make yourself feel the best you can be. You can do this through positive affirmations, changing up your style, quitting bad habits (f.e. smoking), working out etc. Do more of what makes you feel good about yourself and enhances your overall character long-term wise and stop doing things that have a reversed effect.


Investing In Yourself

Many people invest more time into someone else than themselves. If you invest more time into someone else or their life instead of yours, then in actuality, there's some self-respect that's missing. Invest more into yourself than you invest into others. Unless otherwise required.




Some have a usual tendency to chase after someone and to want to know what the person they are interested in is doing all the time. Chasing is mostly toxic behavior. It's also a distraction from what you really should be occupied doing (f.e. work, studies, hobbies etc). That behavior might work at the start of a romantic relationship, but it's not in any way successful or healthy to continue any relationship. Eventually the other person will get bored and it will cause more arguments, because you aren't giving each other enough space to miss one another and focus on oneself.

Chasing implies giving someone too much of your time, that you simply must invest more into yourself. That specific person will be more drawn to you when you start utilizing your energy more on yourself and that's a win-win in the end. Rather than focusing so much on someone else, learn to prioritize yourself and your own goals. It's beneficial for yourself to stay focused on what's important outside of the relationship.


Focusing On Yourself

You are more interesting and you are more attractive when you simply focus more on yourself. Matter of fact, by showing yourself and them that you are more important to invest your time and energy in, you instantly become more magnetic. Always put yourself first, then the rest will follow. That is, when you put time, focus and energy into yourself first and foremost, you will generally find that people respect you more.

Focus on yourself first, so that you have little time to even overly invest in other people. It's okay and normal to text your loved one or the person you like three, maybe five times a day, maybe a little more than that. However, if you find yourself being so consumed on whether they have or will text back the majority of the day, you will notice that you are starting to make yourself paranoid.

Not only does this have a negative effect on mental health and relationships, but it also has a negative side effect when it comes to your manifestations flowing more easily into your life. Therefore, successful manifesting will take longer because your dominant vibration is too low, or weak.



Knowing Who You Are

Know who you are. How do you define yourself? Do you define yourself as someone that is weak or someone that is a failure or unworthy? Or do you define yourself as a strong individual who is confident within themselves, knows their worth and knows what they want and don't want? If you are an individual with strong self-worth, you automatically set up boundaries for yourself. Therefore, people will respect you because you have boundaries and therefore respect yourself.

If you let yourself to be treated badly or unworthy, then what you are showing people is that you find that you aren't worthy of respect. The real question is: why do you find that you aren't worthy of respect? The answer could be rooted deeply within the subconscious mind and could be a result of (childhood) trauma.

If you believe you aren't worthy of respect, try finding out why that is, since you will continue to stumble upon life situations where people will treat you with little respect, until you reverse that belief. How you feel about yourself, is how people will treat you.



You will only get in life what you allow yourself to experience. If you simply say "no" and set up boundaries for yourself, you will find that people will less likely disrespect you. Yet, this also means being brave enough to leave when it's time to go and end cycles to start new chapters.

By setting up boundaries within yourself from the start, with each person, romantic or platonic, you show others that you know what you are deserving of and that you are strong and capable to let go and move on when people don't respect your values.

Remember that if it's time to walk away, it was meant to happen and it happened for a higher purpose; for you to continue your journey on the right path and to learn from the past, so that your future can be better. Setting boundaries is essential in order to let others know what can or can't be tolerated within your personal space and in doing so, you not only demand but gain the respect you deserve.