How Reality Changes Every Time You Look


Each and every moment we encounter in our lives seems as if though it is a fixed, crystallized moment in time; unchangeable, with endless possible viewpoints yet always immovable and securely attached to present surroundings as well as previous stated conditions. The assumption most of us have is that conditions are conditions and that they can not be changed without physical action, no matter what you do, how much you try or how much you would want things to change, it just can not happen. I am happy to tell you that that is a false assumption and that it is only the meaning you give to conditions that means anything, as the meaning you give to something determines the state of consciousness you occupy and therefore the reality you live in. This means that you can change a whole memory as if it happened the complete opposite way or never even at all! As you go back into your mind and access one of your memories and change one thing, it is like a domino effect that will alter and affect anything else related to it in the physical world. Reality itself is fluid, there is no actual space and time as most people perceive it to be and live and arrange their whole lives by; reality is simply what you assume and think it is!

When you change your perception in the present about a certain situation, it automatically changes all time; that is the past, present and future. It changes all time because again, there is no real time and space in actuality. Your reality shifts the second you become aware and what you subconsciously assume in that specific moment determines what parallel reality you are in and continuously changes all time. The goal of course is to become as conscious as possible so you can become aware of how to deliberately create your life experiences the way you want. I want to present you with a visual idea of what reality shifting looks like before you may attempt to use any techniques in order to consciously manifest your dream life: imagine yourself in a bubble that is representative of your current reality and all around you are infinite bubbles of other parallel realities. You can not physically see or experience these other realities because they exist on another frequency range. If your goal is to change direction and experience something different from what you are currently experiencing, you must simply attune yourself to the frequency of the reality you want to experience. Now you are changing from one bubble of reality to another one. Your limited perception of reality will at first give off the illusion that you are still in the same reality but that again is a false perception. You are always witnessing or seeing less than 1% of the total electromagnetic spectrum that is visible light; that is why it seems you are always experiencing the same reality over and over again but in reality you are constantly shifting from one parallel reality to another one. You are essentially always quantum jumping throughout “time and space”. 

Now you know that each moment is not only a new moment but an entirely different reality and what you place your attention on is what you are manifesting or will be experiencing in real time. Your attention is really your currency, therefore it is extremely important to become master of your attention. Each time your focus or attention goes toward something not serving you, you must consciously redirect your attention. Do this until you have mastered the art of positive focus or positive thinking. It is vitally important to do this since you will become inevitably what you mostly think about. How fast or long something takes to manifest merely depends on how much energy is directed to it. Become aware of your currency, that is your energy and treat it wisely with utmost respect, dignity, patience and love. When you come from a place of love, naturally you will notice things start to work out in your favour more often. That is because “love” is a high vibe type of energy and consistently emitting high positive energy always attracts much faster fortunate opportunities into your life. The key takeaway here is that you must become more of who you already are instead of trying to manifest your desires. The problem with most people is that they have forgotten who they really are – who you really are is love, fulfilment, pure positive energy. That is why when you operate from a place of love and wholesomeness you manifest your heart’s desires so easily, it is because it is who you are! You are only manifesting or creating your reality by default when you are perceiving things wrong, when you are thinking wrong! If you would always think right, you would truly live a fairy tale life but the truth is that many among us are sick, depressed, poor, resentful, shameful etc, because they are simply thinking wrong!

Remember that you must not see reality through a grey or black filter but instead see things the way you would want them to be. The reason why things are not working in your favour is because you are seeing your conditions through an unfavourable filter. It is our God given gift to create our life experiences the way we want but we must use our resources wisely and see unwanted conditions as only temporary conditions instead of identifying with them. All conditions are are simply different aspects of reality that do mirror another version of us but there is only one ultimate reality and that is the one you choose! No circumstance or condition holds power over you unless you say so and believe it does. “Conditions are conditions but I AM” – Tom Kearin from Be Something Wonderful. Your power lies in the knowing and awareness of your true nature. You only need to become more aware of your true nature and let everything else go. Do not try to attract or manifest anything by forcing to think or feel differently since that implies that you are not already who you say you are but start aligning more to your natural core frequency. It is possibly the most effective way to manifest anything. When you align with who you truly are, all things, big or small, will be added unto you and it will be the things you truly want that serve your highest good. It is important to always remain present and remember who you are; who do you say you are? Define that clearly, write it down on a piece of paper and remind yourself of it daily by reading it out loud again and again until it sinks deep down into your consciousness. Remember again who you are and that is all that matters – nothing else matters. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” proverbs 23:7 KJV.