Updated: 9/3/2024


What Happens When You Feel Divine Love Within


The vibration of love is one of a beautiful higher frequency, allowing anyone who vibrates at that level to experience more magic in their lives. The vibration of divine love can free you from negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and wrong undoings that victimize or minimize us. When you feel that love within yourself, you feel more at ease with any problems, disappointments or lack you may experience.

Feeling that love on the inside comes with realizing that the universe can work just as easily in your favor as it can work against you. You realize that pain is only temporarily and that everything happens for a higher purpose. You knów that feeling negative only harms you and that there's no benefit in staying there for too long. You try to forgive the ones who have done you wrong, at least for the sake to set yourself free, because you love yourself. You look at the world with more compassion and you feel more connected with nature, animals and other human beings on Earth.

When we are talking about The Law of Attraction, it is that vibration you want to embody. Unconditional love is the language and natural vibrational frequency of the Universe, which we can use to attract every desire like magic. You have to feel true love and happiness for what it is that you want to attract. Love is the key to abundance. Feel love, unconditional love for all that you have and all that is yet to come.

Feel love for the small things you have in your life. Feel love for being alive, for the beauty of the Universe, for your family etc. When you are grateful for something, that thing or someone, whatever it is, expands and magnifies. When you continue to feel love for what you currently have, you also remain in the present moment, which is where magic happens.

We as human beings often let the past dictate and control us due to our negative experiences and beliefs. When you do that, you will create a cycle of the past continuing itself or just experiencing more negative situations. It's necessary to break that cycle and you can only do that by focusing on the here and now and by feeling the love and gratitude for all that you have and all that is yet to come now.

Don't just focus on feeling unconditional love and gratitude because it will grant you something, as this will not have much of an effect anyway. Do it because you wish to experience life to its most beautiful capacity. 

We are meant to feel love and we are meant to be happy. Many times we are greatly influenced by negative talk of others, past circumstances and the media, so much that we don't realize that going along with the negativity actually harms us a lot more than we are aware of. The key is to observe, but not let it emotionally influence your life and well-being.

It requires the ego to die a little, because our ego loves to indulge in the dramas of life. It loves to affirm the worst-case scenarios, what we "know" or "think" to be real, what we are familiar with. The ego is never satisfied, because it always tells us that we are not enough as we are. That we need more of this or more of that, that we can do or find something better etc. Then of course if we listen to our ego, we will look for it. The ego is a liar and will keep you off track if you are controlled by it. But if you don't feed the ego, the ego has no control.

It all comes down to knowing and switching your belief that you are already whole. Your soul is already whole and complete. You don't need to look for something outside of yourself to complete you. This is a false belief. The ego will always look for something on "how to become greater" or "how to attain more".  Some people search for this "something" their whole life and never find it and remain feeling incomplete or unhappy, this is why. Because you are already complete as you are.

When you tap into the vibration of you already being enough as you are, where that unconditional love resides within yourself, you will feel that strong and magnetic energy that was always there but just consciously forgotten about. You then are a magnet to attract anything you want.

Remember that the ego is nothing but our conscious awareness where we make up false beliefs and fear is only false evidence appearing to be real. Give yourself the chance and opportunity to live life with much more meaning and beauty. You will see that life has much more to offer than it seems.