The Best and Most Powerful Money Affirmations (50+)



1. I live a luxurious lifestyle

2. I always have more than enough money

3. I attract money all the time

4. Money always finds me whenever and wherever I go

5. I am blessed with an abundance of money 

6. I was made to be financially wealthy

7. I am a multi millionaire

8. I have unlimited sources of money

9. I am a money magnet

10. Money is attracted to me

11. Me and money are one

12. I am a powerful money manifester

13. I love to manifest money

14. I am the best at manifesting money

15. I am the first millionaire within my family

16. I am the most successful person ever at generating money

17. I can't help but manifesting windfalls of money

18. I win large sums of money all the time

19. My bank account is overflowing with money 

20. People give me money all the time

21. I am part of the rich and wealthy

22. I make an abundance of money from what I do

23. I have that lifestyle everyone desires 

24. I can do whatever I want with the money I have

25. The money I have provides me with everything I want

26. I have a free and abundant lifestyle

27. I love money and money loves me

28. I am destined to be rich

29. Financial abundance is my birthright 

30. I am worthy of being wealthy

31. I am financially free

32. I am always in vibrational alignment to attract large sums of money

33. I have no fears around money

34. Money makes me happy

35. I can buy how much and whatever I want

36. My energy attracts money like crazy

37. I always attract money whenever I want and need to

38. I can manifest money out of thin air

39. There are no limits to the amount of money I can make

40. I do what I love most for a living and it has made me rich

41. I can spend money without even looking at the price

42. I am never concerned about money

43.I am the best at making money

44. I let money work for me

45. I am constantly bombarded with money manifestations

46. Manifesting money is super fun and easy

47. I am a genius at money manifestation

48. I give away money freely and it comes back multiplied

49. Whatever I spend I receive back trippled

50. I am the wealthiest person within the field I work in

51. I understand the vibration of money

52. I think and feel excited about money 

53. Money brings me peace and happiness

54. My life is rich and prosperous

55. I have a good relationship with money

56. Me being wealthy is good for me and everyone around me

57. I help unfortunate people with the money I have

58. I have a rich and abundant mindset

59. My subconscious mind is saturated with images of what I want

60. I am always open to receive more money

61. I am never controlled by my financial situation ♡

62. I accept to be wealthy and refuse to be in poverty ♡

63. Nothing can stop or hold me back from being wealthy ♡

64. Money is my best friend ♡

65. I am grateful for all the money that I have