Why You Feel Stuck in Life


It seems to be a given in our world that for many people as they grow older life seems dull, meaningless or even pointless, as there are certain points in our life where we hit a brick wall and become unable to move forward for whatever reason. No matter how much we try or want to change things for the better – we feel stuck. It’s one of the hardest things in life to experience, to feel as if though nothing matters, that your efforts are wasted, unrecognised or buried within and not knowing how to turn things around and overcome those never-ending obstacles. We have all been there or at some point at least will be, sometimes for just a very short period of time, sometimes a little longer and in other cases even years. It isn’t something to be ashamed of as life is complicated and so are human beings; life isn’t one straight line and it’s not meant to be one (what a relief)!

Our universe and life itself is multi-faceted in so many ways that we sometimes forget how small we actually are compared to what we are a part of. Knowing this it’s ridiculous that we often think we need to have things all figured out and easily get into panic–mode when we feel we don’t know all the answers but how do we really know if we really are meant to have it all figured out? If we really were meant to know each step of the way beforehand, what would be the point of living? There would simply be no purpose in being here and creating our daily life experiences. “The magic is in the doing” is one of the greatest quotes that’s found in my favorite book series by Francine Oomen, a Dutch author mainly known for her children and young adolescence book literature. She is most famous for her “Hoe Overleef Ik…?” series (English translation: “How Do I Survive…?". It’s a wonderful and beautiful quote because the essence of it is so deep and powerful and it speaks the truth, that the magic really is in the doing. The journey to the destination is what makes the destination so special, as the journey brings value to the end result. When the journey isn’t as easy and we need to work harder for things, we tend to value our accomplishments a lot more. We need to stop viewing being “stuck” as somethings that’s inherently wrong - because I’ve seen it many times with myself and others – those moments of doing “nothing” are often the greatest catalysts for big changes and complete life transformations. It’s in those moments where people discover their true power and unlimited potential.

We as people always lean to one specific side of the pendulum: either we are the person we want to be who’s on track with their purpose, dreams and goals or we’re not. There really is no in between when it comes to that and that’s not just or necessarily a mind-set but the reality. All of our daily life choices stem from our previous mind programming and thus if you want to change anything in your life, you simply change the programming. You might think: “well, that’s easier said than done” and the answer is “maybe”, it essentially depends a lot on this one thing and that’s --> consistency. Your subconscious mind is constantly running a habitual program and it has been running its course ever since you were born and put on this planet. You are only half, if not more, the way you are because of the information your environment fed you ever since you were a conscious being, that means even before birth! You were exposed to all sorts of impulses of information while still being in your mother’s womb. Every one of us essentially are more like walking programs and much less actually conscious than we would like to admit. That all said, consistency is the key to changing all mind programming. It’s so simple, the more you repeat a habit, the more it becomes a part of you and the less you repeat a habit, the less it becomes part of you, until it fades away completely and it no longer resonates with you. Many individuals make the mistake of quitting too early in attempting to changing their habits or routine and as a result fail to make lasting changes in their personality and lifestyle. Just analyse and test it for yourself: do something every day for 30 days  and see what happens. You will notice that you start viewing yourself differently, that you will attach yourself to a new personality and start behaving as that new person while slowly letting go of an old identity. The only thing that is most required to changing your life from being stuck to unstuck and happy and free is consistency with all your important practices and if you want to be guaranteed to have lasting success, you must practice daily consistency.

I must admit that for the past few months (even almost a year), I wasn’t daily consistent with all my work and practices myself, yet here I am giving advice about being daily consistent. Isn’t that ironic? Of course I never tell others what to do, I only give you the best advice I know works and I know very well that this does work and it really is thé key to ultimate success and lasting abundance! How I know so well that this “technique”, regime or lifestyle works is because I once had a similar way of going about my work and daily routine, especially regarding my career. About 1,5  – 2 years ago, I had a period in my life where I was very devoted to my work and building my website, that I was writing and posting articles almost every day for a while. It required very little effort for me to do so the more I did it and the more I did it, the more I enjoyed it. However I had to reach a certain point until I felt it became effortless. At the beginning I almost hated that I “had” to do it but I forced myself anyway and became happy and proud of myself afterwards for enduring and pushing myself. I remember some of my friends complimenting me and being stunned with all the time and energy I put in my craft and I also knew they were in awe and inspired. I knew that secretly, they wish they could do the same or at least be able to have the motivation to create something of their own that has real value and is of service to the world or others around them. It goes to show that not only does showing up for yourself consistently and sticking to (daily) positive habits grow your own confidence, motivation and skills, it inspires others to do better and do the same as well!

LastIy I will disclose another secret and that is that one person in particular inspired me to write this article today and to be more consistent myself. Her name is “Glitterandlazers” on Youtube and she goes on to say something very interesting in one of her short videos while doing a workout. She says: “Today I just didn’t want to work out and it literally took everything to get me there. Sometimes I work out just for consistency sake because I know that it’s part of building a long-term pattern and I know that it only takes once of me not showing up to start changing that pattern. Today, frankly it was not going to be that day that I stop showing up for myself. That means sometimes doing things I don’t like to keep myself moving forward.” She is a great example that proves that lasting change requires real effort and sometimes hard work. Everything always begins and starts in the mind but if at a certain point you break the habit of being the new you - that’s breaking the consistency pattern – you are at risk to become disaligned with your purpose but only ever if you allow it to be so. That's not to say that taking a wrong turn or going through some mishaps is harmful or bad because as stated before, life isn’t perfectly linear but in order to be in constant universal flow of abundance, you should also be in flow with where you want your life to go. This basically points to Newton’s third law of cause and effect; if you demand a desired result, you have to put in equal the amount of effort that will produce that same result.

Perhaps after reading this article until the end, you were hoping or expecting to read something different, possibly an easier fix or solution to your problems but this i̇́s the easiest and best solution to becoming permanently unstuck and not only unstuck but it’s the best way to build a long-term and stable foundation in all aspects of life! The problem in our society today is that most people don’t recognize the importance of our habits and what impact they have on our subconscious and ultimately the very course of our life. Our habits dictate our life direction and shape our destiny. The number one reason people feel stuck in life is because they lack direction or in other words, purpose. In actuality they have been engaging in the wrong habits, taking them off course. However if they think clearly and get honest with theirselves, they know exactly what to do, what their natural talents are and how to use them to create a purposeful life worth living. The problem is that old programming makes people behave lazy and turn away from their life purpose; it’s up to you to change it and start incorporating all the daily habits you need in order to move your life in the direction you want! All you got to do is do the following 3 things: be, do and have. The first part is “to be” and that involves the mind programming: start talking to yourself differently and behave accordingly. The second part is “to do” and it refers to the main information discussed in this article: being consistent with your be’s on a daily basis at all costs, if you can of course (don’t force yourself to the point of exhaustion). The last part is “to have” and this is where you finally receive the results of all of your previous efforts and allow blessings to knock on your doorstep. I wish I could tell you there was a magic trick that would instantly bring in all you ever wished for but I am afraid that doesn’t exist, at least not here and at this point in time. However I can assure you that following the rules I prescribed will do the magic trick for you!