The Jealousy Trap


Since the 6th century, jealousy has been marked as one of the seven deadly sins within The Catholic Church. Since then, jealousy or envy is still seen as something that is, outside of religion, “morally negative”. Jealousy would be described when one views someone else to own something they desire. What that says about the subject in particular, is that they are unhappy with their own circumstances. The trap about jealousy is that it is due to certain self-imposed beliefs that one who experiences jealousy, struggles. These beliefs are the cause of emotional conflict within the individual themselves.

Jealousy occurs when a person views something in another individual, that they seem to lack or wish they had. The subject views himself as lacking something that they want and therefore become envious of someone else who does seem to be or have that particular thing. The problem here is that whenever someone views himself as “lacking something” or not being enough, he becomes more susceptible to having a negative self-image and experiencing negative emotions. When a person is unaware, the chances for him to experience jealousy or envy towards someone else, increases. This is because of the simple reason that when one is more aware of themselves and their existence, in simple words generally speaking, one has the understanding that each and every person is on their own individual path and experiencing their own unique karma in life.



To go into greater detail about this, jealousy is an unnessary illusion of emotion. Whatever one lacks, is what someone else has and it is also the other way around. There is a great balance in everything in life and it is the same with human beings’ weaknesses, strengths, talents and misfortunes etc. Many individuals tend to be hyperfocused on what they feel is lacking in their lives and therefore become sensitive to another person’s happiness and fortune. They want what someone else has to feel more whole and complete. The power is within knowing that what might not is now, can happen tomorrow or later in the future and what might happen for you, might never happen for them. Everyone’s path is specific and different and when you learn to accept that, you will start to see the beauty of your own life. There are things or experiences in life you would never trade with someone else, because these things or experiences have a special value and they made you who you are as a person.

This particular emotion can break someone down in the most terrible ways, because they do not focus on the fortune or beauty of their current circumstances and what they already have. Sometimes people just can not see the fortune in where they are in life. They are too focused on what has failed and their own misery. When you take off the focus of the bad, you automatically start focusing on the good things in life. Then suddenly you feel gratitude for the little things, which in actuality are not always that little. When we take away the focus of the negativity, we allow for better energy to come in and create something brand new. We also then often can see why things happen the way they do, even though we might not always see or get it right away. But as long as we stay in a cycle of negative feelings, feeling sorry for ourselves, we are sabotaging ourselves from better opportunities to flow into our lives.

Whenever you tell yourself that you want something, you tell your subconscious mind that you lack it. Your subsconscious mind now states it as a fact and therefore gives you more of what you have unconsciously "agreed" on. This is where awareness becomes super important and that is one main reason why jealousy is a “deadly” sin. It destroys positive energies and opportunities from coming to you. Whatever you are jealous of, you are blocking from coming to you. You are never lacking anything that you think you do. You must find it within yourself and recognize that it is already there. It always has been and always will be. Bring your focus and energy to what you have and be grateful for these things. This way you will bring in more of what you want and you will never feel the need to be jealous or envious of someone else ever again.