Match The Vibrational Frequency - Get What You Want Every Single Time


We can have what we want by matching the vibrational frequency of a specific object, person or situation. Everything you see and can not see with your physical eyes, is constantly moving and vibrating at a specific energy frequency. We simply manifest things all the time, even if we are consciously unaware. If we would like to manifest effortlessly and succesfully, we must think of reality in terms of energy and frequencies.

Everything and everyone has its own specific vibrational frequency.  We have attracted everything in our lives. Your home, the friends you connect with, your current partner, have come into your life because you match a certain energy frequency. You generally vibrate or as a matter of fact oscillate, at the same level or vibrational frequency. That's how you've attracted those people and things. That said, to get what you want you must vibe at the frequency of your desired manifestation.

It's not that difficult to match the vibration of that of what you want. It is often more difficult to hold that feeling or emotion of that what you want long enough, so that it can manifest. Most people fall back into their negative thinking whatever it is about or they start thinking about the "not having what they want". Negativity in regards to your manifestation blocks manifestation from happening.



Try to diminish any negativity that's holding you back from manifesting succesfully. You either focus on having what you want or not having what you want. We can only be aware of one thing at a time. What you are focusing on, you will always experience more of. So, if your focus is more on not having something, you are prolonging the manifestation process. It is a must to be persistent and only focus on what you want, to get what you want.

You have to feel it in your heart. Feel what you want to have or experience in every present moment when you think about your manifestation. When you feel those emotions, you are in that frequency that you need to be to attract. The mistake most people make is that they force themselves to feel something. What happens when you force something, is that your subconscious will know that you are trying to make something happen that isn't currently present.



When you visualize or think about your manifestation, you want to feel your manifestation being present, as if it's currently active or taking place in the present moment. Therefore forcing doesn't work, since this doesn't mirror back the presence of your manifestation being in the present. Forcing means lack.

Visualize every day and feel it. Visualize and experience it enough times in your imagination, so that your new state of consciousness becomes 70% of your new reality. When that happens, you will attract your manifestation. There is no other way around it, that's how manifestation works. Your mind doesn't know what is real and what's not real, in regards to your visions and what you're thinking and feeling.

You will attract what you want every single time, when you are on the right vibrational frequency. Don't worry about the future outcome or result, about when or how you will receive, since this repels the achievement of manifestation. You must practice to stay in the present moment and experience what you want in the now. Manifestation happens more efficiently and faster when you are being present. This means a state of non-attachment to what it is.