Everyone is You Pushed Out


Physical reality is our own consciousness pushed out into the three dimensional world. This means that nothing can physically be created if it wasn’t first within our awareness or if we weren't energetically aligned somehow. Everything and everyone in this world exists exactly, according to our own and the collective's deep inner state of awareness. Everyone is you pushed out simply states that everyone acts and behaves exactly according to the way you interpret them to be ór they will showcase an aspect of how you view reality in essence. That is the reason why we could say that everyone is actually an aspect of yourself.

This also means that no one actually is separate from one another, since we all are able to influence others by our own beliefs and perceptions of the other person. The only reason this is possible is because every person shares the same collective consciousness.

There is such a thing as the ‘collective consciousness’ that whole humanity is a part of. Every single person is constantly sending out energy signals or vibrations from their energy field, stemming from their personal emotions (= energy in motion). These vibrations go into the quantum field and in the quantum field, they match a non-visible future reality possibility, that’s exactly equal to the vibrations admitted to the quantum field. These realities don’t yet physically exist in the present moment, they only exist as energy. By thought, feelings, beliefs and perceptions, we are all individually creating our world.

The thoughts or beliefs of one person only, can change the entire world to conform to their individual perception, conscious or unconsciously. We can also by clear and precise focus change a person’s attitude or their perception of us. Anything can be altered or changed by conscious intention if done properly. That means that we should not have interfering thoughts that go against our intention or wants or desires. If we do, we can auto-correct ourselves or let the thoughts pass, by only observing and switching our state of being by thinking about what we do want.

Every person in our world will always act according to our most inner beliefs. If we want to change how someone perceives us, we must change our beliefs. We can change beliefs by repeating certain affirmations of what we would desire to be true over and over again, until our subconscious accepts it as a fact. After all, a belief is nothing more than a thought being repeated continuously until it is perceived as "done" by the subconscious mind. Your self-concept is also very important, since part of the whole entire world is your self-concept reflected back to you.