Eat to Live - Why Your Diet is Everything


We literally are what we eat, it's a scientific fact. Whatever we consume shows on the outside. Whatever we put into our body will be reflected back to us on our skin and even especially over time on our emotional state of being. Therefore, it's important to be mindful of what you consume.

Nowadays, it's starting to become more of a trend to promote vegan beverages. More and more people are mindful of what they consume. More people choose to live a plant-based lifestyle and are removing meat from their diet. This of course is amazing, since plant-based products are generally healthier for the skin and body.

We should look at food as something that can energize us, something that can heal us and as something that we can extract valuable information from. What happens when you consume junk food or literally food that's junk, you are consuming something that has low or negative energy attached to it. That energy goes directly into your body, into your DNA and now you have literally become that low vibrational energy. You are now carrying that energy along with you.

Sweets, potato chips, cake and all these things are a lot more toxic than most people are aware of. Particularly when one would overindulge of course. Nevertheless, these things contain a lot of harmful ingredients easily creating a lot of inflammation in the body. Not only do they contain a lot of artificial sugars, which increases your high sugar levels which can cause hyperglycaemia, if overused it can cause serious and even deadly diseases due to inflammation.

Meat is not as healthy and beneficial as most people think it is. Meat comes from dead animals, which have been slaughtered. Whether these animals have been slaughtered and numbed under anaesthesia or not, these animals have felt an enormous amount of fear before they were actually killed.

Most of the time, these animals are aware of what's about to happen before this happens and so whether they have been numbed or not, they have carried a lot of fear into their system, which we then absorb and carry on into our own system. Energy never goes away or disappears, energy is always mearly transferred. Meat is something to preferably leave out of your diet, since unconsciously, you are carrying a dead animal's (fear-based) energy with you.

Remind yourself that it's important to eat to live instead of living to eat. You want to be mindful of what you put into your body. The best option is to go plant-based, to live a lifestyle that will benefit you in every way in it's highest potential. You will notice that you will feel lighter, depression, stress and fear lessens and overall you will most likely due to the above feel better about yourself and therefore happier. 

Removing excessive and artificial sugars, anything that's processed, anything coming from animals (dairy, eggs etc) and meat is essential to live the best possible and natural way. There's plenty of information on how you can change your diet to live and eat more conscious. There are also so many ways to go about this. A good start would be doing some research on which foods contain what, so you know how and in what way it can benefit you the most.

Remember that anything we put into our body shows on our outside selves. F.e: consuming meat can trigger your body to feel more fear, too much cafeïne will raise your heart rate and cause heart rythm disfunction and can even lead to a heart attack.

On the other hand, walnuts are amazing for brain function and kidney beans are amazing to consume for your kidney's functioning. By the way, it's not a surprise either that a lot of fruits and legumes look exactly like the body parts they are good for.