How to Be Single and Happy


While a lot of people complain about being single, it might just be the best thing to happen to you. Many people tend to think more about what they're missing out on, or so they think, than thinking about what benefits their current circumstances are presenting to them. The truth is that being single grants you a lot more time for yourself, to connect with yourself and to invest in being your best self and create your dream life. This amazing advantage often becomes a little bit more complex when you share your life with another person, due to the emotional and physical energy you share.

If you are single you must absolutely take advantage of the things that you could be doing now, rather than when it would be more difficult doing so being in a relationship. This could mean; studying, learning a new hobby/skill, connecting with individuals who stimulate you in a positive way (f.e. a teacher or mentor), travelling etc. Your mind must be focused on how to become a greater person and how you can enhance your life during this solo period, so that when your person arrives you are ready to embark on your commitment and future together. Benefit from this period in your life and pay attention to what would now serve your life the best way possible. When your hands are filled with tasks to upgrade your life, you will barely have the time to feel stuck and wonder about when your next relationship will arise. Besides, nothing comes from waiting and hoping. As the Law of Attraction states: like energy attracts like energy. We attract whatever we are in vibrational harmony with, not what we want, desire or deserve.

Being happy is an inside job as many say and it's true. The fact that you are single doesn't mean that you are pathetic, but it also doesn't mean that you should be feeling miserable. Especially for those who are desperately wanting to have someone in their life. If you feel miserable about your life, the only people that you will attract will be people who most likely also feel miserable about their lives. That said, you must do the inner work to feel complete being by yourself and to love and appreciate yourself and your life's circumstances regardless. The time periods when you find yourself being single, even if that means years of your life, those should just as much be cherished and celebrated as when you are in a romantic relationship or dating. It's truly then when you have the most time to sit with yourself and ask yourself what you really want out of life and direct your energy to what you truly desire to create and experience. Our time is valuable and should never be wasted for ideas or thoughts that aren't true or aren't serving us, f.e: thoughts that tell you that you aren't good enough or that we must be in a relationship in order to be happy etc.)

We must never let our outside circumstances and inner voice bully us, as no one's perfect and each individual's life path is different based on their personal karma and life's purpose. This is very important to keep in mind. Meanwhile, it's important to recognize the value of life in itself because you are here and that life must be celebrated in all regards. The part of being single is a part of life, it's a chapter of life. When you have developed into becoming greater and learned from these life experiences, you become stronger minded and have a more clear ethic of what you want and don't want. It's a part of you and life that you need to embrace while being your best friend. Because you need yourself more than anyone. Make your single times the best times by becoming your own supporter and friend and also through connecting with friends. Prepare yourself for what's coming by doing what you love and being in the moment, so that you will eventually attract your love. Enjoy your life, let loose of worries and stress and live in a state of flow by appreciating and celebrating the little moments.