Updated: 25/05/2024


The Jealousy Trap


Since the 6th century, jealousy has been marked as one of the seven deadly sins within The Catholic Church. Since then, jealousy or envy is still seen as something that is, outside of religion, “morally negative”. Jealousy could be described when one perceives someone else to own something they desire and envy them for it. What it says about the individual in particular is obviously that they are unhappy with their own circumstances and wishes things were different from what the actual state of affairs presents itself. The trap about jealousy however is that it is due to certain self-imposed beliefs that one who experiences jealousy, struggles. These beliefs are simply the cause of a negative self-concept and thus emotional conflict within the individual themselves; they are also the actual evidence of "sin", as per definition in the Bible. 

The problem with jealousy or envy is that whenever someone views themselves as in lack of something or not being enough, they agree with the belief that their reality is in disfavour of them and that they are a victim regarding their situation. This is because the person hasn't yet developed a strong overall mental awareness and therefore lacks the understanding that each and every person is on their own individual path, living out their unique karma in life. One who has this deeper intuitive understanding realizes this and knows that jealousy is but a mere illusionary trap because the cycle of karma is always at play and everyone is at a different stage in their spiritual evolution.



Jealousy is an Unnessary Whirlwind of Emotional Illusion

Jealousy is an unnessary whirlwind of emotional illusion and it's easily realized when you recognize that just like with nature, there is a great balance in everything in regards to our own human nature: our weaknesses, strengths, talents and also misfortunes etc. Still, many individuals tend to be hyperfocused on what they feel is missing in their lives and therefore become overly sensitive to another person’s happiness and fortune; they want what someone else has in order to feel more whole and complete. The true power nonetheless arises when knowing that what might not be present or happening now, can happen tomorrow or later down the line at some point and that what has already happened or will happen for you - the goodness or bounty - might never happen for someone else, because their soul requires other experiences to spiritually grow from.


What is Meant to Be Will Always Be

Everyone’s path is differently designed according to their own needs and when you learn to accept that truth, you will finally start to see the real beauty of your own life. Think also of the fact that everyone has lived certain experiences or even possesses material things they would never trade with someone else because it holds a special value and meaning to them personally; the same could not be said for other people but only to them. Just like that, we are not meant to have certain things that others do and vice versa because they don't align with who we are at a core (soul) base-level. What is meant for you will simply always find you because it will be attracted to you like a moth to a flame since it's aligned with your true signature frequency. In addition, it's definitely possible to manifest things into existence and we do it all the time, either knowingly or unknowingly, but only those things that are truly meant for us. When attempting to break that rule and go against the natural flow of universal energy, one will find that synchronicity will lead them right back toward their true soul path. 



Beware: Jealousy Breeds More Jealousy (and Lack)

A manifestation reminder when you find yourself to be in a desperate situation where you are jealous of another person for whatever reason, is the following famous saying: "what you put out, is what you get back" ~ The Law of Correspondence.  Whenever you tell yourself that you want something, you tell your subconscious mind that you don't have it and as a result, you will continue to meet situations that will prove that to you. Because your subconscious states it as a fact what you tell it to be true and acts as a "proving machine", it gives you more of what you have subconsciously agreed upon. That is why awareness is so important and it is one main reason why jealousy is a “deadly” sin, because it destroys positive emotion and opportunities from reaching you altogether. Whatever you are jealous of or envy someone else for, you are always blocking from manifesting into your own life. However the oxymoron is that the very reason you are jealous of something in another person, is actually because what they have is also present within you (mirror neurons)! You are never really lacking anything in the way you think you do; you must simply find it within yourself and recognize that it is already there, because it is; it always has been and always will be. Bring your focus and energy back to what you already have and be grateful for it; even the "little" things that actually aren't often that little at all. This way you will bring in more of what you want and won't feel the need to be jealous or envious of someone else ever again because you recognize that what is within them, is also within you.