Updated: 9/04/2024


Eat to Live - Why Your Diet is Everything


We literally are what we eat, it's a scientific fact. Whatever we consume first impacts us on the inside and then shows its results on the outside. Whatever we put into our body will be reflected back to us on our skin, the condition of our cells and organs and even especially over time, on our emotional state of being. Therefore, it's important to become mindful of what you consume and how you treat your body, since the effects of that will have a definite outcome in the long run. 

Nowadays, it's starting to become more of a trend to promote a vegan lifestyle. Luckily, due to this more and more people have become increasingly more mindful of the food that they eat. A higher percentage of people now choose to live a plant-based lifestyle as opposed to eating meat and some have made the conscious decision to remove it from their diet altogether. This of course is amazing, since plant-based products are generally healthier for both your body and skin.

We should inherently look at food as a wonderful source of energy that can heal us and as something that we can extract valuable information from. This is because food essentially at its core is pure energy, meaning data. Depending on what type of food you are consuming, you are thus either nourishing your body with the right type of nutrients or polluting it with all the wrong chemicals. Furthermore, when you consume junk food or literally eat food that's junk in other words, you are consuming substances that have particularly low or negative energy attached to them. That energy when consumed, goes directly into your body, into your DNA and now you have literally become that low vibrational energy and you are carrying that energy everywhere along with you. The evidence of this is found in the law of conservation of energy and it says that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred. 

Processed foods high in sugar, fats and refined carbohydrates such as sweets, potato chips, cake and ice cream are a lot more toxic than most people are aware of. Because these products have been highly modified in unnatural ways, inflammation in the body often gets triggered very easily. Apart from that, not only do they contain excessive amounts of artificial sugars, which spikes your blood sugar levels and increases the risks for diabetes, ultra-processed food and drinks have shown to be indirectly linked to cancer due to increased levels of sugar and sodium.

Meat or flesh derived from dead animals, is not as healthy or beneficial as per consumption as most people think. Meat once again comes from dead animals, which have been purposely slaughtered with the intend to be sold as food for humans. Whether these animals have been slaughtered and numbed under anaesthesia or not in the process, it is still a given fact that these animals have felt an enormous amount of fear before they were actually killed.

Most of the time, these animals are aware of what's about to happen before they get killed and so they carry a lot of fear into their system up until the moment that they die but which we then absorb and carry into our own system, once we eat them. Energy never goes away or disappears, energy is always merely transferred as described earlier; hence the reason why eating meat potentially isn't the best option or choice food wise. 

The importance of living a lifestyle that benefits you in its highest capacity is crucial and the right diet has everything to do with that. It isn't rare for your body to feel lighter and for depression, stress and fear to lessen or even disappear when you take care of it with its many self-correcting healing functions. On top of that, you will most likely in doing so also feel a lot better about yourself, which in turn increases your confidence. 

Removing excessive and artificial sugars, anything that's processed, anything derived from animals (dairy, meat etc) is recommended for some people in order to live the most healthy and natural way possible. There's plenty of information available on how you can change your diet to eat and live more conscious and the benefits of that. There are also so many ways to go about it. A good start would be to do  some research on which foods contain what, so you know how and in what ways it can benefit you the most.

Remember that anything we put into our body invariably shows on our outside selves and will therefore not only affect the way we look but also the manner in which we behave. F.e: consuming meat can trigger your body to feel more anxious due to high cortisol levels released by slaughtered animals. Too much caffeine on the other hand also raises your heart rate and causes heart rythm dysfunction. You can see how both cause a negative reaction to your nervous system and therefore negatively influence your state of mind and behaviour.

On the other hand, Ashwaganda has proven to do the exact opposite with its many benefical factors and walnuts in particular are amazing for brain function and are known to improve cognition. By the way, it's not a coincidence either that a lot of fruits and legumes look exactly like the body parts that they are good for! You may want to consider using that to your advantage in order to change your life, health and wellness for the better.